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1-of-35: 1969 Ford Ranchero GT 428 Cobra Jet

This 1969 Ford Ranchero GT is a car that is designed to really grab your attention. Not only is it an attractive car, but it possesses the sort of performance to back up those good looks. Barn Finder Ikey H referred to Ranchero to us, so thank you for that Ikey. Located in Excelsior, Minnesota, the Ranchero is listed for sale here on Craigslist. The asking price has been set at $36,000, although it appears that not only would the owner be open to offers, but he might also consider a trade.

The Ranchero has been in storage since 1984, and while it appears to be solid, there are a few items that will need to be addressed to bring it back to its best. The paint on the passenger side has a few issues, as you can see in this photo. It appears that the only rust in the vehicle is a small spot in the lower quarter panel on the driver’s side. The rest of it looks to be in good condition, and the bed is really clean.

Come on, tell the truth. This is what you wanted to see, isn’t it? If raw power is what you desire, then the Ranchero should satisfy you in that area. What you get is a 428ci Q-Code Cobra Jet engine, which pumps out 360hp. This is backed by a 4-speed manual transmission, while power steering and power brakes are also fitted to the car. You would think that after sitting for so long, that you might be in for some work to get the Ranchero up and running again. Nope. The work has apparently been done, and the car is now said to be in good health. The carburetor has been rebuilt, the gas tank cleaned, the brakes have been rebuilt, and a new dual exhaust has also been fitted. The owner says that everything works as it should and that the Ranchero runs well. He also claims that it has only covered 46,000 miles, but doesn’t mention whether he has any evidence to back this claim. One thing that I do find odd is the color of the engine bay. I was expecting black, not this weird blue/grey shade. The way it has been masked at the back suggests that the car has undergone some form of a repaint in the past. However, a quick look at the Marti Report should clarify that for any prospective buyer.

The interior of the Ranchero is another strong point with this car. It really is in nice condition and is completely original. There really is nothing to do in there, which means that the car is essentially ready to enjoy. The owner has the Marti Report for the car, and it does provide one really interesting snippet of information. While it apparently confirms that there were only 35 cars produced in the mechanical configuration of this particular Ranchero, only 2 of those cars were fitted with a bench seat. I guess that technically, that means that this car is actually 1-of-2.

Giving this 1969 Ranchero GT the once-over, it looks like it really wouldn’t take much work to bring it back to its best. I would want to have a look at both the car and the Marti Report before I got too carried away because the question that I raised about the engine bay is sitting in the back of my mind. A Ranchero with this engine and transmission combination is not a car that comes onto the market that often, but a clean example recently sold for $34,000. That seems to indicate that the price for this one is pretty close to the mark, but it would be even better if the owner is willing to negotiate a bit.


  1. Danger Dan

    Me thinks traction may be an issue

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    • Tommy Miller

      Nah, just fill the back with four of your buddies, ratchet strap ’em in and it will launch perfectly! When I was a kid I did that in my el camino (no ratchet strap) with four of my buddies and almost lost the entire ballast on launch, but it launched. Used sand bags after that.

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    • Ramone

      This thing will incinerate rear tires at will. Hey, there’s room to carry a few sets with you!

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      • JOHN Member

        I can’t speak for the Ranchero, but everyone seems to think these body styles are so much lighter than their coupe.hardtop siblings. I can say that my 1970 El Camino SS396 car actually weighs about 20 pounds more than a 70 Chevelle SS 396 two door hardtop. That being said, I would LOVE to have this Ranchero, always liked the 428’s and loved this generation of the Fairlane body.

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    • Michael Smalley

      I’ve had a few Rancheros and they have surprisingly good weight distribution for traction, possibly helped by their overhang behind the rear axle. Here’s a link to a video showing of one of mine at about one minute:27 seconds in to the video lifting the front tire on corner exit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2mlt33t9bs
      That one was a ’67 with ’69 Falcon front sheet metal. My current Ranchero is a ’68 with about 500 HP and it hooks up fine.

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  2. Angrymike

    That’s awesome, never liked Ford’s till I bought my 06 Mustang GT convertible, now I realize what I’ve been missing. This would be a blast to drive, but I’d have problems keeping my foot off of the pedal ! Neat car-truck !

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  3. Steve R

    I like it, but not for $36,000. I wish the seller showed the Marti report, not to prove that it’s real, but to show if it came with Ram Air, which would be expensive to replace.

