1 of 19 Built? 1978 Ford Bronco XLT

The seller describes this 1978 Ford Bronco XLT as one of 19 with this paint and trim code configuration ever built. It looks stunning, especially with the modest lift kit and new, “retro-look” alloy wheels. There’s a number of modern touches in this Bronco, but the seller doesn’t specify whether the paint and graphics kit are original. The 400 V8 is the matching-numbers mill, and it supposedly benefits from a recent top end rebuild. You’ll find the Bronco here on eBay where bidding is approaching $25,000 and there’s no reserve left to clear.

While I realize not everyone digs the resto-mod look, if you’re going to have a truck with that sort of appearance, I think the end result here is what you should strive for. The lift kit is a matter of personal preference, but I think it’s an upgrade when done to a modest level like this. The wheel and tire combination may be aggressive for some, but it at least offers a tribute to the original wheel design. This also goes to show you just how well a Bronco of this generation responds to modifications, so be sure to check out this blank canvas of a project Bronco we have listed here on Barn Finds as an Exclusive. 

The interior is in fine shape, and the seller notes this Bronco was spec’d with a bench seat from the factory. The door panels, carpets, and seat surfaces show virtually no flaws, aside from perhaps some minor wear. The Bronco comes equipped with air conditioning, power steering, power brakes (with front discs), front locking hubs, limited slip, and a modern stereo that features Bluetooth and a rear-mounted subwoofer and amplifier. The peak we get here at the factory graphics kit convinces me the stickers were re-done, as they look far too fresh for a survivor truck – but I could be wrong.

The nose shows nice chrome trim and a very clean engine bay. The paint and trim code production the seller cites relates to the fact that the Bronco is optioned with both the XLT and Ranger package, but it’s also rare for the paint code it sports, known as Raven Black, which makes it one of 401 produced. The Bronco may be worth more as an unmodified survivor sitting on stock suspension, but there’s no question this one ups the eye-candy appeal to a very high level. Whether that’s worth it to you is a matter of personal taste, but current bidding seems to suggest a lot of folks like the look.


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  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    Nice truck although I have to question the rarity claim. If there were only 19 produced then they all must have been sold in Montana wth some spilling into Canada. I swear that back in the day Broncos sporting this color scheme were as common as black Trans Ams. My brother bought a ’78 Bronco similarly equipped to this one but a dull/boring/mundane dark brown and calf scour yellow paint job. He and his family put that truck through the mill and it always came back for more. Then he traded it in for a new station wagon (just no imagination) because the family (5 kids) was getting too big…

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  2. flmikey

    I would have to agree with geomechs on this one…I lived near a Ford dealership in Ohio back then and I remember seeing a half dozen of these parked in the front line of the truck section…

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    • Dave

      They were all over Pittsburgh too.

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  3. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Very nice Bronco. I’ve always liked this paint/tape treatment. If the rarity claim is from a Marti report (I assume it is), sometimes the way the data is portrayed can be confusing. If indeed the owner has a Marti report, in my opinion it is almost a “must have” for a higher-dollar vehicle like this (I didn’t see one in the ad). I’m not a big fan of the lifted / wheel / tire package, but I’m okay with it. Credit to the seller for a ton of pics. Prices on nice specimens like this are solid.

    Thanks Jeff.

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      Most likely the 1 of 19 claim is taken off a Marti report. It would have been helpful if the seller would have included that report in the listing. In this case it would be 1 of 19 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT produced in black paint with a certain interior code. Some of the many other similar looking Broncos may have been 1979 models, some may only have the Ranger option, some may only have the XLT option, some may have not have had either of those options, some may have had a different color interior, some may have had a bucket seat interior. Change any of those options and the 1 of 19 number changes to 1 of XXX. Marti reports are very model specific.

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  4. SDJames

    There was one in my little town in SD, in the early ’90s.

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    I absolutely love the look and feel of this one. I would have had the same vision on this. Was the freewheeling package reflective? The aftermarket decals here do not seem to be.

