1 of 100: 1977 AMC Levi’s Hornet AMX

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I’m not quite sure if the first photo in the ad for this 1977 AMC Hornet AMX shown here on eBay is a photo of this car or not, or if it is just a lookalike. It looks perfect whereas the rest of the photos show very much a project car. I’m guessing it’s sort of an “after” photo of what this car could look like again after restoration. This AMX is located in Medina, Ohio and the starting bid of $5,000 hasn’t been met yet.

The seller is probably hoping that the “1 of 100” badge included on this car may be a reason why such a big project should have such a high starting price. I’m not sure really what the market is for the AMC Hornet AMX but I’m guessing that it may be sitting in this garage for a while at that opening price given the work that needs to be done on it, Levi’s special edition or not. But, the car shown on the opening bid is an enticement as what it could look like again with a lot of elbow grease and a fair amount of investment.

The AMX was brought back in 1977 and attached to the AMC Hornet. I know, truth is stranger than fiction. Most of us have seen the Hornet AMX before so it isn’t too eye-opening. You can see that this car has an automatic which would zap some power from what may or may not be a powertrain without that much power in the first place, at least compared to AMXs of yore. The denim-like fabric interior needs to be restored as much as the rest of the car does but it would be unique to own once it’s finished. This is supposedly 1 of 100 Levi’s Hornet AMX cars made.

Another reason why the $5k starting bid price may seem like a bit much, and again I’m no expert on prices of these cars, is that this AMX has a 258 cubic-inch inline-six with 114 hp as opposed to the 120-hp 304 V8. The seller found this car in New Mexico where it had been parked outdoors for an “extended period” and there will be rust and other issues to overcome. There is no word on whether the engine runs or turns over but the next owner should expect to do a full restoration on this car. Have any of you owned a Hornet AMX?

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  1. Gaspumpchas

    Hate to be negative, but just because its low numbers doesn’t make it desirable. Smogged down 6 cyl auto. Big ugly bumpers. This needs a 390 or 401 swap with a 4 speed. I don’t see any redeeming features. Starting bid is 5 large- hope the guy ain’t holding his breath. Good luck to the new owner. Zero to sixty could be measured with an hourglass.

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    • jimmy c

      Not everybody’s in a hurry to get from zero to sixty.

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  2. 8banger David MikaMember

    HA HA HA! You guys are good.

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  3. kevin m gill

    let me see if this was a 68 camaro with a six banger in it with a special edition stripe package and houndstooth interior everyone would be stating 5 grand is a good price all because it is one of the so called big three,,sad that the car community is quick to judge a company that actually had some of the fastest over the counter production cars in the market let alone a true 2 seater sports car that was as quick if not quicker than most vettes of their times. Price is all in the buyers eye on what he would like to own as a classic car,,the 77 hornet amx was a one year only deal and limited cars were made by most standards.

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  4. M gilbert

    Air Cleaner is wrong so what else is wrong.Be carefull.i do not recall a Levi Hornet.AMX Hornet Body Yes But Can Not Remember 1 of 100 Levi Hornets.

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  5. Darrun

    Owned an AMX that looked very much like this,also had a couple regular Hornets with V8’s.

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  6. Scott Campbell

    The lead photo IS the same car. Instead of dragging it outside I included a photo from when I bought it a few years ago.

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  7. Wynn

    The Starting bid would normally but around what one might hope the final bid would be. Yes it’s a LEVI edition and those are rare. But the 258 six cylinder and automatic transmission is less desirable. The 1977 AMX Hornets have been popping up allot more frequently lately. Running and driving with clean title average price has been in the $5000 to $7000 range and only needing minor restoration. This particular car would require a bit more investment as the original denim material is very had to find. I feel pretty confident someone will bid on this rare AMC before end of auction. I have owned three 1977 AMX’s. All V8 models.

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  8. Will Fox

    Pass. If you’re really bent on getting a Hornet with ‘go-fast’ parts, try finding a `71 Hornet SC/360. Fairly scarce, but they howled!

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  9. 200mph

    Yes, I kinda recall the Levis Hornet, but here’s the rub…

    AMC couldn’t use Levi’s denim… it fails some FMVSS for flame retardancy. So, AMC used a look and feel alike polymer material. Trouble is, that material is VERY susceptible to UV rays, and most have badly degraded over time.

    I think your options would be (1) an NOS interior… good luck finding that! Or, (2) replicate the Levi’s interior in actual denim.

    Either way, the car would be a cruise night sensation. Rare? Yes. Desireable? Sure. I like the big 6, but make mine a 3 or 4-speed stick.

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  10. Bill

    My first car was a ’73 Hornet X hatchback Levi edition with the 304 and 3spd auto. After throwing a rod in the motor I dropped in a ’69 343 and all of a sudden I was a speed freak. Got more tickets in that car in 10 years than I have the in all my other cars combined. I stupidly traded it away while I was in Tucson because it was starting to have body issues and other things. Wish I could find her and afford her again.

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  11. Ban-one

    Is this car still available ?, if so please contact me

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  12. StevieG

    Rare in fact doesn’t mean valuable. I had a 1 of 100 car once & I couldn’t give it away for $1,800. Sold it to a friend for $1,200. Nice car, no rust, everything worked including the air conditioning. It was even a convertible (that was what made it so rare).
    With that being said, I would pay near the asking price for this, If it is as solid as presented. I paid almost this much for the 1 of 100 convertible.
    These are not investments. They are toys and toys do cost. Sometimes we might get lucky & make a profit, but this should be for fun & for the preservation of history.
    It helps that I live in Milwaukee & I kinda like these Kenosha Kadillacs lol.

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