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1 of 259! 1968 Dodge Charger

Mid to late 1960s Dodge Chargers have some of the most unique grilles in automotive history. The vacuum-operated headlights are disguised with slats that continue the grille from fender to fender. This particular Charger is from 1968 and can be found here on eBay with a current bid of nearly $60,000 and the reserve hasn’t been met yet. Being offered by American Steel Classics in Allen, Texas, they are asking $74,500 on their website. There isn’t a ton of information in the ad, but this looks like a nice driver. Take a look!

The engine and transmission are numbers-matching, which is probably driving the price of this car. With the older restoration, it probably wouldn’t be commanding such strong bidding if it weren’t for the original drivetrain. The engine is a 383 V8 backed by a 4-speed. The seller says it is 1 of 259 cars built in 1968 with this engine and transmission combination.

The interior is original as well with factory bucket seats, console shifter, and a factory tachometer. The seller says that the lights work and a “…majority of the gauges work.”

The slotted mags are period-perfect, but won’t be everyone’s taste on this particular car. The factory magnum wheels are really nice and these cars look great with a pro-touring style of big-n-littles as well. What is your favorite wheel and tire combination for these cars?


  1. Raoul-F Raoul-F

    Headlight covers are operated by an electric motor. Has a small handwheel for open or close the covers manually in case of malfunction. At least at 70s and following years Chargers it was.

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  2. Moparman Moparman Member

    IIRC, ’68 & ’69 Charger headlight doors were vacuum orperated, switching to electric for the ’70+ models. There are some Youtube videos on ow to convert the earlier models. :-)

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    • Big Bear 🇺🇸

      Moparman.. question.. do you think it’s worth almost $60,000? I know the 68 are hard to find. Thanks..🐻

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      • Moparman Moparman Member

        Three things; “Barret-Jacksonitis / Mecumitis” are driving prices up. These cars are being procured as “investments”, rather than for love.of the vehicle; and no, they’re not being made anymore. A car is worth WHATEVER someone is WILLING to pay. I watched a car in nowhere near as good a condition as my own sell for $50+K! This one ticks a number of desirable (for some) boxes: original drivetrain, manual, etc. Would I pay $60k for it? Maybe, if I were trying to replace/replicate one that I had in my youth.Just my $0.02 worth! :-)

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      • bill sass

        with the numbers matching and alleged no body repair and original interior its well worth the 60k,not my favorite color but everything looks to be in great shape.i sold my 68 440 4 speed a couple years ago because i had a hemi 68.it sold for 65k and was all original as well so id say this price is pretty good .

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  3. John Eder

    My parents’ next door neighbor, a single gentleman in his 80s, was having a medical emergency and called them. My dad called 911 and then went next door to wait. The neighbor, who unfortunately did not survive, had a pristine, original owner Charger (year unknown) in his carport. As my dad related it, when the fire and EMS crews arrived, they were primarily focused on the car. Several asked if it was for sale, as he was saying, “the patient is in here.” I have no idea what happened to that car ultimately. I likely could have acquired it, yet I had no interest in it.

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  4. Phil Morgan

    My mother bought a ’68 off the floor at Springfield Dodge outside of Philly. Red with black vinyl top, black interior, 318 and automatic. It was a lemon and in the shop often. I ended up selling it to a co worker in ’74 for $850.00. Still can’t believe what these cars are demanding.

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    • bone

      you should have got rid of it a lot sooner than 1974 ; they were popular so a trade in would have been easy . Dont know what issues you could have had with a 68 Body with a 318 auto , that set up was probably on 90% of the B bodies in 68 .