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    • Ron

      They are reflective. I’m the person with the Truck. Also; the 1 of 19 is from the Marti Report

      • Hooter#1

        The original Freewheeling trim was not reflective and they had black bumpers.

  6. OhU8one2

    I think the seller was trying to convey, that 19 were sold at the same dealership in town. There were alot of these Broncos running around when new. I remember seeing tons of them. Not really rare in my opinion.

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  7. Stangalang

    Holy hell..now that’s a sweet bronco..lifted nice..tasty wheels and tires..400 sb..beautiful truck! I’d almost hate to take it in the mud..ok no I wouldn’t🤣.

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  8. carstruck

    Nice truck. I am guessing the combo of Raven black w/ Ranger XLT isn’t all that rare, but the factory bench in that combination is likely rare. My guess

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  9. cunnanm

    I think the bench seat is what makes it rare and unusual.

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  10. Gm nut

    Usually free wheelin comes with blacked out bumpers…this one has the option side slide glass. Nice truck!

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  11. gary hines

    my dad had one when i was young , it about broke his leg when it popped out of park and rolled down a hill

  12. Stevieg

    Thus isn’t any more rare than uncooked hamburger lol. Nice truck though. I haven’t seen one this clean in decades.

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  13. Richard Gugenberger

    I know of two in upstate NY just like it

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  14. James Turner

    In the1990,s I refurbished a one owner 1979 Ford Bronco XLT. I met The original owner who lived across the road from the car dealer. I installed wagon wheel style rims with white letter tires, Fresh 351 cc engine, New Jade green metallic paint, I sprayed the wheels and full running bards Gold metallic and gold pinstriped the sides and tailgate. I also had back then a smoke tinted bug shield with PONY EXPRESS on it in gold letters. Also had a front air dam on bottom of front bumper. Side grab handles, Bench cloth insert seats, 4 wheel lock out hubs. Side exhaust before the rear wheel wheels. One of the sharpest Bronco’s in the 26 mile long valley I live in. The bad side of these old bronco’s is there like a brick in the wind with the square and high body with big west coast mirrows, Big tires Gearing Etc. Terrible gas mileage even costly back then. I do not know why guys that have these trucks have to raise the suspension even more to unbalance center of gravity especially around sharp curves in the road. But to each his own preference I guess.

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    • Jett

      I think a 351 CI engine would have been a better choice than a 351 CC engine….

  15. Johnny

    Nice bronco,but I do not think they are the original style wagon wheel. The spokes look odd to me. I have 2 -78,s. They are putting me in the poor house. ha ha. The custom has the same type of side glass as this one.. The xlt does not. The xlt has the bench seat and I changed the seat to bench to the custom. OVER THE YEARS i have learnt from these broncos and wold like to share it with anyone who wants to learn it.

  16. chrlsful

    nice !
    To those on MPGs, we don’t buy’em for mileage.
    Glad it’s still close to oe, each change lowers value.
    Love the largest ‘square’ motor ever made production, the bench is great (finally got 1 for mine) & sliding side window but would like to see it in 1 solid color, the Dimond Jubilee Maroon of that yr. One showed at our ‘bronkabration’ that was stunning…

  17. HHH

    I had a 78 and a 1979 both black with the same reflective trim ? Both of mine had bucket captain seats. Personally I feel what he is trying to say it is One of 19 that came with a bench style seat. Or something like one of 19 that had radio delete. A Marti report tries to break it down to a 1 of optioned vehicle. Not always the case. There was thousands of these Bronco and four wheel drive Pickups with the same or close to decal package. Mostly short box 4×4 s.

  18. TimM

    Cool truck but not rare!!! I had one with the same stripe package 302 with a four speed but the salt belt ate the body and frame to bits!! Or maybe there’s 18 left!!

  19. Eddie

    I had a 78 bronco with that color scheme, bought it new. Over time I put a 16 inch lift on it with 48 inch tires. Had lots of fun with it

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