1 Of 24: 1969 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

It doesn’t matter how many I see, nicely preserved Shelby Mustangs will get my attention either time – especially when they wear colors like this gorgeous shade of Acapulco Blue. The seller notes this color code with this equipment makes it one of 24 models ordered this way, but this one gets even more unique with Carroll Shelby’s signature inside and its obviously impressively preserved condition. The seller doesn’t mention whether it’s been completely restored, so it’s either a big-ticket restoration car or a beautiful survivor. Find it here on craigslist with an asking price of $79,995. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Matt R. for the find.

I can’t blame the seller for placing a big price tag on this Mustang, as it does look like it’s one of the better Shelbys of this generation to come up for grabs recently. The paint is striking, especially when paired with the white stripe and black interior. I was almost expecting a white interior here (the seller includes some microscopic photos of the cabin in his listing), but the black seating is a nice change of pace. The details look correct here, from the side scoops to the period-correct white-letter radials. The garage environment inspires confidence, too, that this Shelby has lived a pampered existence.

The engine bay is impeccably detailed. Even better, the 351 Windsor is paired to the preferred four-speed manual Hurst shifter. It comes with tilt steering/power steering, and power brakes. Now, for a detail I wasn’t aware of that factors into the breakdown of Shelby options: the seller claims that in this color scheme, it is a one-of-one car that went to California to be autographed by Shelby. I will admit to not being the expert on these cars, but I wasn’t aware whether it was shipped out for a signature impacted its status in terms of how many of a certain model were made. Can anyone confirm?

The seller includes a scan of the Marti Report, which presents the full drill-down as to how the Shelby was configured and how it stacks up against other cars. The paint job, black bucket seats, and the factory “Power Vent” system were all determining factors, along with the region to which it was shipped. The Shelby is a looker with this rare factory paint job and black interior, and the close-ratio manual gearbox makes it even more desirable. Throw in the exceptional condition on display here and it certainly looks like it’s worth all the money. Would you spring for this rare color scheme or save a few bucks for a more “common” paint code?

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  1. unclemymy Member

    As usual, it’s something I couldn’t even begin to afford for myself, short of a miraculous windfall, but I wouldn’t have to be THAT rich to justify the price of such a vehicle. Would the Shelby be a magnificent driving experience? Check. Is this a really great example of Shelby’s work? Check. Did the man himself touch this car, and leave evidence? Check. What more could you want? It would be worth it in my checkbook.

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  2. GP Member

    There was one that sold in western Wisconsin a few months ago that was just as beautiful as this car is ( and this Shelby is so pretty), In the mid to upper 60’s. It was a 428, 4-speed and a one of two. It would be a hard choice because with this one, you could drive past a gas station.

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    • Walt

      If u worried about gas why even look! Dreamers

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      • GP Member

        Oh now Walt, I’m not worried about the 1.95 per gallon gas price. Hell, I can even afford a membership year after year after year.

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  3. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    “Power Vent”? Can I get some help with this? Thanks, Mike.

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    • Briankt1

      No a/c available in this car. It’s a blower that blows air, but it is not conditioned That the

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      • Gary

        You could get A/C with this car, it just wasn’t ordered, that’s all. A/C was available with the 4 speed or automatic for the GT 350. For the GT 500, A/C is available only with the automatic transmission and only a 3.00:1 rear gear ratio.

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Great work gang, thanks!

  4. alphasud Member

    This car is absolutely gorgeous and with Shelby’s signature is a real historic treasure. I could not own such a vehicle because I would want to drive and enjoy it as much as possible. Unlike some cars that have become garage queens this one is a museum piece.

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  5. Mitchell Gildea Member

    Oh this is a beauty I’ll tell you hwhat

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    • MattR Member

      I agree Hank.

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  6. MDY

    I owned a GT350, 4 speed, air, white with blue stripes…for about 2 years. Sold it back in 1986 for 8K. My backside is sore from kicking myself! But, I don’t ever recall seeing one in this color and it is outstanding. Beautiful.

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  7. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    This is a beautiful colour, why so few buyers picked it is a mystery.
    It would have been my first choice.

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    • Skorzeny

      Agreed. First choice!

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  8. MH

    I’m not a Ford guy but wow it this a nice car. I would love to own it.

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  9. A.J.

    For that amount of money you would think it would have the S Tube on the air cleaner?

    Power ventilation is sort of like running the vents with a fan. Rare option because it is useless.

    Nice colors. My favorites.

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  10. scott m

    I’m usually not a mustang fan, though I do appreciate them. The problem for me is that there are two many variations, including the fox bodies, for me to be able to decide. I have the same problem with Porsches. However, that lead picture would cause me to buy this in a heartbeat, let alone the connection to Carroll. GLWTA

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  11. Fran

    I once saw 3 one of ones at ford carlise!!!!! I must have saw a super rarity!!!!!

    Can we all just stop with the stupid fake news marti reports! Almost as stupid as the Carroll Shelby signature glove box!!!!

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    • Ferenczy

      I hear tale he would sign anything you put in front of him. Like many legends,I never met him myself…

  12. Bill Hall

    MANY MANY years ago a customer of ours was a used car dealer. Somehow he came up with a VERY NICE ALMOST NEW 68 GT 500 Convert with EVERY OPTION. However a year or two later he and his wife split the sheets and the car disappeared. This was in Portland Or in very early seventies. I don’t want think what it would be worth now.

  13. Steve

    Beautiful car, but definitely not a Barn Find!

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