1 Of 15? 2000 Land Rover Discovery 2 TReK Edition

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Land Rover’s tremendous history of building ultra-tough vehicles with amazing off-road capabilities sometimes gets diluted by their popularity among rap stars, celebrities, and others with vast reserves of disposable income. This 2000 Land Rover Discovery 2 TReK Edition in Weymouth, Massachusetts won’t smell like anyone famous inside, but it would do famously well crawling through a mud hole or fording a stream. Thanks to reader Healeydays who spotted this “Disco 2” TReK here on craigslist in Boston, Massachusetts with a seemingly reasonable asking price of $6,995.

Some of us remember Land Rovers for their utility in series like Mutual of Omaha’s the Wild Kingdom. These trucks are built to get you through unbelievably harsh conditions, and the Land Rover faithful include many who prefer Beef Jerky to beluga. The TReK edition came about as a Land-Rover sponsored competition in America patterned after the Camel Trophy events. For TReK, 3-person teams from individual Land Rover dealerships competed over 2 days in a wide array of events. Check out these and other details at roverparts.com. This one seems fairly well-kept including the condition of its original stickers.

The interior seems rather tidy as well. True miles are unknown thanks to an instrument cluster replacement but estimated at 140k (225k km). The 2000 Land Rover Discovery offers plenty of off-road capabilities including permanent four-wheel-drive with four-wheel Electronic Traction Control (4ETC) and a two-speed transfer gearbox, Hill Descent Control (HDC),  and four-channel ABS. Check out fourwheeler.com for more details.

The TReK edition featured 285/75R-16 tires, a specific steel bumper with integrated Warn XD9000 winch, special rear bumper with an integrated class-three trailer hitch, rock sliders with integrated air tanks for tire pressure adjustment, nine Hella lamps, roof rack, 48-inch high-lift jack, and door panels and seats covered with two-ply waterproof fabric. Rubber mats replace all carpets for easy cleaning. Thanks to landroverforums.com for some details. Please use the comments below to describe where you’d try to get this hot-orange off-roader stuck.

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  1. TicketGeorge

    Gone already

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  2. Lance Nord

    I’ve never understood the fascination with Land Rover and why it’s always proclaimed to be so “tough” off road. It consistently ranks near the bottom of any reliability indexes… with 70%+ of vehicles having to be seen in a shop for major issues on an annual basis. The Brits have built some beautiful cars and trucks, but it’s a horrible choice for purchase because they are so maintenance intensive… especially the electrical systems.

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    • Steve Riddle


      I have a 2000 LD discovery 2, it has 206 thousand miles, it has never let me down, sand, snow, mud, other that reg maintenance it is almost all original, at 200K i had to put in a new Radiator, other than that, it just keeps going, and going, its the only car I have that I know will start and go when I put the key in it….at this age… Im not sure how many you have owned, But I highly recommend LD… based on my experience as an owner.

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      • UK Paul

        Sell it quick! It’s a miracle

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      • UK Paul

        On a serious note that is pretty impressive.
        Land Rover do make the best 4WD in the world in terms of off road performance but they do have their foibles.
        I have had Range Rovers for 15+ years and had some good luck and some bad luck. However somethings are just likely to go wrong – I wouldn’t touch a diesel after 2000 at any cost personally.
        Electrics can play up but I had no issues electrically on any I have owned.
        I have however struggled to find a mysterious vibration in the steering despite replacing half the front of the car.

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  3. Retired Stig

    We’ve owned 8 Land Rover products over 20 years. Had exactly one major problem. Since all but a tiny handful are just Chelsea Tractors, never seeing any more severe use than a school run in the rain, I’ve no idea what the complaining is about.
    They are simply superb off road, and will do anything else: long road trip, haul the kids and dog, whatever better than anything else out there. Just don’t skimp on the maintenance, they are complex.

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  4. h5mind

    We had a much-used but much-loved Range Rover while working in Panama recently. Drove across the country in it. Although not terrific for city traffic, it was a hoot to tool around on the back roads and byways. We even took it along the private access road which runs along the Panama Canal. Only thing we’d change next time would be to find a less-thirsty diesel version.

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  5. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    A nice thing!

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    • OhU8one2

      The word I recieved from Land Rover Training Center was back in the day when Discoveries were new, a good portion of them were leased. And because of this, many had deferred maintence. Now they are know for having their problems. As they were resold after the lease was finished. Not all dealers were doing the work needed. Word spread that they were horrible vehicles. The damage was done before they could change the public’s view. Discovery’s have this stigma now that is difficult to overcome. I’ve owned 4 Discovery’s. I drive a 96 daily. For me, the pro’s outweigh the con’s. Travel the Gravel…….

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  6. Lou

    I owned #2, run by Cherry Hills LR of NJ, finished 5th overall. Now lives a comfy retired life at some rich NY car dealer’s hacienda in Costa Rica..

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