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Found Under The Barn: 1967 Porsche 912

Ziebart may be the best-known name in rustproofing, but no matter how thoroughly your new Porsche has been treated, if you park it for 42 years in what looks like the root cellar of a barn, it’s gonna rust. How badly will have to be determined once we can get this ’67 912 out into the light of day, but in the meantime, it’s here on eBay in Brook Park, Ohio with bids up to nearly $2,000 and about two days left at the time of this writing.

Oh, boy. The selling dealer notes that the body of this 912 was built by Porsche, not Karmann, but if that’s meant to be a reassuring statement about build quality, well, the workmanship’s only going to go so far in the face of suboptimal storage conditions. They also helpfully note that shipping costs to Europe are about $1,500, but I thought the whole point of shipping cars back to Europe was that ours were less rusty than theirs. At least this one is a potentially inexpensive starting point, I guess.

It’s also a potentially numbers-matching car, although there’s no Certificate of Authenticity to verify it. The seller does note that all of the numbers found on the chassis, flat four, and five-speed gearbox are correct for 1967—and unlike the last really far gone Porsche I wrote about, everything’s there. Take that for whatever it’s worth; the seller notes that everything is frozen after its decadeslong nap.

I have to think that this is a parts car at best. The best thing I can say for the exterior, which the seller somehow sees fit to describe as “extremely straight,” is that almost all of the lights are still there—although not necessarily attached—and the glass is all intact. The glass also tells much of the story of this car’s life before it left the road in 1975, though, a story that brings this car back to life and makes it a little harder to accept that it’s dead—especially since we don’t know why it was stored away after such a short time out in the world.

More useful parts may be found in the interior—along with more remnants of the car’s past life—including a steering wheel and dashpad that clean up surprisingly well. If this one was a roller, it looks like you could have some good Flintstones-style fun with it. As it is, sadly, I think the only fun left to be had with this Porsche is in finding what salvageable parts it has to offer and using them toward the restoration of another early 912 or 911. Any brave readers think otherwise, and think they’d want to tackle a restoration of this barn find?


  1. sir mike

    This is what Pickers calls patina…

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  2. Coventrycat

    Too bad the body wasn’t made of that dash pad material.

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  3. Warren

    Only $1500 shipping to Europe? Sounds low.

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    • Fred w.

      It’s because it now weighs only 200 pounds and can be folded up and put in a large overnight bag.

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      • J

        I’ve been hopeful before but not this hopeful!!

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      • 88banshee


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    • Chris Vrabel

      So badly rusted, you can. Box it with packing peanuts and ups it.

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    • Peter

      Yes $1500 is about across the USA only.
      Probably less the driver tempter tip too.

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  4. e55

    It amuses me that, on almost every raggedy old Porsche (no matter how decrepit it or how long it was buried in a peat bog), the Made in Western Germany badge located in the leading edge of the door jamb is almost always in pristine condition. This one is no exception.

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  5. Ben T. Spanner

    I grew up roughly 50 miles from this location. Right in the salt belt. This poor thing probably had holes before 1970.

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  6. Jay M

    Ashes to Ashes,
    And dust to dust.
    What once was a parts car,
    Is nothing but rust…

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  7. slickb

    So I don’t know much about these things but whats the difference between this and a 911?

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    • Solosolo UK KEN TILLY Member

      912 was a 4 cylinder and the 911 was a flat 6 cylinder.

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    • Danton J A Cardoso

      For starters, two less cylinders.

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  8. TR

    A couple more years and it would have been dash pad, tires, and glass

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  9. Jeffro

    I’ve seen beer cans with more potential than this

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  10. Shelli Anne Mulka

    Afraid this Porsche will never qualify for Sainthood, the body is far too corrupt after being entombed !

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  11. Nova Scotian

    $2000.00 for glass and a pair of headlamps!

