1966 Dodge Charger With 426 Hemi

UPDATE 4/3/21: One of readers, SirRaoulDuke, thought something was amiss and found more information about this car. It’s not an original Hemi car.

The Charger was a mid-year addition to the Dodge roster in 1966. Many say it looks like the Rambler Marlin which had been introduced a year earlier. But to me, it could be a mid-size version of the Plymouth Barracuda that was based on a compact platform. While the Charger wasn’t initially intended to be a street-blazing muscle car, it could be equipped that way – including the 426 cubic inch Hemi that’s in the seller’s car. Located west of Seattle, Washington, this Charger is available here on craigslist for $55,000. Thanks, Pat L., for another great lead!

Coming out in early calendar 1966, the Charger would debut as the “New Leader of the Dodge Rebellion” or so that’s what Chrysler’s advertising said. It would share its chassis and front-end sheet-metal with the intermediate Coronet, but would have a pot-metal, “electric shaver” type of grille. It would be the car’s fastback treatment from the doors back that would truly set it apart. This styling would be carried through the 1967 models before all the Chrysler B-body cars got a total re-do the following year. The 426 Hemi, good for almost one horsepower per cubic inch, was another mid-year Chrysler product for 1966.

The interior was adorned with bucket seats fore and after, and the ones in the back folded down to provide greater access to inside space from the rear deck lid. There was a full-length console that ran the length of the interior. The Charger’s instrument panel used electroluminescence lights for the four chrome-ringed circular dash pods, needles, radio, shifter-position indicator in the console, as well as other controls. Only V8 power was available in the Charger, with the Hemi being the top dog, which was installed in only 468 of the 37,000-plus Chargers built in 1966.

This beautiful ’66 Charger has a Hemi under the hood (as well as Hemi labels on the fenders). The seller doesn’t mention if it’s the original motor or if the car was a Hemi from the factory. However, the motor saw a rebuild 32,000 miles ago or about two-thirds of the way to the current odometer reading of 118,000. This Charger comes with the TorqueFlite automatic and power steering.

Everything about this car looks good, especially the “Gold Poly” paint, which was a factory color in 1966, but we don’t know if there has been a repaint. The interior is also good except perhaps the front seat bottoms have gotten a tad sunburned over the years. A really nice ’66 Charger with a basic V8 can go for in the $30,000 neighborhood these days, but the Hemi will add a premium.

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  1. SirRaoulDuke

    I chased down what I could find on this car online, it is not an original Hemi car. The price has also increased by $20k in the last year.


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    • Steve R

      That would explains why they didn’t include the portion of the VIN which shows what engine was installed at the factory.

      Steve R

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    • Russ Dixon Staff

      The review has been updated to reflect that the Hemi is not original.

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  2. Pat

    Sure seems like this isn’t one of the 468.

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  3. Mike

    I like those seats in the back with its own console.

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  4. Gary Rhodes

    One of the ugliest cars Dodge built in the 60s imho, the 68-70 Chargers were so much better looking. I’ve owned many of them but couldn’t bring myself to buy a 66-67. A lot of money for a clone.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Different strokes.

      These have become my favorite Mopar.

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      • On and On On and On Member

        I agree with you. My best buddy bought one I found up near Duluth last fall. An original California car, got a great deal on a totally rust free car, and the guy was a mover by trade and didn’t want to see it open towed so he delivered it to Chicago in an enclosed trailer for the sale price…..there are nice, honest folks and good deals still around.

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      • Car Nut Tacoma

        I agree. My favourite generations for the Charger have always been this, and the 1968-69 Charger.

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  5. DRV

    These have a great interior. As a kid my uncle had the light yellow over black with a 383 and it felt like being in a spaceship hotrod. I’ve always thought it was cooler than the next ones but now it looks like a Coronet with a fastback hatch.

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  6. Curt Lemay

    So so exterior but a top notch interior. The four buckets, man, what a concept! Really love those spinner wheel covers, maybe even better then road wheels.

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    • tiger66

      Front and rear bucket seats were featured previously in the letter-series Chrysler 300s of 1960-62. The Charger is just copying those earlier cars.

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  7. angliagt angliagt Member

    There was a ’66 in Eureka (CA) that was a one owner
    car that was in our neighborhood,that was in near-perfect cond-
    ition,in that ’66 greenish-blue color.The owner passed away a
    few years back.I wonder where it ended up?

  8. Howard A Member

    “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”,,,1st time we saw the ’66 Charger. Despite the popularity of the show, the car, like the Marlin, was a dud. I thought they were beautiful cars. https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/179581103863944879/

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  9. sir_mike

    Best looking body style to wear the Charger nameplate.

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  10. Larry D

    These are from the era when the manufacturers simply took an existing model (Dodge Coronet, Plymouth Valiant, Rambler American, etc.) and slapped a fastback window on it and introduced a new model with a new name.

    And everybody went ga ga goo goo over them.

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    • Steve Clinton

      The Rambler American was never turned into a fastback. The Classic was (Marlin).

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      • Rick

        The 1965 and 1966 Marlins were based on the Classic, but the 1967 was based on the Ambassador.

