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With the restyling of the Chevy Corvette (C1) in 1956, production numbers finally started to click upward. Maybe the new look helped, or maybe it was finally having a V8 or manual transmission, making it truly a sports car. This 1957 edition was finished in Aztec Copper paint when new, making it one of 452 out of the 6,339 in total that saw the light of day. Taken apart and then stored for 43 years, this DIY assembly project may be mostly complete but lacks the Dual Quad V8 it came with from the factory. Located now in a spacious garage in St. Joseph, Missouri, this ‘Vette is available here on eBay where the no-reserve auction stands at $26,300. Yet another great vintage tip from T.J.!

The ’57 Corvette would be the last before quad headlights were adopted. So, the 1956-57 Corvettes look very different from the front than the 1958-62 versions. The two big changes for the ‘Vette in 1957 were the addition of optional fuel injection and a 4-speed manual transmission, neither of which was how the seller’s car was built. It’s said to have come with one of two versions of the 283 cubic inch V8 that had twin carburetors, one putting out 245 hp, the other 270. Together they comprised more than half of Corvette production that year. The engine in the seller’s automobile has long since flown the coop, the major missing piece in the puzzle.

We’re told this car came out of an estate sale and is described as a barn find. It was taken apart in 1980, some work was done (like priming the doors) and then left to accumulate dust in Kansas for more than four decades. As a convertible, it comes with both soft and hard tops. Though a roller now with loads of parts and pieces, the seller believes that little is needed besides a motor to complete a restoration. Even its 3-speed transmission has managed to stick around. Click here for more photos.

According to the seller, this was a fairly early production ‘57 Corvette, built in December or January based on its production number. While the original motor is no more, the dual quad intake manifold, dual quad carbs, exhaust manifold, and other key parts have survived should you decide to source a period-correct engine for the restoration. All the parts were packed in newsprint in 1980/81 and even the old paper is still present (I wonder what the headlines were then). At the time the Chevy was taken apart, it had just 54,000 miles. What would be your vision, recreate the original look of the car or do a restomod of some sort?

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  1. 8banger 8bangerMember

    Wow, we have a freshly restored ’57 under our care at the moment, but this one is PRICEY, no mill/trans, etc. Methinks one would need to have Ft. Knox in their pocket to get this one up to speed.

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    • Maggy

      3 speed manual is still there according to the article.

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  2. Tbone

    As my dad would say, “overpriced at free.” This would be a real labor of love to make it right

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  3. Jeff

    Don’t know much about 50’s Vettes. If the engine is gone (so the block deck stamp is gone), then how do they know it came with dual quads? Just because an intake and carbs are with the project does not mean they originally came on that car …

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    • Maggy

      Yup. Unless there is an original sales order from the dealer with the vin on it.Don’t know when they came out with build sheets so I can’t comment on that with surety.

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      • Joe Bru

        Corvettes got build sheets above the gas tanks in the mid 60’s.

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  4. Al

    Lots of nice
    Cars coming up
    For sale already completed due to the downturn in the economy…

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    • Claudio

      Downturn in economy and uptick in deaths ! Check out steve kirsch ´s newsletter for more info

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    • Maggy

      Yup.I’ll agree with that statement 100%.

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  5. Jeffery

    I would agree with one of the earlier comments, overpriced at free. Even if you went the resto mod route it is going to be an expensive proposition. Without a complete inventory of the parts coming with it and a visual inspection I would not offer. anything close to the $30,600 which is the current bid. My Dad had a 53 and my brother and I helped patching the fiberglass. I still occasionaly itch when I see a Vette

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    • Terry

      The 53-57 Vetted were the ones I like, simple, clean lines. The hideous 58 turned me off to 58-63, the 63-72’s were ok.

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  6. FrankDMember

    Nice year and last year for single headlights. It falls into my Buy One Done Category. Its cheaper, Shop Labor Rates and Parts will make you kick your rear if you bite.

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  7. Lon kearl

    Seller says it wont take much to finish really if you pay 30k or more all this vette needs it restored mod or orig your looking at big bucks my parents had 3 of the c1 vettes 58 60 62 they where money pit and problems old school tech for dependable I would resto mod it

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  8. Robert d. Crawford

    I love body style. Me thinks new modern frame a must. That alone is $20K plus all by itself

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  9. Richard Lee Chrisman jr.

    Love the color!! It’s a first for me to see that color.It would be great to see it put back to original but then again making a resto- mod out of it would be awsome.

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