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1 of 1,859: 1941 Graham Hollywood


This 1941 Graham Hollywood here on eBay in Sweden is a rare bird, as only 1,859 were originally made. Sent in by Barn Finds readers Peter R. and Jonas N., the Hollywood reflects distinctive design elements resembling the original Cord Westchester sedan. However, as history tells us, even its ties to the game-changing Cord design wasn’t enough to help the company weather its withering fortunes, and production delays caused the Hollywood to fail in achieving its sales targets.


Although I can’t speak to the car’s abilities as a driver’s car, I still find the styling handsome today. But for customers who had placed orders for the vehicle and were waiting months with no word on when the car would be delivered, no amount of shared heritage with the infamous Cord could keep them patient any longer. With orders cancelled and manufacturing woes torpedoing any chance of getting customers into showrooms, the Hollywood was almost stillborn, in a way, never having the chance to enjoy all of the public interest built up around its debut.


And what a shame that was. The Hollywood was available with both a six-cylinder or supercharged powerplant, and the interior appointments appear luxurious even today. This particular car has survived largely intact, despite clearly being a project and disassembled by its current owner in Sweden. The car was exported from California after being used as a daily driver through the 1950s. The original engine is included, but has been removed by the owner for rebuild with a recent valve job since completed. It will require re-assembly for the car to be operational once again.


As with any project car, you’ll want to have a clear idea of what parts are included and what’s gone missing over the years. This task grows increasingly tedious for an overseas sale with a car that has already been picked apart by its current owner. The Graham name seems synonymous with attractive, art deco-inspired designs, and the Sharknose Graham Model 96 is a personal favorite of mine. Does this car deserve to be restored? I certainly think so, and I hope it returns to its native California for its second act.


  1. joeinthousandoaks

    It is definitely deserving of a full restoration but forget about wrong coast this is the wrong continent.

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  2. 1ST-RAT

    Now this is more like it! I will look at this kind of find all day long…and not just because we share the name.

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  3. JW

    That is one super cool looking car, just way too far away to own.

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  4. Scot Carr

    ~ Plus 319 Hupmobile Skylarks.

    — Total 1940-41 Hupmobile Skylark production: 319.
    — Total 1940-41 Graham Hollywood production: 1859
    . or 1597, according to other sources. —
    link — http://www.eevamoritz.com/gra_history.html

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  5. sunbeamdon

    My ex brother-in-law, Ken, courted my sister in the late ’40s in his ’41 Hollywood SC Graham; ultimately Ken bought an other one from the Harrah’s collection and sent it to the shop who had done all sorts of work for him to do a “concours correct” resto. The shop owner’s comment worth sharing – “As often as not, I turn client cars out in this state of finish”. That car is featured here:


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    • packrat

      Beautiful car–but that OldCarsWeekly writeup! Significant Graham is significant. With less than two thousand of them originally made, which well-preserved ones are inconsequential?

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  6. Mark S

    Wasn’t the cord front wheel drive where as the graham is rear wheel drive, not sure does anyone know?

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    • RayT Member

      You’re right, Mark.

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  7. A.J.

    So this ad never shows the engine compartment to see if the blower is there and what little bits might be missing.

    The Hollywood is exactly the same as the Cord from the firewall back save the tunnel, rear end and dash. The sub frame and sheet metal firewall foreward along with engine/transmission is Graham. The subframe subtracts 5 inches from the Cord wheelsbase so the nose is shorter.

    Along with the sedan model 3 or 4 convertibles were built, at least one 5 passenger, at least one 2 passenger. Those cars had the Cord leather interiors in them.

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  8. Andrew Marsh

    Three hundred 1940 Graham Hollywoods and Hupp Skylarks were initially built then any Graham after serial number 700301 were sold as 1941’s , there were differences , supercharger increased in size for 41 and all engine were Continental 6 cylinders with Graham super chargers , I owned Supercharged Holly 70142 , awesome car and historically significant

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    • CJ

      Would love to know is anyone has any recommendations on where to go to have my 1941 Graham restored…or where to find parts. Preferably someone who has done this same car before. Any feedback welcome. Thanks…

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  9. A.J.

    I don’t believe there is any difference in the blower between 40 & 41 – however if there is I would love to know. The only differences that I have seen is the dash finish changed from engine turn to stripes from 40 to 41. Are there others?

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  10. Mark S

    I don’t know these cars that well so I’m guessing a bit here, but is it possible that in the 41’s could they have changed the waste gate timing to bring the boost on sooner there by increasing power?

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  11. A.J.

    Waste gate timing? Isn’t that a turbo thing? The centrifugal supercharger on these is simply a big fan driven from pulleys on the front of the engine.

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  12. Richard V

    “…or build a killer rod.” Really???

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  13. Jonas

    Excellent write up Jeff, thank you! I’m in fact letting the seller use my eBay account for this sale, and I just wanted to point out that the car is not taken apart, but the engine is. Pics of the engine available on request. Thanks again for a great post!

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