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When it came to racing in the late ’60s, the 1969 Charger 500 didn’t do as well as Dodge had hoped on the NASCAR circuit.  But when it comes to production numbers for street versions of the Mopar aerodynamic offerings from this time period, it does win the prize in terms of rarity, as a total of only 392 examples were produced.  Dodge didn’t make a whole lot more Daytonas in 1969, with 503 seeming to be the number that’s most agreed upon, yet it’s still higher than the Charger 500 numbers.  In comparison, Plymouth managed to churn out 1,920 of those ‘Birds give or take a few, so the 1970 Road Runner Superbird is by far the most plentiful of the three.  This 1969 Dodge Charger 500 for sale here on eBay has an unusual past, and if you’ve ever wanted to own one of these elusive B-Bodies this one may be a good candidate to consider.  It’s located in Holden, Louisiana, with bidding having reached $85,100 so far, shy of the reserve.  But if you want to cut to the chase, it can be yours today for the buy-it-now price of $110,000.

From the looks of everything, it would be hard to fathom that this Dodge was ever anything other than a blue Charger 500.  But it actually began life as a Y2 yellow car all those years ago, and the seller says that over the years it was also turned into a Daytona, although other than this being mentioned we don’t get any details or photos of the transformation.  The Daytona parts were removed, and in 2016 the seller tells us the car was restored, which I’m guessing means it was returned back to the 500.  The paint is said to be in beautiful shape, with the only noted flaw being a small scratch on the rear white stripe.

The 500 is powered by a non-numbers matching 440, and while we’re not told the Magnum’s origin we do find out that it has been rebuilt and it’s stated to run great.  The automatic transmission is said to shift well, but no word on whether or not it’s the original part or if it has ever had an overhaul.  The Charger is also equipped with the A32 Super Performance Axle Package, which got you 4.10 gears right from the factory.

The interior is described as being in near mint condition, and things inside do appear to be nicely preserved, with a small crack in the top of the woodgrain steering wheel being the only flaw specifically pointed out.  The seats, door panels, and dash pad all seem to be in good shape and it looks like the factory radio is still intact.  Since this one won’t be a numbers-matching car again, I’m OK with the blue and would probably leave everything just like it is, would you?  What other thoughts do you have about this 1969 Dodge Charger 500?



  1. U.K. Paul

    Beautiful thing, what a lovely colour.

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  2. DeBorah & George Mattar

    what a car. I want it. Best looking muscle car ever.

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  3. Jerry Bramlett

    My thoughts are confusing me.

    The price is high because it’s rare to find an original Charger 500. Yet this Charger isn’t original; it has a replacement engine and the color has been changed. Also, the seller offers no proof of how this car was originally equipped. He shows an incomplete VIN and no photo of the fender tag.

    Is this the same guy who owns the $194,000 Charger 500 with the ten word ad description? If so, then this car must be worth a lot of money too. I guess.

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      When I looked at the ebay listing I saw a photo of the fender tag.

  4. Mike H

    I know the 500’s are rare but that front end is ugly compared to the regular 69 with the split grill and hidden headlights. I am a Charger fan and have owned a few in my time so any 1968 to 70 is a sexy beast ugly front grill or not.

  5. Joe

    Once again, in my humble opinion, another way, way, overpriced car….engine change, (who knows what it came out of)… probably isn’t even date code correct…..color change (brings the value way down too)…..and the car is far from flawless…….the reserve & bids are totally ridiculous…….

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  6. George Louis

    1969 Chargers were the prettiest of the lot!!!. They used a 1968 Dodge Coronet grille to improve the air flow and cut down on resistance. Creative use of the parts bin which Chrysler did often.

  7. Jay McCarthy

    I may be wrong but I thought the Charger 500 was stock with a 383 and the upgrade was to the 440+6 or the Hemi

  8. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    My mother’s 69 Charger was this same color. She traded it in after a couple of years with around 35K on the clock – for a Dodge Coronet. Sigh.

  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Made it “up” to $85,100 but did not meet Reserve. And that was thanks to a shill bidder who would bump the bidding up in large increments for no apparent reason.

    Someone trying to cash in on the 440 Charger craziness.

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  10. jrhmobile

    There was a Dodge dealer on the south side of St Louis that had one of these in its indoor back lot for three or four years — an icebox off-white with a red 500 tail stripe and a lipstick red interior. Had a 440 with a TorqueFlite on the column, if I remember right. Definitely had steelies and poverty caps. There was nothing fancy about it other than its slicked-back NASCAR pedigree. It was all business.

    The car was for sale, but they couldn’t find a buyer. It collected dust in that warehouse for years. It’s worth a fortune today, but it probably sold off for a song after the first OPEC crisis.

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