$1 Opening Bid! 1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6

This 1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 is part of what appears to be a large-scale cleanout of a property with multiple European and Britsh cars on the premises. The Alfa seen here is a non-runner that remains in surprisingly decent condition for its many years off the road. Even better, it’s selling at no reserve with bidding starting at a $1 – but ignore the Bellingham, Mass., location, as it is actually in Potterville, Michigan. Find the Alfa here on eBay with bidding at $1.25.

The GTV6 has one of the most beautiful engine notes known to man, and it’s a shame this one has fallen silent. You’re clued into the presence of the 2.5 V6 thanks to the hood bulge, and the rest of the body looks quite straight. It’s hard to tell whether there’s blue or black paint underneath the dust, but the good news is, there are few indications of major body damage to report.

The V6 mill was fuel injected, and reportedly an improvement over previous carbureted versions, at least from a tuning standpoint. This interior stirs memories for me of a time when I knew where one of these cars was sitting in a junkyard with a mint interior – and I balked at the very reasonable price. I could’ve made a very nice profit had I grabbed the seats and wheel.

Speaking of the steering wheel, the original, wood-trimmed unit is still present, as is the factory shift knob. The interior presents well, but the carpets indicate rodents have likely made their home in the glovebox or under the seats. Still, the mileage is reportedly just 54,249, and the condition of the interior cosmetics seems to back that up. How cheap will this sell for?


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  1. ken tilly UK Member

    These cars had a 3 litre V6 engine in South Africa and most of them were bought by UK residents to race here in the up to 3 litre class. Those that didn’t rust into the ground first that is.

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  2. Spud

    So this is getting more and more interesting… This is apparently the same guy who is selling the field of folded-in-half British sports cars (also posted here on BF). This Alfa seems in much better condition than the poor little convertibles. I guess he may be right about this one having been actually in a barn.

    There are also several other cars in this set of pics that I’d guess are part of the same estate and might also be on eBay. Although that P1800 has got to be one of the saddest ones I’ve seen in some time. Perhaps salvageable for the glass?

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  3. Scott Marquis

    Worth every penny of that opening bid.

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  4. Porkchopzz4

    Holy rust bucket.

    I really want a GTV-6… but at 45, I’m not sure I’d live long enough to get all the rust repair done on this one.

  5. Chuck Foster Chuck F

    A buddy running a pick and pull yard in Indiana had one of these back in 2016, it wouldn’t start and he offered it to me for $800. I said I’d Ebay it, and split the profits, he agreed. It went for $2400, easy money, one of the few that I resisted adding to my project collection, although I just added a 1964 LeMans 2dr ht, came with a California pink slip.

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  6. djjerme

    …and the bidder is already underwater on it!

    I have a buddy who is a diehard Alfa guy, and even he wouldn’t touch this for parts.

    • Martin Horrocks

      The engine alone is worth good money. Then the box, interior and glass. As a parts car this is fine. But as you can buy an excellent example for $15000, restoring this car would make no sense.

      Good GTV6 are under-priced at the moment, fabulous car for the money.

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    Correct color is a Nero AR 908. Which is a dark gray almost black. Alfa didn’t offer a blue one here.
    Gtv6’s were always bosch fuel injection. The alfa 6 sedan had dellorto FRPA carbs.
    I have a parts car in this color combination that is in better shape than this.

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  8. Marc

    I’ve had 4 of these. And, as stated, the best sounding car I’ve ever owned and I’ve had a lot of iconic sports cars. They rust so the area by the front shock towers / inner fender needs to be checked.
    I found these cars incredibly good handling (50/50 weight distribution). What made them easy to sell was the crap plastic interior. Even that “wood” steering wheel is a very convincing plastic wood. If this car were closer to me I’d buy it if no rust issues.

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  9. ken tilly UK Member

    It’s an Alfa so it WILL have rust issues. I had a 1972 Alfa Giulietta 1300cc that was full of rust. I had it restored and a 2000cc engine fitted at great expense and 3 years later I swapped it for a non running 1959 Mercedes Benz 220b because it was again full of rust. The Merc was a runner within a week and after another 3 years I sold it on in order to buy a 1959 Borgward Isabella TS, neither the Merc or the Borgward had developed any rust.

  10. Brian

    I have been among these cars multiple times, many desirable cars rusting into the ground with unreasonable prices attached to them. Good luck actually buying anything, I think the guy just likes visitors…

  11. Paul in Mass

    Wow I can’t believe what this is going for. I had one in the late 80s. It drove beautiful. It was an 83 I think with 33k miles and I bought it for $3600 in 88. I sold it for $3600 in 90 with about 44k miles. I haven’t checked the prices but this is one make and model of car I would not touch as a barn find for over a few hundred dollars. There are so many ways this could go wrong.

  12. t-BONE BOB

    sold for $4050

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