    Was the auction price mentioned in the write up for a restored 428 powered Ranchero or one in cleaner original condition?

    I’d say low to mid-20’s is more realistic, Rancheros tend not to have a strong following willing to break open their wallet, even on a very rare and desirable example.

    Steve R

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    • Chip

      That’s a tired looking 46K engine as well

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    • Whiskytango

      Write up said Q-code so no ram air.

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  4. Woody

    This will probably sell to a Ford enthusiast at the price asking for this big block hot rod!

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  5. TimM

    If it is a true 428 original 4speed car and one of 35 made!! With me having no true knowledge of how many of those 35 are left and what shape are the other survivors in!! There may be 5 or 25. It’s still a small amount!! That being said it may be a high dollar car!!!

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  6. Retired Stig

    Hagerty will ensure one of these in “excellent” condition (which this certainly is not) for $33k, so it seems overpriced. None the less it would be fun to own, and would not be another of the multitude of fake El Camino SS’s that appear at every car event.

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    • JOHN Member

      multitude of fake El Camino SS’s? I see more 70 SS Chevelle’s than were ever made… I am usually the only Elco at local shows.

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  7. Maverick

    Seen this vehicle.before. can’t remember where. Seems over priced.

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  8. LARRY

    I’d lose my license the very first day of driving this beast

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  9. 86_Vette_Convertible

    You could probably get as squirrely if not more so than the Hemi Powered 55 Dodge pickup I once owned. That thing is definitely not set up for anything other than burning tires and acceleration IMO. You could make a parts hauler out of it but you’d likely spend more on fuel for it than the parts you were hauling.

    Not too far from me, but no space and I’m too old to sit in jail for the tickets I’d likely get with it. Also a little high IMO pricewise.

    Wishing the seller well on that one.

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    • 427Turbojet 427Turbojet Member

      In high school I bought a 56 GMC 3/4 ton that had a strong 389 Pontiac with the old 4 speed hydro swapped in. 4.88 gears and I put dirt track cross cut tires (10 inch wide) all the way around. Could smoke the tires as long as you wanted to, but hard to keep up with the steering. Part of some mis-spent youth, but I’d absolutely love to relive some of those days.

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  10. Troy s

    With the strong low end thump combined with that 4 speed, well, I’ve seen crazier set ups I guess.
    If the new owner plans on driving it I recommend much better rear tires. Just not a ranchero/el camino kind of guy but a fearsome Ford is a Fearsome Ford, always worth the look.

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  11. JimZ Member

    $36k? Are they crazy?

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    • kirk Wiggins

      Well a fair condition 428 sold last year at a BJ auction for 62 thou…Funny one of 35 yes how many 454 ls6 el camino’s over 1100 made..just 35 of these 428 4 spd…..Crazy yeah crazy as a fox.

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  12. scottymac

    For that money, I’d want to make sure the 428 wasn’t lunched in the past and replaced with a 390.

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  13. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Love the comments. It probably is over priced, but that’s an option all sellers have. Set the price high and negotiate, that’s the way it is in this business. This would be really fun to buzz around in looking for potential racers. That’s what I sometimes do with my 64 Buick Riviera, have embarrassed a few hemi powered pickups. Ofcourse my 425 nailhead is not completely stock on the inside, but looks stock on the outside. No secrets given but it’s way faster than the 14 second factory spec.
    God bless America

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  14. Fred Alexander

    Nice Ranchero GT – – – going to be a great car ofr the new owner with deep pockets.
    I’m an El Camino / GMC Caballero enthusiast at heart but Gear Heads.
    Heck I’d like to own a full size Hudson Hornet, Hudson pick up, Studebaker any of the Hawk Series. Austin Healy 3000. Sunbeam Tiger – – the list goes on – – not stuck in my Pontiac / El Camino / Caballero world.
    Love em all !

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  15. Steve S

    This vehicle would be really fun to drive. Plus it wouldn’t be hard to make it a ram air car either if you wanted to make it ram air

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  16. mainlymuscle

    This is sort of the blue oval equivalent of mine.My 70 LS-6 4 speed El Camino set a record as the highest selling Elco in Barrett-Jackson history in January 2017 @ $104k plus fees.As such,I don’t find this one overpriced by much .

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    • Miguel

      El Caminos have many more fans than do Rancheros.

