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1 of 332: 1971 Dodge Charger R/T

Chrysler redesigned its intermediates in 1971 giving the hardtops different styling over the sedans and wagons. The R/T would continue as the Charger’s performance edition, like the seller’s machine with the U-Code 440 cubic inch V8 and a 4-speed manual. The seller’s Govier Report indicates this automobile is one of only 300+ built with that pairing (far more were produced with automatic transmissions). Numbers matching and mostly original, this Mopar can be found near Glocester, Rhode Island, and is available here on craigslist for $59,900 (just reduced from $69,900). Kudos to Mitchell G. for this nifty tip!

The second-generation Charger was a huge sales success for Dodge, so the company’s designers had their work cut out for them with generation #3. With the all-new bodies which were more aerodynamic in appearance than before, a split grill was deployed along with a ducktail spoiler and a return to a semi-fastback rear roofline. According to a 2011 report from Galen Govier, this ’71 Dodge Charger R/T was verified and added to Galen’s Registry. The VIN and cowl tag data all seem to jive.

We’re told that at 56,000 miles, this Charger is said to be mostly untouched from the day it left the factory. The gray paint is original, but showing its age in a few places, such as the roof. Chargers typically came with body striping, but this Dodge was a “strip delete car”.  However, they look to have been added back. The dog dish hub caps on the car’s original 14″ steel wheels help make for a clean appearance. The matching interior has been refreshed, at least in terms of the seat covers.

The seller explains that the vehicle runs and drives quite well, getting the most out of the 440 & 4-speed. Options included power steering and power front disc brakes. Considering that the R/T was designed to be run hard and fast, this Dodge looks to have been treated kindly over the past 52 years. To help display the condition of the auto, the seller has included a walkaround video.


  1. Stan

    Please 🙏 Lotto come in tonite.
    Love the stripes, color, no spoiler, steel wheels, and color. Big motor w 4sp and a perfect gear. Top-shelf Mopar.

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    • TorinoSCJ69

      Very nice! Thought it would be more $$ for 440, numbers matching/4 speed Pistol Grip…
      This works for me!

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      • Christopher Wenz

        Back in 1984-85 I found a 71 Challenger R/T clone near me in The Wheeler Dealer. Owner was a fan of the film Vanishing Point. 383, pistol grip 4 speed, $2850 I think. Took a test drive with the owner.
        When I first started shifting that pistol grip was the day I became a man!
        My Dad shot the deal down.
        Saddest day.

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  2. Eric Johnson

    Looks like it originally had power drum brakes (B11 on the fender tag).

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    • Sixone

      Seems like we cared allot more about going than stopping back in the day 🤔

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  3. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Unbelievable true survivor Charger R/T. On today’s market that’s a fair price. Being a Trac-pack car. But what makes it hard to sell is the roof paint. Fading and pealing away. Do you have the roof professional repainted? Or leave as is and apply wax coats on it. I wish the owner didn’t apply that strip PKG on it. It would better with out it. Can’t believe the mileage on it. Previous owners really took care it knowing it’s a important Mopar. I am with Stan praying to hit the Lottery!! 😂 Good luck to the next owner and take care of it.🐻🇺🇸

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  4. JoeNYWF64

    I’m guessing the air grabber hood was available, but could you get a plain flat hood & no decals to maybe fool the driver next to you at the traffic light? – espec if your charger had whitewalls & wheel covers.

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    • Nrg8

      Looked at the ad. WOW it’s a unicorn. Somebody will snap it up and it will do the long exchange of new owners until somebody will nut and bolt it into a basket case. It should be daily driven as is, in the winter too. Maybe a hitch bolted and drilled into the chrome along with some ugly stick welds to the structure and with air shocks. Ah the 649/powerball millionaires dream. I love the fact the owner lives in the area of “Money Hill Road”

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      • Trey

        This is hardly a unicorn.

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      • DonC

        Put a hitch on it!?!? I’m gonna figure you’re making a joke.

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    • Chris K

      71 Charger R/Ts came with the power bulge hood w/ louvers standard. The Super Bee had the same hood but with length wise indents in the insert, somewhat similar to a Road Runner. The Air Grabber/Ram Charger was optional. Air grabber was standard with a Hemi, I don’t remember if also with a 6 Pack.

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  5. Shawn P

    Very nice car!!!

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  6. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Great series of cars to pass through Barn Finds at the same time – a ’70 Charger 440 R/T SE and this ’71 440 R/T. Both in excellent original shape, great to compare the differences between the design changes.

    In today’s market, the ’70 will pull at least double the money, but I am drawn to the ’71.

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  7. Mike76

    That’s a very nice Charger. Cars like this interest me infinitely more than a nut and bolt restoration. You could have a competent painter respray and blend the roof if desired, if it were mine, I’d get to detailing with a clay bar and polish and drive it as is. I have never had an interest in owning a Mopar but I sure as heck would not mind being the caretaker for this one. I like everything about it. Not a bad price all things considered either.

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    • Mr Meowingtons

      I detail under ma tail wiff the selfsame clay bar… c’est magnifique!! Killer Mopar!!! 440-4…

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  8. Greg

    One of these blew my doors off on the interstate as passed me and l saw him coming a mile back when l floored my Javelin SST and he passed me like l was standing still.I thought he was running nitro. That’s when I became believer in Mopar cars and this one is Mopar royalty although l’m a Cuda guy like this particular one. Mopar Haven!

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  9. Gordonjlutsch

    For once no tacked on rear spoiler

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  10. Gary

    1971 was pretty much the last gasp of performance as compression ratios dipped in 72. I remember these when new and NONE came with poverty caps. I don’t know why they’re so popular now. I’ve owned 3 Chargers and none were equipped as such.

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    • Super Glide

      I agree, I had a 70 Challenger R/T 440 convert and a 72 Charger Rallye 440 in Petty Blue, neither came with hub caps.

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  11. Car Nut Tacoma

    Hey Charger! Beautiful looking car. It looks almost brand new, like it came from a local Dodge Dealer. If only the craigslist ad was still up, it would’ve been nice to see more pics of the car. Typical craigslist. They rarely keep their ads up long enough for people to admire what’s being offered.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      The seller can always renew their Craig’s List add. You get a warning that it is about to expire and a couple of clicks later, it is renewed.

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  12. Nelson C

    I really loved the fuselage cars. Since Chrysler held out an extra years we are able to enjoy the best power teams with these or the Coke bottle cars.

    The loop bumper is one of my favorite styling cues and represented at both ends of this car. It’s hard to say who spied on who but Chrysler cars of this era borrow heavily from GM styling. Loop bumpers were big at Pontiac and inset taillamps through out the divisions. It’s also not hard to see the F-car influence on Chrysler E-bodies. Thankfully we got to enjoy all of these cars then and now.

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