1 of 261: 1973 Dodge Charger SE 4-Speed

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It took eight years to get there, but the 1973 editions would be the best-selling of the Dodge Chargers. Performance options were de-emphasized in favor of style and creature comforts, a move that resonated well with buyers. This ’73 Charger SE has a stroked 440 V8 engine that is said to now be 512 cubic inches now and has a 4-speed manual transmission, both rebuilt. Located in Blaine, Minnesota, this Dodge is available here on craigslist for $19,500. Thanks for the find, Gunter Kramer!

The third generation of the Dodge Charger appeared in 1971 complete with fuselage styling shared among its B-body Chrysler peers. Dodge had merged its Coronet and Charger lines, so all 4-door intermediates were badged as Coronets and all 2-door as Chargers. For the 1973 model year, Chargers received another upgrade in styling that produced a longer, wider, taller look than the 1971-72 cars, and hidden headlights were dropped. SE models had a roof treatment featuring triple opera windows surrounded by a canopy-style vinyl roof and was the most popular Charger body style. Dodge built only 271 Chargers (the seller says 261) 400 V8s with a 4-speed, like this car.

At about 110,000 miles (now 112,000), this car was treated to new or renewed hardware under the hood. The 400 was pulled in favor of a 440 that has been enlarged to a 512 but using 440 aluminum heads, 440 high-rise intake manifold, an Edelbrock carburetor, headers, and a new exhaust system from front to back. The rebuilt tranny has a new clutch and pressure plate, and the rear end is an 8 ¾ with 391 gears. We’re told the car is quite roadworthy.

Despite the paint being rather tired, there is little to no rust on this auto as it spent most of its life out in California, not in Minnesota winters. The vinyl top is also showing its age. If you’re going to stick with the high-rise manifold, something will need to be done about the hood as it will not close with the air cleaner on. The interior is going to need a bit of attention in terms of new carpeting and dash pad and the front bucket seats have a small tear or two.

This Dodge comes with its original built sheet and a trunk full of parts left over from the original 400 V8. Tons of photos are available in a Google folder that the seller can provide a link to upon request. The Charger sports new tires on the front and street slicks on the back, all paired with Drag Lite aftermarket wheels. Premium fuel will be required to operate this car, so be prepared to see a lot of the neighborhood gas station.

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  1. Cellblock Steve

    Only good for showing off, not real driving. Laying rubber may be fun, for a while, but it gets old. Too much money, time, and effort spent that could have gone for better purpose with this car.

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  2. CCFisher

    What’s the point of promoting this as 1-of-whatever when the thing that made it 1-of-whatever is gone and the replacement is not what we’d call “period correct”?

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    • $ where mouth is

      Its that its a 4sp manual trans that made it 1 of..
      and it still has it.
      CC, this isnt the first comment youve made that was short sighted or off base, read before you comment; oh and try to loose the grumpy/negative Nancy thing, its obnoxious.

      An original red paint car with freshed big block and turn key !, sweeet =)

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  3. Dave, Australia

    Stunning vehicle, Charger rules the highways, you would certainly notice it driving past. I’d take it over a brand new top if the range Lexus, a very boring and non descript vehicle.

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    • Cellblock Steve

      Tell your wife that instead of the new Lexus she wanted, you are going to spend even more on on a restored early 70s hot rod. Yeah, see how that goes, should be fine. My one pertinent comment here is that anyone that can afford a Lexus, would not do as you say. Fiscal sense is common sense. And as a daily driver? You tell me partner.

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  4. Stan

    Fun week end rocket. Lots of motor, gear, and a 4spd 👍

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  5. Glenn Hilpert

    Quite road worthy if you can afford the fuel to run this non-original hotrod. A friend of mine had a 73 SE, 440 with an automatic. cruised around all the time when gas was cheap in the day. They were decent cars with some unusual styling. Either you liked them or not. 72 Charger SE, triple Black, a fan favorite.

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  6. James Martin

    Had a stock 440 in a trans van, got 4 miles to the gallon. Can’t imagine what this gets. Fun at the track but useless on the street, wonder if he has the 400?

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    • Bolivar Shagnasty

      reading is difficult enough.. not understanding whay you read must be terrible..

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  7. RalleyeRimRayMember

    So I found this 1972 Charger Rallye in 2014 languishing in a backyard in the Seattle area where it had been sitting for the past 15 years. Being a one owner car, sitting uncovered for all those years, the mold, mildew & crud took over it’s once nice paint. Being a Mopar guy,, I made the mistake of bringing 4 of my CHEVY buddies with me to take a look at the Charger. Not a one of them had anything nice to say about the car. “Ray, are you crazy, this is a project and a complete waste of time”…..”It’s a piece of junk !!!”…..”It probably doesn’t run, not even worth parting out !!!” were some of friends comments. I bought it for $900 because I figured it was worth saving, I had only seen a very few ’72 Charger Rallye’s ever. But the kicker for me was that it was a factory 318 – 2 barrel…if I could clean it up and get the motor to run, it could be a GREAT econo car/factory pseudo wanna-be musclecar daily driver…AND that is what I do with it now, I drive this old dog EVERYWHERE with its bad paint, dings….mechanically restored, haven’t gotten to the body yet….& maybe I never will. My Chevy buddies caudle their Camaro’s, Super Sports, Nova’s etc. & get bad gas mileage to drive them daily like I do in my ’72 Charger Rallye. That’s no fun, I get the looks and great gas mileage !!!! Have fun with your great rides, friends !!!!

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  8. RalleyeRimRayMember

    So this is what I slowly have done to turn that old Charger into something respectable to look at and enjoy. It has a ’71 grille because the original ’72 grille fell apart from rot while attempting to clean it, I added ’71 R/T stripes and 15×7 & 15×8 Mopar Rally Wheels because I had them, added the spoilers because, again, I had them. While not original in appearance, I added these items to suite MY tastes, besides, who cares, it looks good !! The 318 now sports a Edelbrock aluminum intake and a 600 cfm 4 barrel Edelbrock carb, dual exhaust with Flowmasters and runs great…decent gas mileage with the look and sound of something bigger under the hood. By the way, I have NOT buffed out the paint yet, just cleaned everything. An excellent daily driver !! Have fun with your cool rides friends !!! – Ray

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  9. RalleyeRimRayMember

    A better picture of my 1972 Charger Rallye, factory 318 – was a 2 barrel now with Edelbrock 600 cfm 4 barrel and matching Edelbrock aluminum intake, with Flowmaster 40 Series mufflers. Nothing really special, but I enjoy driving it all over, great gas mileage and it’s got the “look”. Go drive your cool cars !!! – Ray

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