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      • fran

        Ya dude, and that is the reason there are so many more mullets out there. lol

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  17. North Star

    Not for me, BUT, WHY the shot on the trailer? This to me is the kiss of death to the seller who wants to instill confidence in the credibility of the vehicle being sold…just me, or does EVERYBODY feel this way?

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  18. fran

    Funny how people write something knocking this vehicle and they really don’t know what they are talking about. This is a nice vehicle to own! Period. Super nice condition and super rare. My friend has a 67 el-one-many-o with a 396, I don’t care what it is , the Big Block is nice! But a 428?????!!!! That is the EL-Ranchero to have! I have to laugh, one guy, “maybe mid 20’s” LOL! And the other guy, ram air hard to find! ITS A “Q” CODE!

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  19. Ted

    Another curber, “The owner says that everything works as it should and that the Ranchero runs well. He also claims that it has only covered 46,000 miles, but doesn’t mention whether he has any evidence to back this claim.”

    I’m ready to pull out an AR15 when I read that phrase works as it should….

    He probably paid 18-20K for it because we have to factor in the curber 80 to 100% profit margin, took the obligatory curber photo of the latest purchase on the trailer, and boom, on the market five minutes later.

    Regardless of my usual anti curber rant, I love this. Not 35K love this but as a lover of Rancheros/Caminos this is right in my wheelhouse.

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  20. Michael Smalley

    I’ve had a few Rancheros and they have surprisingly good weight distribution for traction, possibly helped by their overhang behind the rear axle. Here’s a link to a video showing of one of mine at about one minute:27 seconds in to the video lifting the front tire on corner exit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2mlt33t9bs
    That one was a ’67 with ’69 Falcon front sheet metal. My current Ranchero is a ’68 with about 500 HP and it hooks up fine.

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  21. JACK

    again that photo of it in the trailer..the engine compartment looks aged but all appears there..a bit pricey at 36 better at 26..good luck…

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    that is a rare ranchero. nice car to own. 428 and four speed as well. looks like the engine is over the miles on the vehicle…nice at mid 20 pricing.

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  23. KIRK

    fact remains. this is a super super rare vehicle. one of thirty five. i would love to own it. my god the numbers show the true rarity of the vehicle. seems a good buy at thirty grand. if i had the money i would snap it up and fast. it will only be more difficult to find in the future. rare is rare but a 428 four speed? thats nice…

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    if for sale please call kirk at 805-217-2644. we can negotiate on a price. thank you

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    looked up production numbers for this ranchero. marti yep only few made. id say its a good deal for that money. tried to contact the owner..it is sold, sold, sold,,so funny all the people say too much money..but some smart buyer got it..

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    funny, chevy made thousands of 396 and 454 el camino’s. ford ranchero with a 428 and a four speed tranny, less than fifty…rare is rare…anyway i tried to contact seller and he got a lot of calls…car is sold sold..

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    well i tried to buy her…the owner got fifty calls, yup fifty..hey rare is rare..a 69 ranchero with a 428 and a four speed..you will not find another…sold sold sold..

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    it is so funny how people say “way too expensive” “not worth it” although the so very many chevy clones going for such higher dollars seem to sell well…i wish i would have seen the 428 ranchero for sale for 36,000 as i would have purchased it..hell only 35, yes only 35 made…

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  29. Jeff Barnes.

    I have been looking for a 1969 “Q” code 428 ranchero for two years now. You do not see or find them. Way too many stupid critics..oh it’s to much,,bad condition..Well find one..yeah just find one..You wont. This is so much nicer thank an el camino..Well it sold and sold fast..

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  30. kirk wiggins

    John Randall. This ranchero is probaly now worth $50,000 or more. Some smart buyer got it. Ive been looking for another one with the one year, yes only one year 428 engine. None exist. I want one bad…So many stupid people who do not know what they say.

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  31. Randy Wiggins

    Hello I have just read all about this ranchero. It sold over 4 years ago. This car was never supposed to be built with the 428 engine as the 390 was the largest engine ford made for the ranchero. Chevrolet made over one thousand LS-6 454 el camino’s. Now there are so many “tribute faker” cars that finding an origional is difficult. Ford only made 35 428 4 speed ranchero’s. So many people say too much, for profit well I say that this car is not for them. This ranchero is truly a very collectable rarity. I can say I have been looking for one for 3 plus years now with no results. And yes I will pay for my purchase. This ranchero sold for 35 thou. If I had seen it I would have brought it immediately..Too many critics with loud mouths and no money…

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