1 of 550: 1940 Buick Century Convertible

Update 6/26/19 – After almost a year, this one has been relisted here on eBay. Will it sell this time around though?

From 9/8/18 – This convertible “Banker’s Hot Rod” is reported by the seller to be just 1 of 500 produced in 1940 although my research indicates that number might actually be closer to 550.  Either way, it’s doubtful there are very many of these Model 66C’s still in existence.  Reported to be completely original as well as running and driving, this Century is up for auction here on ebay where bidding is currently at $14,000 and ending soon.

The car is located in Massachusetts and the seller claims to be the 3rd owner of this classic, offering “receipts from 1970 on.”  The rust on the hood and top of the fenders looks to be superficial, however, the lower portion of the doors, fenders, and the running boards appear a bit more compromised.  I am guessing the car has been stored in a barn or garage for a good portion of its life, albeit one that allowed a significant degree of Northeastern U.S. dampness and ground moisture to take a toll on the body and probably the undercarriage, although no pictures are provided.

Chrome trim looks to be intact with the exception of the rear bumper, but the seller indicates it comes with the car.  The front bumper shows some peeling and the grille is also in need of restoration.  There is a ding on the driver side headlight bezel and although the glass is cracked on the passenger side, the inner windshield frame looks solid and intact.  The seller mentions both a hard and canvas cover come with the car, but it’s confusing as to whether he is referring to what’s left of the canvas top seen in the photos or if there is a newer top provided.  Unfortunately, photos of the car’s interior aren’t provided and the seller provides no details regarding the condition of the seat frames, dashboard/instrument panel, or floorboards.

It would be nice to see some photos of the 320 cubic-inch Buick “Dynaflash 8” but none are posted, although the seller reports the car “drives well” and upon request will provide a video of the engine running.  Automotive history reveals the Century model name was first suggested by a company executive during development to reflect Buick’s goal of creating a car capable of reaching 100 mph.  The goal was met and first generation (1936-1942) Century’s were among the fastest production cars of the day.  The seller claims this Century has “good provenance” and not only offers historical documentation regarding its previous ownership but period photos of the car from back-in-the-day, a vintage shop manual, some Buick literature and a “small…hoard of NOS parts.”   Someone will soon be the lucky new owner of this collector – a car with great genes that may be headed toward a restoration that returns it to its original elegance.

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  1. Beatnik Bedouin

    Sold for $14K. The rot would be a concern, in spite of its rarity.

    I had a ’40 Super coupe back in the early 1970s…

    • TimM

      I thought it was Bob Dylan driving that car!!!

  2. Gaspumpchas

    One Dapper dude there Beatnik!!!

  3. Andy

    It will take a fortune to testore but you’ll have one incredible car when you’re done.

  4. Jett

    No interior photos. No chassis or floorboard photos. No chance. If it was actually sold, I wish the buyer luck. They’re gonna need it.

  5. Hide Behind

    At 14K I think could well be worth putting another 30-50K into it and end up with a unique ride.
    Looks like a lot of fabrication and good old fashioned elbow grease by owner to cut down on total cost tho.
    Found several places for rebuildable motors , rear ends and and tranny, fenders seats, and hoods as well as outside and inside trim pieces, so parts are out there.
    Would it ever be worth 50 or 50K plus when done, very iffy.

  6. Will Fox

    Given its current condition, to me closer to $10K would buy it. You’ll need easity $55K+ to restore it, but once done you’ll have one serious crowd-pleaser. Centurys of this period are coveted items with Buick enthusiasts and being a rare cvt., makes it even more so. I can see this in it’s original cream color with rust colored leather interior. What a sweet car.

  7. cyclemikey

    Rust? Rot? Meh, no problem. Just find a ’40 coupe, hack both cars up into pieces, weld it all back together, and stick a Hemi in it.


  8. art carlson

    cool car, pricey tho, nothing that money wouldnt fix!

  9. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Some sit at their keyboards and complain or diminish while those with the vision and money move on towards fun or Pebble Beach.

  10. BOP4me

    The 4-p 2dr conv coupe model 66c for 1940 was 542 total production. Of that if just 10% are remaining that would be 54, but I am thinking it is probably even less. This listed Buick was quite rare and I would have liked being the new owner! For the selling price I am sure it will get the full restoration it deserves. I would like to see it in a future write up after a total ground up restoration!

  11. Joe Machado

    Yes, 550 made. Of those, 8 were export. In 1984, Automotive Clearing House confirmed 2 were registered.

  12. grant

    A little more info on his ad than last time, but the same pics that really don’t show much. I predict he’ll keep it this time too.

  13. sisuman Member

    There’s a beautiful ‘40 Century Convertible on Hemmings for $53K. Based on what this car sold for and the cost of restoration, the Hemmings car seems like a bargain.

  14. fred w

    Bidding went up to $6100 this time – a lot closer to actual value. Must have been a deadbeat or shill bidder before.


    Gorgeous car. Certainly worth a wicked restomod.

  16. Del

    Looks like Toast.

    I doubt if it will ever be restored.

    It is worse than just Patina

  17. Pete Phillips

    Looks like the gas tank is missing. I see too much daylight behind the rear wheels in one of the photos. Still, a very desirable car worth restoring.

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