1 of 2 T-Tops: 1985.5 Ford Mustang SVO

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It’s been documented on these pages in the past that the 1985.5 Ford Mustang SVOs are already special cars due to their limited production and better performance (some might say looks, too, with the more streamlined headlights). But this example goes a bit further, as it was a special order Ford employee car, not by some executive but a guy like you and me who spec’d this one out exactly as any enthusiast would. That makes this Jalapeno Red example here on eBay one of two with factory T-Tops, and listed for $26,500 or best offer.

It wasn’t just the fact the first owner wanted T-Tops; he wanted the conversion done a very specific way. According to the seller, “He wanted the T-Top doors because he didn’t want Cars & Concepts (the company Ford used for their T-Top installations) to have to cut the frame of the coupe doors.”  That makes this the only one with genuine T-Top doors in the 1985.5 configuration, aside from another car owned by Bill Elliott that has the cut coupe doors. Mileage is under 30,000, so the interior looks fantastic.

The engine bay is beautiful as well, but that same first owner had a mild cam fitted when it was still being assembled. The seller notes the SVO has been incredibly reliable, stating “The turbo looks new, the hoses are soft, the engine is beautiful with no leaks or issues anywhere.  It has a new Ford battery on it and this SVO has never given me any problems.” The clutch is original and there’s no signs of neglect anywhere on this rare SVO.

The seller did do some paint corrections when he got the car, but it is otherwise completely stock and as it left the factory. To me, this is the one to buy if you’re looking for the best SVO with some additional provenance thanks to the special order configuration. If you’re looking for the best SVO in showroom stock specification, keep an eye on eBay as the seller plans to list his 1986 SVO with only 26 original miles in the coming weeks! Which would you choose?

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  1. nessy

    One of only two SVOs with T Tops? Well that is interesting because there is a white 86 SVO local to me with T Tops. The guy must have owned it since new or close to it as I remember seeing the car at least since the late 80s/early 90s sticking out of his garage. I think I will go take a ride over to his place and snap a few photos to show it. I’m sure they must be very rare with T Tops as were the GT models as well but only two? Nah. Wonder where people come up with this stuff.

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    • Andre

      That’s a lovely story. If this car was a 1986 then maybe it would have relevance.

      One of 2 1985.5.

      Reading is fun

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      • Mike

        1985.5 much rarer than 1986. 1985.5 brought 30 more horsepower than 1985 and the flush headlights. 1985.5 Competition Prep model is the Holy Grail of SVO’s. Maybe you need more fun reading.

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      • grant

        Couldn’t have said it snarkier myself 😉

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      • Barry

        Good work Andre.

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      • nessy

        A story you said Andre? Reading is fun? Oh I did read it clearly. I simply said I know of a white T Top 86 SVO, ok, not an 85 and a half and I read the Ebay listing clearly as well. My point was and still is that there are other T Top SVOs floating around. I do not think any T Top Mustangs or convertibles were done by Ford direct including this featured car. Correct me if I am wrong again but I recall the only difference was in the doors. The door frames were removed and larger convertible side windows were used along with different weather stripping.

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      • nessy

        I believe this is an 86 T Top SVO or is this an 85 and a half? Maybe the same car featured? Hard to tell in the photo. There was also a silver 86 or maybe even one of those special 85 and a half SVO T Tops online. Photos of it were floating around everywhere but now they all seemed to have vanished. Wonder why. For the record, I always liked and admired the Mustang SVO.

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      • Steve

        @Grant — Oh cool!
        “Snarky” really is a word!

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    • Larry Ragans

      The key word is “doors” following the word T-Top. He’s referring to cut coupe doors. Quote – That makes this the only one with genuine T-Top “doors” in the 1985.5 configuration, aside from another car owned by Bill Elliott that has the cut coupe doors. – Unquote.

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  2. Dave Suton

    What about the special SVO only wheels? No other mustang came with the 5 lug wheels except for them. Might be hard to get.

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  3. Evan

    I really ought to stop reading websites like this because I’ve become a grumpy old curmudgeon.

    I look at a car like this and think, “Sure it’s a rare option. But it’s also a 35-year-old Mustang, and for the exact same dough I can get a brand-new Mustang that’s a better car by virtually every metric except ‘collectability’.”

    I gotta get out more, or something.

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    • MikeG

      I guess if you like sitting at every stop light surrounded by modern Mustangs…

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      • Dickie F

        Or like when I had my project 70 Mach 1 carried to the next workshop.
        The guy traveling in the other direction, in a new Mustang, snapped something in his neck trying to view. (my project is a one owner, 68k and very original).
        3 minutes later, he was following the truck trying to get a better view.
        Similar incidents happen with other road users when it is driven on the road, I have to reply to the thumbs up, so often…. my elbow hurts.
        The older Mustangs are very respected….

