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1 Of 1,543: 1970 Dodge Coronet R/T

Dodge sold a lot of muscle cars in the late 1960s and early 1970s. But one that seemed overlooked was the B-bodied Coronet R/T. While akin to the Super Bee and the Road Runner and GTX over at Plymouth, the Coronet R/T only found 2,615 buyers in 1970. Drill down to hardtops with the 440 4-barrel V8 and automatic transmission and the number dropped to 1,543. Located in Cogan Station, Pennsylvania, this example needs a lot of bodywork along with interior and mechanical attention. The present bid here on eBay is $9,099 but the seller has set a reserve north of there.

To many buyers, the Dodge Coronet was a family car. And that image may have kept buyers of performance automobiles looking elsewhere when it came to the R/T (short for Road/Track). Like the GTX, the standard engine in the R/T was a 440 V8, with only two upgrades offered: the 6-Pack version of that motor and the 426 Hemi. Combined, only a couple of hundred cars were built with either of those engines. The seller’s car has the U-code 440, but it’s a replacement aka it’s not numbers-matching.

We’re told the 440 engine runs fine, but the automatic is going to need rebuilding. So, it’s a roller that will have to be towed or trailered away. Out back, the Dodge has an 8 ¾ rear end with a Sure Grip differential. These cars used a heavy-duty suspension because of the extra weight in the front and we’re told that’s still intact.

While the frame is said to be solid, the floorboards will need replacing (you can see through the metal by the emergency brake pedal. The center trunk pan is also quite crusty and will have to go. Be careful taking the thing home as the brakes are said to need “going over.” In a world of performance cars like the popular Chevelle SS or Pontiac GTO, a restored Coronet R/T would be a cool sight.


  1. Avatar photo erik johnston

    Yea, typical when a car has sat a longtime, speaking of these issues. GTX,s I have never had one which is amazing since I have had most everything (lucky to have said that since i,ve had a lot of cars through the years.The car bug bit me hard since my first car was a 68 ss chevelle at 15 years old and that was 1975. A guy used to drive around in a hemi gtx and i tried to buy it several times until I actually meant the owner once(disapointment ,hemi gone and 383 2brl replacement) it was a 4spd. I just missed a 66 charger with a 426 for $500. Still cant forget that one. I still cant stop buying cars. Barnfinds just featured a 72 corvette-ontarior orange been sitting in a collection waiting to be gone through But the owner decided to let it go. I was the winning bidder@ $7400. I tell you that bug wont leave me be. And the excitment still is overwhelming.The wife is now a “x” so thats not a problem I cant wait to get it. Glad to still enjoy the excitement of the next ride!

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    • Avatar photo Greg

      I have the same problem and the “x” is also long gone. Lol the cars are by far better then the woman. I currently have 11 or 12 cars. Most are either done or 80% complete drivers. One is a 69 dodge coronet rt, love the looks. To bad its a 440 car and not a hemi. But I do have a newer hemi challenger.

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  2. Avatar photo Eric

    My knowledge on Mopars is limited. Were the hood scoops on these factory functional? As part of an option?

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    • Avatar photo Mark

      Power bulge hoods were not functional but some people removed the covers frome the hood scoop… Not a functional ram air type hood.

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  3. Avatar photo jack

    Cluster appears to be wrong for an R/T model.

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  4. Avatar photo Greg Gustafson

    I loved the style of these, well, everything but the grill/front bumpers that looked like two horizontal Edsel grills laying end to end. Gauche!

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  5. Avatar photo Mark

    The rear tail light panel should be black and between the front bumpers this car has a chrome panel that should be car color. These cars are rare and great looking when all restored.

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  6. Avatar photo Erik Morris

    The chrome bumper center was a factory option: customer could opt for body color OR chrome.

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  7. Avatar photo Martinsane

    I love MOPARS and the Coronet is certainly a favorite.
    This car is a POS and unfortunately for reality but fortunately for the seller, MOPAR madness is ensuing as reflected in the current bid and one can only assume a ridiculous reserve.

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  8. Avatar photo Bill

    The car has manual brakes and should have a Dana 60

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    • Avatar photo Hoss

      Not with an automatic. Dana 60 was only standard equipment with a 4 speed behind the 440 HP, 440 six pack or Hemi. There is something wrong going on with that instrument cluster though.

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  9. Avatar photo Mark

    Identical car, color and year, was down the street sitting in a driveway in Lake Worth Florida in the mid-80’s. It was very rusty. I wanted to ask the homeowner about it but I was just married and a new homeowner and had no money. I new the car was special

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  10. Avatar photo Pocho

    I could never appreciate the nose of these. There was a loud green one close to my house maybe back in the 90’s in really nice shape for sale. I told my friends in a northeast Mopar club and no one showed interest. Must be one of those faces you either love or hate.

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  11. Avatar photo DON

    I dont think it didnt sell well because people though the Coronet was a family car, Plymouth did very well with the GTX and Road Runner which was also a B body , like their sisters the Satellite/Belvedere , which were geared toward families .

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