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  12. redwagon

    hard to tell how much rust started on the road in massachusettes, how much was added (if any at all) on the road in ohio and how much was due to storage in a damp cellar in humid ohio.

    as a 912 it’s less desirable than a 911. to my way of thinking both are overpriced now but this is really a parts car at best. is $1,969 the total all-in price for this? My guess is there is at least that much in parts on this one but who knows.

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  13. Russell Casey

    Not for me. Seems to far gone. Parts car?

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  14. Marty Reardon

    The parts are not even desirable in this condition. Someone needs something I am not thinking about.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      I agree. These parts aren’t going to be any better than those on any runner.

      If you are doing a resto, no one wants junky glass or pitted chrome on a freshly painted restoration, so just restore the parts you have or buy NOS.

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  15. Dan

    Not everything on the car is frozen. The rust seems to be moving right along!

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  16. J

    Don’t hit it w PB blaster. Will be just a puddle and dash

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  17. dabig kahuna

    Yard art

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  18. junkman Member

    You would be surprised how many parts on this are still serviceable ,$ 2000 is a reasonable price for a parts car of this condition. Calipers, steel wheels, window trim,dash bits, engine parts,check the prices on Epay.

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    • Ron H

      Well that maybe the car for u I don’t see many good parts on that being I’ve done a few of these cars

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Asking prices mean nothing. The only reliable indicator is what the parts SELL for.

      I have parts I’ve been ‘watching’ literally for years, nobody is buying them yet the prices never drop.

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  19. Horse Radish

    This thing is cherry compared to the one that the Beverly Hills Car Club had a couple of years ago.
    That one was essentially held together with the emergency brake cable.

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  20. Mountainwoodie

    The P car insanity has hit its peak or maybe its the unmitigated gall of the dealer. There is almost nothing left that is usable or worth salvaging.Well maybe the five gauge dash pod. Honey, where did I put that damn Porsche? Extremely rare! Straight body!

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  21. RNR

    Found under the Tobin Bridge…….

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  22. Speedo

    Somebody at Ziebart headquarters is going crazy right now. What is their rust through warranty?

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  23. J

    Yes I “would” be surprised !! If it was worth $2000!!

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  24. Maestro1

    No. Car is too far gone.

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  25. J

    Ugggghhh ! Did you see it?

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  26. J

    And that’s why it is not free

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  27. Jack Quantrill

    I foolishly sold a rust-free Arizona “66 912 body for $500! Just what this needs. Still a gold mine of parts here. That 912 I parted out cost $1000, less engine. Sold off parts for about $10,000.

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  28. rcflyer

    The pedal pads are looking good.

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  29. Mark

    Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth where moth and rust doth corrupt.

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  30. Walter Joy

    Ziebart works too well. My uncle had an 84 D100 that had Ziebart and it trapped moisture between the roof panels. He fiberglassed it. Will be doing that to my 89 W250 once I find a fuel pump module

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  31. Peter

    Astonishing ….Urea or acid eating it from the ground up.
    Some great 360 views from this car.

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  32. dct

    Omigod! Very rare–only 3% of the 912s were black that year. I haven’t laughed so hard in many a month!

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  33. dct

    Is it April 1st? Methinks this might be a prank.

    I notice it didn’t sell at $999, zero bids. Weren’t there some bids earlier?

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  34. Karguy James

    This seller regularly has “swamp finds” that barely qualify as a car.

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  35. Bob

    Nothing a good coat of wax won’t fix

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  36. Jay M

    Ad is now pulled. Oh well, if you missed that jewel in the rough, he has an even rougher looking lake find. A 1957 MB SL for the low, low price of only $34,995!
    It is euphemistically described as “Pre owned” which is sort of like trying to sell vomit by describing it as “Pre digested food”

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  37. Rob S.

    This is barely a car as described and the photos. Can’t imagine the work involved in saving this. Kinda like saving a 69 mustang with a 6 cylinder! not even worth the listing. Just sad.

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  38. Leon Wiesner

    So that’s what the “pit of misery” looks like Dilly Dilly.

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