1 Of 1: 1964 Plymouth Valiant Convertible

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This rare, all-original 1964 Plymouth Valiant Convertible was built in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and it’s a peach. It’s listed on eBay with a ridiculously-low bid of under $350! The Buy It Now price is $15,900; that’s more like it.

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Speaking of ridiculous, this car is ridiculously nice, and ridiculously rare. According to the seller, what “makes this car extremely rare is that the Galen Govier Registry in April of 2007 states this Valiant Convertible “is 01 of 01 ” in vin sequence of all 1964 225, 1 bbl Plymouth Valiant Signet Convertibles accounted for at the Windsor Ont Plant and built for specs for Canada.”

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This Valiant has only a bit over 13,000 miles on it, believe it or not; which is an average of about 250 miles a year! That’s crazy, and it reminds me how crazy I am that I have a car that I drive less than 50 miles a year. Vehicles, no matter how nice or how rare they are, are meant to be driven. That doesn’t mean that it should be driven through bumper-to-bumper commuter traffic every day, only to get door dings at the parking ramp while you’re toiling away at the office, and then be driven home again through clogged freeways. But, for the love of Mike, they’re meant to be used. To the current owner’s credit, since purchasing the car in 2014 they’ve put almost 4,000 miles on it!

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This thing is amazing, it’s truly like stepping back in time. The interior is basically perfect, as is the trunk and everything else. The seller has a document that put the appraised value of this car at $18,000 in 2007. I don’t know if the “value” has dropped since then due to condition or just due to the market for these cars?

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The engine compartment looks to be in the same fantastic condition that the rest of the car is in. This is a 225 slant-six with 145 hp and this car has power steering and an automatic transmission. It’ll be a nice weekend car, there is absolutely no question about it. Would a V8 be better? Probably, but as long as we’re wishing we may has well go all out and go for a cure for cancer or the Powerball numbers or something a little more substantial than a few extra horsepower. This car is a superb, original, top-down cruiser and it’s ready for show duty or just plain driving duty. Would you drive this car or would you keep the miles low?

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  1. MH

    I would drive it as much as I could and I would love doing it. It’s beautiful and needs to be shown off.

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  2. Rick

    I grew up in NW Wash state very close to the Canadian border and during the late 60s and early 70s you’d often see these Canadian built Chrysler products (Ford and GM too) . Mercury pickups were one of one of my faves as were the 60s Acadians (which were essentially Chevys re-badged w/ maple leaf emblems) and Parisiennes, which were Pontiacs w/ Chevy running gear (my fave Parisienne is the 69 2+2 with its factory 454, but I digress) Anyhow, always thought the Canadian Dart/Valiant mashups were cool just because most folks didn’t even notice the difference.Some of the really The really weird ones are the 50s versions like the Dodge Regent and Crusader

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    • Ed P

      It took me a minute to recognize the Dart rear end. Nice car. This would make a wonderful weekend cruiser. Just imagine, top down cruising along with that 225 slant six purring along and getting good gas mileage to boot.

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      • JW454


        I had to go look up pictures to see the difference. I’m familiar with both cars but would have never given it a thought if you hadn’t mentioned it. Good catch.

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  3. Jim

    My first car was a ’64 Valiant w/Slant 6. Bought it in Aug ’71 for $519. Have scoured Ebay/Craigslist for years to find another, but for various reasons, have never committed to buying one. Ultimately, I think, it’s because I won’t be able to turn the clock back and re-live those treasured golden times. I’ve still got a gnawing in my gut to own another one, and this pristine ’64 would be reason enough to buy it if it weren’t for that Dart back end.

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  4. Woodie Man

    There is the exact 63 or color combo convertible running around the mountains of San Diego but with an American valiant rear end. Jess saying

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  5. wagon master

    I Like the exterior Exner styling but can’t get a woodie for the plain jane interior with lack of sportiness push button auto shifting! It needs to be aesthetically appealing to me inside and out to run up my flag pole …
    And please, 1 of 1 ?!?! Rare doesn’t always dictate desirability.

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  6. PeteMember

    I had one of these in v8 – 326, a ’63. I popped 4 drive shafts before I used up the local
    junk yard supplies. I was in my early 20’s and a bit of a lead foot.

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  7. Doc

    I’m a valiant nut have had numerous. 1965 2 door post 340/727 323 posi ran low 13s 106 mph in 1975 street trim. Wrecked it good.
    this is an interesting car. It also has the Barracuda faux wood steering wheel..

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  8. Zenaldo

    One word…..Hemi

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  9. Roselandpete


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  10. stillrunners

    Doc – good catch – so this would/should be a late 64 after say March as the Cuda was coming out. I own a late 64 V200 with the – 64 1/2 if you will with the V/8 – 273 – which was first offered around the Cuda introduction…. enjoyed it for years !

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  11. Scotty GAuthor

    Auction update: the bidding ended at $12,050 and it wasn’t sold.

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  12. Paul Duca

    It’s Canada…how often can you drive with the top down?

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