1 Of 50: 1986 Contempo Cantara Camaro

1986 Contempo Cantara Camaro

There’s a good chance you’ve never seen a Camaro quite like this one! It’s a 1986 Contempo Cantara Camaro and was built by Contempo, a company that worked on conversion vans. The seller believes it is roughly 1 of 50 ever built with 10 possibly left. Mileage sits at 13,512 miles and the car has a clean title and a VIN listed. It is located in Portland, Oregon. The seller is asking only $5,000 for this interesting automotive artifact. Thank you, TCOPPS, for the tip. You can view more on Craigslist.

1986 Contempo Cantara Camaro

This car has a 5.0 LG4 V8 engine that is connected to a T5 manual transmission. Everything starts and runs smoothly and the cooling system comes works with the fan coming to life at 230 degrees. The transmission fluid has been changed recently, along with a new alternator and battery. There are a few flaws noted. Some of those include suspension work that is needed, a loose ball joint, and a worn idle arm.

1986 Contempo Cantara Camaro

The car was in Arizona for a number of years which left the paint peeling, so it is currently wearing primer. Even though the t-tops do not leak, the rear window had been leaking so it was resealed. Air conditioning came equipped on the car but the compressor is not currently installed. If you plan on using this as a daily driver and you are an avid radio listener, you will be pleased to know that a Pioneer unit with bluetooth has been installed along with four new speakers.

1986 Contempo Cantara Camaro

This car could almost be mistaken for a DeLorean. Prepare yourself for that level of attention when you drive it, especially while getting gas. Although, it is fun to think that it is rarer than a DeLorean, but most people won’t really be interested in that fact. Coachbuilding will not be a term most attention givers will know. Still, there are many factors that lead to a recipe for success as an automotive enthusiast if you choose to purchase this car including rarity, the ability to drive it, the interesting story behind it, and the combo of having a 5-speed and a V8! The price is respectable and after some work, you can have a great car to take to the local meets.


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  1. Jack M.

    I would never drink enough alcohol to mistake this car for a DeLorean. That is a lot of wear and tear for a claimed 13,512 miles.

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    • JWH

      Agree 100% on a lot of wear for 13k. It’s either at least 113k or extreme abuse. This former might be tolerable, the latter not so much.

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  2. Tony Primo

    The seller wants “only $5,000”? Good luck with that!!!

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  3. Bakyrdhero

    I was also thinking that this car has driven a very rough 13,512 miles.

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  4. Tirefriar

    I wouldn’t go as far as comparing the looks to a Delorean but from the left front corner shot it does bear similarity to The Renault Alpine A310. Google it…

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  5. Tom Member

    Wow. where do you start?

    Do I not know about it because I never heard of it OR I am trying to forget !!??

    The other 40 probably are out there but they swapped out that “Corvette Summer” rear deck to go back to an OE rear window!

    1 of 50, 1 of 10 believed to remain….let’s not get this twisted……Contempo Cantara is not on the same level as Baldwin-Motion !!

    Ok, I’m sorry, I’m done being mean.

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  6. Superdessucke

    Oh man. Is this thing ugly. Contempto is the perfect name given how people would look at you as you drove down the street in this thing.

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  7. matt steele

    Ugly fugly

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  8. Troy s

    The eighties were what they were….odd.

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  9. JCA

    Geeez, it’s like the equivalent of the automotive mullet, business in the front, party in the back. Yikes. They could have at least tacked on an air dam to balance out this Pholorean…

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  10. Classic Steel

    I know most don’t know much about it.
    I personally need to get in a real Delorean to go back in time to forget ever seeing this one.

    This car looks hideous but hey its affordable but who knows i hate to say it but it..might sit on a 4×4 truck frame near a double wide and look real nice. 😜🤣😂😱

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  11. jerry z

    I have to admit the side view sure is similar to a DeLorean but that’s about it. Never going to reach the value of a DeLorean. Ever!

