1 of 900? 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS 427

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Speed was the name of the game with U.S. auto manufacturers in the mid to late 1960s. While most of the attention was placed on the lighter, more nimble mid-size cars like the Chevelle, you could also get plenty of muscle in the family-size Chevy Impala. Take for example this 1967 Impala which is a Super Sport with a 427 cubic inch V8. It’s numbers-matching and is said to run well, requiring some cosmetic attention before hitting the road again. Located in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, this powerhouse is available here on craigslist where the seller is taking offers but shooting for $40,000. Thanks, T.J., for bringing this beast to our attention!

Between 1961 and 1969, you could get an Impala equipped as a Super Sport. For its first abbreviated outing, the Impala SS was all muscle and saw just a few hundred copies. In 1962, when the car went more mainstream, the emphasis shifted to style and production soared to nearly 100,000 copies. The SS became a series of its own for 1964-66 and then back to option status for the rest of the 1960s. If you dig through the SS playbook in 1967, you should find that code Z03 got you a Super Sport, the Z24 got you a 427 V8, and L36 was the 385 hp version of the motor. That appears to be the case for the seller’s ’67 Chevrolet.

This numbers-matching Bowtie is said to be a two-owner car with 53,000 overall miles. The engine has been “refreshed” and we’re told the car runs and drives. It has a TH-400 automatic transmission and a 12-bolt rear-end. Most of the remaining work looks to be focused on the exterior and interior of the car and not its running condition.

Whatever rust was on the auto looks to have been dealt with. The rear quarter panels are new and other sheet metal may have been patched. The car looks like it could either have been a two-tone or had a vinyl top at one point. The interior may be okay except that the driver’s side bucket seat will need to be reupholstered if it can be matched and not look awkward.

This SS may have turned up for sale a couple of years ago as the listing here looks to be the same machine. The seller says this Chevy of one of 900 made with the 385 hp 427 V8, but other sources say a little more than 2,000 installations were made. But either way, this would be a rare car considering that the Impala overall sold in the hundreds of thousands of copies each year. The seller would consider trading for a C2 Corvette or Chevelle of the same value in running order.

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  1. Keet

    This is what my teen years dreams were made of something about the huge rear window and how the side slides down into the tail lights that spin my tires

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  2. Novaman

    Knock off a zero maybe . For 40 gran it better be in mint condition and ready to cruise . That car needs 20 + in restoration

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  3. Big C

    40 grand will buy one thats already done.

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  4. BFjunky

    What makes me think this is a bit of a Frankenstein car? Everything from the cowl forward, including the engine, is suspiciously not original to the car. Rare Z03 option? I don’t even see that listed on the RPO sheets for 1967 as a separate option. It *would* have been in 1968 since the the SS427 was no longer a stand-alone model and you could get it without the Z03 option (bucket seats and a console.) Nothing rare about a 1967 SS427 *with* buckets and a console. Without a Protecto-plate and a build sheet, anything about this car is tough to prove besides the VIN plate and engine having some matching numbers (see “everything from the cowl forward” comment above.) This car is FAR from a seat cover and a paint job from being worth 40 large. Do we have any resident Impala SS guys to quell my suspicions?

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    • gbvette62

      I’m far from an expert on the later Impala SS’s, but I too have some questions about this car.

      I think the RPO for the 67 SS427 was Z24, not Z07. While this car does have the SS427 only hood, since it is a different color from the rest of the car, I’m guessing it’s been added from a real SS427? I’m pretty sure the SS427 had a Chevrolet script on the right side of the trunk lid, not an Impala SS one, and an SS427 badge between the tail lamps.

      I may be wrong, but I thought the 427 was available in the regular Impala SS, without upgrading to the SS427 package? If so, my guess is that this is a 67 Impala SS, with an SS427 hood added.

      Back around 70-71 there was a guy near me who had a red, white interior 67 SS427 automatic convertible, but I have no idea anymore which 427 it had. I sure would like to know what became of that car.

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  5. Howie

    So they run it with no air cleaner?

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  6. Ted

    I knew a fellow in guelph Ontario Canada in early 90s who had an original beautiful Arizona car .original light off yellow 427 4 spd mint. It would lay rubber through 2nd and peel and seal into 3rd np. .it was an original 427 ss. No idea were it is now.

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  7. TMK

    I thought they came with hood louvers?

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  8. Jeff

    Even if you assume the engine is original to the car, that does not make it an “SS427”. You could get any available 427 in a regular “Impala SS” (or a regular Impala, Belair or Biscayne for that matter). As noted above, the decklid emblem on this car is for the regular “Impala SS”, and would not be there on a true SS427.

    Also, I would have serious doubts about any of the work done so far, given that they did not have sense enough to put the valve covers on the correct sides! They have them reversed, with the power brake clearance divot out on the passenger front, and the rear plug wire stands out front. Duh!

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  9. rex morley

    I can’t make out the SS hood insert on this car, and the trunk blacked out molding isn’t on the trunk, and if was the SS 427, not just the impala with the 427, it would have the smaller “SS” emblem with the smaller 427 emblem underneath that.

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