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    • grant

      But the whole point of buying this one is collecting. Nobody’s buying this to daily it. For the same money if you are looking for a daily you wouldn’t even read the ad.

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      • Steve

        The SVO would make a great daily driver. I loved that car. Drove the dogsiht out of my girlfriend’s SVO. Disagree entirely. Best part is … it is not a 1932 Bugatti or some siht …. Buy it … maintain it … drive the snot out of it because it isn’t worth all that much anyway.

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  4. Superdessucke

    Another thing not 100% stock is the wheels. I think those are from a 1994-95 Mustang GT.

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    • Bradley Walter

      Very similar but not identical. The SVO wheels are shared with the Ford Escort RS Cosworth.

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  5. DolphinMember

    The older I get the better these look to me. I guess it might be that they look more and more vintage as newer cars come along. And….another plus….they are all analog, with very little if any digital stuff, maybe just ignition and radio.

    But I will not be competing for this car matter how good it looks. I would want the V8.

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  6. Billy1

    He needs to put the stock wheels back on to get anywhere near the money he’s asking.

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    • Superdessucke

      The 1994-95 Mustang GT rims actually present quite well here. But you are right. A car being marketed as 1 of 2 and selling for about 2x that of a regular one in the same condition is going to draw a very persnickety buyer. Rims matter!

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  7. Spodie

    The original rims are included. How is the value affected just because they aren’t on the car?

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  8. JagManBill

    Just proving you can order anything, I knew a guy that ordered a base model 87 LX convertible. 4 banger, manual, etc. BUT…he ordered it with all the GT body kit and wheels minus the GT and minus the LX markings. Just sitting there, it looked just like a GT convertible. Ohh…but when he started it, you just had to turn away to keep from laughing…

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  9. Jfc

    Just checked eBay, item no longer available!!!

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  10. Spodie

    Auction ended with no sale

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  11. TreDeuce

    T-tops… not in keeping with the intent/purpose of the SVO.

    As far as wheels, I have a nice set of used and a new set of OEM wheels still in original boxes. That new set cost about $670.00 for each wheel. Neither set is for sale at this time.

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  12. Bryan

    It’s disheartening to read all of these ignorant, uneducated comments. So many of you act like you know so much about the SVO when clearly many of you don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about. Yeah sure, a brand new Mustang is a far superior Mustang compared to an 85.5 SVO, but what does that have to do with the fact that this car has nothing to do with the present day Mustang? These negative comments are uncalled for and just goes to show how ignorant people are.

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  13. Billy1

    Calm down Bryan and ignore the “grumpy old guy” above. I am not sure why people like him come on a site like this as he’s completely missing the purpose of this site. Some of us on here are quite knowledgeable as not only did I have an ’86 SVO, I did a complete restoration on it-it was a low mileage car.. “Problem” was it came out nice, too nice!! I was afraid to drive it or park it anywhere due to all the jerks on the road. As for the “old” guy above, my daily driver is a new S550 Mustang, so I am aware of what the new Mustangs can do. It and the SVO are both great cars for what they are.

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  14. Rob S

    Ive owned a 84 and a 85.5 svo. The mid year car was heads and shoulders above the earlier svo’s and even the GT’s. More balanced, smooth power curve, better seats. Just a better car overall. I would own this car in a heartbeat.

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  15. CarstoriesMember

    “Nessy”- the first picture you submitted with your reply is not an 86. It would be either an 84 or 85, based on the headlights. The 86 used the flush-mounted lights which, as we’ve been discussing, began with the 85 & 1/2 model.

    This is a sharp car. But I too think it should be listed with the original rims. If a seller wants to impact a buyer as to what an amazing car they’re offering, they need to equip it the way it was when it came off the line. Bring the buyer back to that day!

    Everyone knows what originality does for a vehicle in the mind of a potential buyer… it does wonders! And with something as simple as adding the rims you already have sitting in the garage, to me, it’s a no-brainer.

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  16. Wayne

    I still have a 1984 shoot out on the:
    Z28 V.S. The Dodge Daytona V.S. Toyota Supra V.S.
    Honda Civic V.S Mustang SVO
    The drivers in the SVO kept complaining how their elbows would
    smash into the back of the arm rest when shifting into 2nd & 5th.
    The Supra won over all and the Z28 Iroc won “Best Interior”.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      2nd and 4th?

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  17. wayne

    Yes, 4th !

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  18. Sephiroth

    Just a quick update on this car. Both the 27 mile car and the t-top car were sold privately and removed from eBay. Both were sold to the same owner and will reside in a very famous private collection in IL.

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