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    • Rick

      AMC had developed a fastback show car called the Tarpon, which was based on the American. Maybe that’s the car you’re thinking of.


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      • Larry D

        There you go!!!

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    • bone

      Fastbacks were very popular from all makes at the time from compacts to full size cars . – People still prefer Mustang fastbacks over coupes, so I guess the popularity continues

    • Car Nut Tacoma

      Made a Barracuda out of a Valiant, made a Charger out of a Coronet, and a Marlin out of an American. Sweet.

  11. 433jeff

    For well over 30 years the looks of this car made me want to vomit hard, then something changed, now the classic stying is like no other. Nothing looks like the 66-67, no other animal. I missed on the one in Ct was red, black gut 50k ish miles whacked driver’s side fender. The only way I’m going to get into one of these Hemi cars won’t be thru my checkbook, but thru a Barn Find. My turn is coming, when I squint I can see it in a dream, it’s a satellite , uhhhh, green ,Bench seat automatic, Hemi…..original owner……..in his cellar……31000 miles…..and he’s firm on 2500$, original title….sign here please

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  12. Philip

    I absolutely love these interiors, nothing like them. I would be interested in this car if it didn’t have the hemi for the extra $$$Ks. Also, $55,000 with only 6 photos? that’s over $9k per photo.

  13. Car Nut Tacoma

    Hey Charger! This is, IMHO, the best looking car to bare the Dodge Charger name.

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  14. Car Nut Tacoma

    If only Craigslist posted more pics of the car. Six pics are hardly enough to advertise a car. IMHO, the more pics the better.

  15. its1969ok

    Anyone else think a Hemi car with full wheel covers and whitewalls is kind of weird?

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    • RNR

      No other wheel options for ‘66 Chargers, Hemi or not, other than full wheel covers. The Magnum 500 road wheels became an option in ‘67. ‘66 Hemi’s came with 775 x 14” Blue Streaks – price a set of reproduction Blue Streaks and you will understand the white walls.

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  16. martinsane

    Nice car. But just like everything in Washington State its overpriced.

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  17. Randy

    It’s The Same Car that was on Craigslist a Couple years ago He was Actually Under $30k for a while
    Stating Health issues ??
    It was in Or Close to Seattle
    Same place it’s Listed Now
    Same Pictures As was Listed Then
    Its Not An Original Hemi car But Under $30k wasn’t a Bad Price He Stated That Fact in the Add
    Hopefully Someone Doesn’t get Fooled and Buy What They Think is an Original Hemi car and Get Screwed
    Happens a Lot after a Barrett Jackson Auction
    Probably the Same Family Selling it
    Just Be HONEST With the Description Please !!

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    • Steve R

      Mopar’s and Ford’s are so easy to verify which engine originally came in the car, that is unless someone has changed the VIN, it takes less than a minute to decode online. The problems generally arise claims of matching numbers, which isn’t mentioned in the ad for this car. GM products are a different story, many of the most valuable models, except for Pontiac, are unverifiable through the VIN.

      I’m not a fan of how this seller is advertising this car, however, it looks really nice in the pictures and they aren’t asking what a real HEMI car would sell for.

      Steve R

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  18. Larry D

    You always just need to read between the lines. What they DON’T say is just as important or more important than what they DO say.

    Always remember and never forget!

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    • Steve R

      You are 100% correct.

      Too many people never learned or have forgotten that lesson.

      Steve R

  19. Larry D

    @Steve R
    American Motors identified their engines with their VINs too.

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    • Steve R

      I thought so, but am not familiar enough to include it in my comment. I’d rather leave it out than be wrong.

      Steve R

  20. Ward William

    This has to be one of my favorite MOPARs. I fell in love with Royal’s coronet convertible on Graveyard Carz. It would be so easy to upgrade this to a daily driver. Upgrade suspension and brakes, throw in a high end fuel injection system and you are good to go anywhere.

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  21. S

    I always thought these were such beautiful cars.
    The electroluminescent dash and gauges, etc just added to the coolness.

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  22. Gordon

    If all the instrument panel lights work you would be lucky . . It takes a special inverter that increases the voltage to make it all work . . I understand you can still get that inverter . . Bet it’s pricey . . I haven’t warmed up to this body style yet but , I used to think the 62-63 Dodge/Plymouth’s were ugly as homemade sin but , I’m beginning to like them . .

  23. Kevin

    Way better looking than the amc marlin,these were based on the coronet, with that hemi, it really needs power brakes!,but looks like a heck of a nice car,68-70 are better looking, but these were better built, as far as quality interior materials, the electro luminescent dash is 2nd to none, prices have been going up on 1st generation chargers,they used to never get any love,but not as hated as the 4th gen malaise era 75-78 dogs.

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  24. John Zawojski

    Im “on and on’s buddy that bought the 67 charger near Duluth. Real cool car, not a big block, but a healthy massaged 318. I wanted another old car after about a 35 year hiatus, but something that is not like what you see everyday. I get lots of comments on how cool looking the car is, and its unique style.

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