    • Andrew

      Never going to reach the value of the change in my pocket! (Which is $1.14 by the way)

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  12. Bakyrdhero

    Those tail lights remind me of a DeLorean also

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  13. Comet

    Rest assured, most people will not mistake this mess as being coach built.

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  14. JoeNYWF64

    I think it looks lot better when painted properly all 1 color like this with the front spoiler installed …
    I could see the above pink car say at the LA auto show back then.
    Looks better finished than the Bricklin & i’m sure the latter was at the LA auto show when IT came out.
    The flares make the camaro look like it’s shorter & the wheelbase is smaller!
    Interior just needs driver’s seat cleaned & new carpet that can really spruce it up in there.
    Dash isn’t cracked – a plus.

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    • Bakyrdhero

      It does actually look a lot better painted like that. The black one looks sharp actually.

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      • Al

        How the heck can ya tell the black one looks good? Thought I missed something. Wasnt worth the walk back to the bedroom to get my glasses for a 2nd look.

  15. Fiete T.

    Which Camaro “Mistake” was “Tubbs” from “Miami Vice” hawking? This is just as bad…

  16. rod444

    Do you naysayers actually work on bodywork? lol

    All that car needs is a paint job and it would be a cool retro classic. They weren’t the best platform that Chev ever made but for the money it could be an very cool cruiser with a one of a kind appeal at a car show.

    I ‘painted’ it in photoshop so you get the idea: https://i.imgur.com/IMdaPdo.jpg

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    • Tirefriar

      To properly refinish this car will cost average $10k at a reputable body shop. That of course will include glass out, r&i and disassembly of doors, r&i hood and rear hatch, bumpers, flares, lights, etc. It will not include any interior or mechanical upgrades.

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      • rod444

        Which is why you do all that yourself and why I asked if guys on here actually work on their own cars.

        Besides now that Ive read the ad in the photos its got “space age aura” C’mon, who wouldn’t pay 5k to have space age aura? We all dream of upgrading our ‘horse age aura’ now dont we?

        On the more serious side, it’s a 350 with a 5 spd. That’s a fun combination. Had an 85 Trans Am and had many cruises sliding that back end out going around every corner I could find.

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  17. Del

    Grab this before Jay Leno does….😁😂🤣

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  18. CanuckCarGuy

    The body treatment would better suit a Firebird, the concealed headlamp look would be an improvement IMHO. Considering the era it’s rolling out of, this isn’t too bad looking in the right colour.

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  19. Steve

    The writer is correct on one thing…Ive ‘never seen a Camaro like this one. And I’m GLAD! UGLY!!!

  20. Bakyrdhero

    It’s growing on me a little. 350 with a 5-speed…I need to see a few more photoshopped paint jobs!

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  21. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    I’ve never been to Arizona, pretty sure I don’t want to go now. Must be some huge potholes in the roads, 13,512 miles and the ball joints are beat out of it, not to mention the idler arm? Just wow
    May want to add 100,000 to the for sale sign 😁 The truth will set you free my friend.

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  22. DonC

    Yep….mid 80s…..when everyone thought fiberglass and bondo made them freakin Michelangelo.

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  23. John

    I’v actually owned two of these cars. You either like or don’t like the style. And the reason they called them a Cantara wasn’t because of a Delorean …. think DeTomaaso Pantera. And someone earlier mentioned putting this on a Firebird. They actually did, but most were on Camaros. They was even a Cantara GT model with a big wing and lower chin spoiler. They made 4 of those. I have the last one left. If you are curious, just google Camaro Cantara GT.

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    • Al

      I shouldnt have done that google search. Cant get this image out of my head now. Feeling gutsy, google image ‘rare 1991 contempo camaro cantara’ and there should be one with a larger wing. I believe it’s off a Cessna 172. Look at your own risk.

  24. Bakyrdhero

    Maybe it’s because I see less of the black one lol. Plus the black rims look nice.

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