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1 of 461: 1984 Bitter SC Coupe


Here’s another luxury GT that you don’t see very often, especially on our shores. It’s a 1984 Bitter SC Coupe and it may have been based off the Opel Senator, but the body was obviously influenced by the Ferraris of the same era. This particular example is located in New York and is claimed to have only covered 60k miles. It was owned by a German couple, but after the husband passed away the wife decided it needed to go. The person helping them sell the car has listed here on eBay with a starting bid of $6k and a BIN of $13k.


The SC marked the end of the line for Bitter. People just didn’t like the idea of a re-bodied Opel. Little did they know that GM would go on to do the same thing with many other brands and eventually they all failed too. It’s unfortunate that they didn’t look to Bitter’s example of what not to do. It is also too bad that they seller didn’t zoom out a little while snapping these photos. Still this might be your chance to pick up a very unique car at a decent price.


  1. paul

    Saw one at boxhill yrs ago.owned a senator.these look more like calibra to be honest.bit big I suppose.love front,very porca 924
    Could have been based on royale/monza.fuel inj was only real difference between two.mine was 12v but not ex police.loved it.144 seen on digital dash.

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  2. Dolphin Member

    “There is currently one other Bitter being sold on Ebay at 22K Buy it Now, but it is located in Europe! I know the NADA Retail Price is around 21K if you can even find one.”

    “The engine runs strong! It has been sitting for awhile and I noticed today some hesitation while driving it!”

    Step right up folks if you want a German coupe that looks like a Ferrari 400i but with much less power! This one runs both strong AND! not so strong! Forget that the SCM price guide has these at $8-$14K in #2 condition! This flipper knows better, and does he have a deal for you!

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  3. scot

    ~ i like the styling, the interior appears well kept and i respect the running gear. i can’t work up thirteen thousand dollars worth of enthusiasm over it but maybe someone else can get there.

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    • scot

      ~ i’m retracting my comment about the interior. i wouldn’t care to chase down the missing radio buttons. the wood refinishing is not really a task for an amateur. sure looks like it’s had paint, too.

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  4. alan

    No front seat photos of any value. More full pictures would help. Evidently the lister has not kept a watchful eye on ebay over the years as there have been several Bitters listed.

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  5. Foxxy

    I don’t see another one for 22K, I agree with Scot. As for the radio it could be updated with newer and still look as stock as this one. The wood on the console looks cracked like it could be plastic, but I doubt if germany would use plastic. If it was to be marketed as an opel in might be plastic. The valve cover is new on the engine so I’m betting the seller knows more about it than he is letting us think.

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    • scot

      ~ i suspect the console is a veneer piece with thick varnish which cracked or lifted. it’s more difficult (and messy) to strip correctly than to apply a fine finish.

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  6. alan

    Bitter SC Coupe
    Chassis number: 5260207
    Engine: L6 3.0 litre – Transmission: automatic – Steering: LHD – Drive: 2WD
    Body Colour: Burgundy Metallic – Interior Trim: Beige Leather
    Condition 4
    Price: 8.000,00 EUR
    This car is for sale since 01/2004.
    The price was last updated in 03/2008.
    Bitter SC Coupe
    Chassis number: 5260333
    Engine: L6 3.9 litre – Transmission: automatic – Steering: RHD – Drive: 2WD
    Body Colour: Dark Blue Metallic – Interior Trim: Cream Leather
    Condition 2
    Price: 4,495.00 GBP
    This car is for sale since 10/2012.
    The price was last updated in 03/2013.
    Bitter SC Coupe
    Chassis number: 5260247 – VIN: W09526219CSB09017
    Engine: L6 3.0 litre – Transmission: automatic – Steering: LHD – Drive: 2WD
    Body Colour: White – Interior Trim: Brown Leather

    This car is for sale since 03/2013.
    Bitter CD
    Chassis number: 5250316
    Engine: V8 5.4 litre – Transmission: automatic – Steering: LHD – Drive: 2WD
    Body Colour: Red – Interior Trim: Beige Velours
    Condition 3

    This car is for sale since 03/2013.
    Bitter SC Coupe
    Chassis number: 5260556
    Engine: L6 3.9 litre – Transmission: automatic – Steering: LHD – Drive: 2WD
    Body Colour: Black – Interior Trim: –
    Condition unknown

    This car is for sale since 02/2013.

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  7. Phil

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen rear view before…. Fiat X1/9 taillights !

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  8. alan

    No mention of visible repaint around DOT sticker in door jamb and rough finishing aft of the rear tire. Certainly can’t qualify as one of “a handful of, unmolested survivors in this country!”

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  9. Lloyd Frazier

    What ever happened to that car? Is it for sale again?

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