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    • DON

      strange , I paid $50 bucks for a tired , rusty, high mileage 12 year old 68 Belvedere with a 318 and an automatic. I routinely thrashed that car , brake stands , hole shots , you name it, I couldn’t kill it ! I bought it to put in a demo derby, but it ended up being my daily driver for two years and then I sold it for $300

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    • DaveGeiss

      Hey Phil a little history, in 68 I was only 3 but a year later 69 and opposite hill on Baltimore Pike of Springfield Dodge was the Plymouth dealer Miley & Brown. My father bought the “showroom girl”, a 69 Sport Satellite 9 passenger Wagon, white w/wood grain sides, magnum 500’s, 383 auto towing package AC. Cool looking car but, constant electrical/brake problem child…..I can remember close to the Canadian border pulling a camper my mother put her hand down the bench seat to pull the map out for dad and her hand was sliced wide open, blood everywhere from a razor blade a mechanic left behind after warranty electrical work!! The brakes never right, I remember mom threatening at the service counter, “ you better fix this pos or I’m gonna drive it off the newly built Commodore Barry bridge!! In the 80’s I would go after work to Springfield Dodge to buy/order parts for my Challenger, they had a second shift and were open till midnight!! New many people there in that era. Eventually, I wrenched at McGarrity & Moser Dodge In Havertown back in the 90’s……seems like forever ago!!!

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      • DaveGeiss

        Oops,typo. I knew many people there….. Anyway, my mom and that Plymouth never really got along!!! If memory serves right a young girl flew through a stop sign and slammed into the front end totaling it. Needless to say, mom didn’t shed a tear!!!

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  5. Shuttle Guy Shuttle Guy Member

    Big and littles with a 1-2 inch rake. Yup the slots need to go. Magnum 500’s 15×10’s N/50’s rear (P295/50/15) 8″ front. Nice car.

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  6. 433jeff

    Sold last week , smart buyer

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  7. Dave Suton

    My dad had a 68 like this. White exterior, same green interior. Green vinyl top. 383 non console automatic. He bought it from a woman he worked with that couldn’t keep up the payments. It was less than a year old when he got it. I remember being 4 or 5 when some guy cut him off with me in the car. After some expletives, he lit those rear tires up like he had the Bullet movie Charger in the beginning of the chase scene. I cried when he sold it in 75. We had to have a station wagon to go to Florida. So he replaced it with a 75 Malibu wagon. He sold it to somebody he worked withs son. I saw it a few months later. The kid totally ruined it with jacking up the back of it, oversized tires, it was all dirty, and dented. Shame.

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  8. MOPAR Joe

    The VIN listed in the ad is a 1969 model.

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    • billsass

      the picture is a 68 but the vin a 69? buyer beware! now it may be a late 68 in which some of the late 68 were vin numbered as a 69 by chrystler,they did a recall on those tho and corrected the vin if it was taken instill buyer beware’.i was lead mechanic for b&g chrystler Plymouth and remember having to revin several satalites that were mis vinned.

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  9. Nova John

    In my early 20’s, my friend found a red ’68 Charger with the 225 slant six and a 3 speed on the floor, with bucket seats and a console. It wasn’t fast, but it was amazing how much grunt that six had for that size car. I always wondered how many were built with that engine. You don’t see many, if any of them at shows, kind of like a C2 with its 3 spd standard trans. I love the rear taillights, being a Chevy guy. They distinguish the rear of the car and it’s just a really good looking design. I wish they would retro the body for a “new” Charger, just to see if they could capture that sweetness of design, especially with a nasty Hellcat powerplant : )

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  10. AMCFAN

    One of 259 Chargers NOT made into a Dukes of Hazzard clone

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  11. Roland

    Manual drum brakes – meh. Not and R/T, so these could be 10″ drums. My days of drum brakes ended when I was 17. I converted every car I had that did not come with disks from the factory. The factory floating and sliding setups were common and cheap in the 80’s and an easy swap. Reman calipers were $12-13 at the time, not even worth taking the OE ones off the donor car.

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  12. Shuttle Guy Shuttle Guy Member

    At $60,100.00 16 hours to go, reserve not met. I’m the high bidder. Get going people.

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  13. PRA4SNW

    It looks like 383 Chargers are approaching the pricing of R/T’s, at least in asking prices.

    Classic trickle down effect.

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  14. Mike H.

    I must have been a lucky guy when I was young because I owned 3 Chargers, a 66, 68, and a 70. I loved Charges back in the day. Of all the cars I have owned if I could pick 2 to have back the way they were, one would be my 68 Charger and the other would be my 68 Olds 442. I loved my muscle cars and 68 was a great year with some great cars!

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