10-Passenger Wagon: 1968 Ford Country Squire

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The Country Squire was Ford’s top-of-the-line station wagon for more than 40 years. It began in 1950 as the age of the wood-bodied wagons was coming to an end, and then used wood-like paneling for the rest of the run. The model was not only offered on full-size wagons but sometimes on mid-sizes and compacts, too. This ’68 Country Squire was based on the big LTDs and could come with either 6 or 9-passenger seating (although this one seems to be set up for 10). Located in Corning, Iowa, this well-used people mover is available through a dealer here on eBay for $11,000 (or make an offer). Our appreciation goes to Barn Finder jonny for another vintage tip!

You could find the Country Squire in Ford literature through 1991, after which the station wagon was retired in favor of mini-vans and SUVs. But in their heyday of 1968, Ford sold a ton of these big transport. If you only needed seating for six, more than 57,700 copies were built to choose from. But if you had a small harem, the nine-seater saw a production of 34,000 units. Back in the day, this Squire was probably quite the looker, but today it’s hard to tell what the original color was. And the imitation wood on the sides is all but faded away and I’m told it’s more expensive to replace now than just paint. Much of the interior looks rough, too.

We surmise that this wagon has been off the road for some time, given the list of things the selling dealer (who is in Nebraska) says have been done to the wagon. That includes new brakes, a battery, a rebuild of the carburetor, a tune-up, new tires, and a flush of the gas tank which was pulled and refurbished. But a new starter remains on the to-do list.

This was a well-equipped Ford when new, so it’s not surprising to find a 390 cubic inch V8, automatic transmission, air conditioning, cruise control, and power steering and brakes. At 80,00 miles, we assume all of this is in proper working order, though that’s not mentioned. But how about those hidden headlights? When Ford went back to horizontal peepers in their big Fords in 1968, these were offered for the next few years.

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  1. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

    While stations are pretty hot right now, I think the $11K ask is pretty optimistic for this one. The work needed in and out to freshen this wagon will cost a small fortune. According to the paperwork in the photos, $13,000 was “invested” in mechanical work and parts. That may be true, but it seems to be a little high to me. At any rate, I’d pass on this one and look for a better example.

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    • Car Nut Tacoma

      I agree. Given its condition, I’d pay around $5,000 for the car, and then I’d use what’s left to clean it up and restore it enough to be driveable and enjoy.

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    • Mario Salgado

      You may be right about the price. I love old wagons with the rear seat; 9 or 10 passenger models bring me back to my childhood. Especially with the wood paneling. And I have to agree with Car Nut, $5000 is the top I would pay.
      But remember that this is being sold through a Dealership. How much of that $11,000 is Dealer markup?

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  2. Bick Banter

    11k?? I realize these are getting scarce now but not too long ago this is a $500 car

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    • Will Fox

      Bick, it’s $500. to me today. Not a penny more.

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  3. Buy It Quickly as Its High Demand

    Bargain day baby.

    A lil old lady just drove her kid 500,000 miles and waxed it once .

    Seriously 11 grand?

    Whats next on the block…. Yugo for 20 grand?

    Good luck with less than $1000 car sale.

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  4. Troy

    $13k invested? I guess that’s what happens when you hire it out to shops to do the work instead of doing it yourself

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    • Will Fox

      $13K invested? WHERE. I see nothing that represents a $13K investment in this wagon. The interior alone tells me that figure can’t be true.

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  5. David R.

    These big wagons are lovely. However, as someone who grew up in the minivan era, I’ve often wondered how common it was to see these fully loaded to the gills. I packed eight people in my 1965 Mercury Comet in high school and it squatted so low we ran aground on a speed bump, resulting in me kicking the rear four passengers out to clear it and then finding another route. Did third row wagons such as these have a heavier duty suspension or was that a risk/reality one had to deal with in these?

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    • Edward Williamson

      Yes, suspension was bolstered, yet the ride was smooth and quiet. Sadly, this one is a poorly cared for example of a once very nice wagon. The 390 was powerful. This was pre-strangulation days for the big blocks. It put out well over 300 hp. They not only moved people easily, but could haul cargo. They could also easily tow a ski boat. That said, I would not pay over 1 grand. Right now it is a heap.

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    • Mark

      Hey David, As 11 and 12yo, I traveled a lot of miles in a new one of these. With 7 kids and 2 adults pulling a 22′ Apache folddown camper through the Tetons and Rockies. The 390ciu w/4bbl got hot in 90up degrees but never overheated. We had coil over airbags to level it. Heck of a vehicle I thought….at 12yo lol. Not worth 11k tho

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  6. Will Fox

    The seller is delusional on his price. At MOST, I see $500. for this tired wagon. And the supplied photos verify it. Nothing about this Squire is worth $11,000. He’s looking for a fast buck from a chump is all. His wait for a buyer will be a loooonnnnggg time.

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    • FitzMember

      Obviously, you haven’t looked for a decent wagon to start with for a while. Agreed, the 11k start point is ridiculous, but 500 bucks doesn’t buy anything with 4 doors and a tailgate these days.

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      • DON

        Terrible pictures , does it even have a left side ? For what he’s hoping to get, there should be a lot more photos

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      • Will Fox

        That’s all this is worth to me, sorry. I think the seller sees other waons go for big bucks, and he figured his is worth a bundle too. But it isn’t.

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  7. Charles Chapman

    My friend’s parents had a ’70 with 429 & it hauled people, cargo & hauled ass! They towed their 28ft travel trailer with it. Smooth ride.

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  8. Jack Quantrill

    Had one. Did a valve job, and forgot to put the baffle plate over intake manifold. Leaked like a sieve! Great wagon, tho.

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  9. James E King

    I had one in the late 60s, early 70s. Great car, dependable & with the 390, performed quite well.
    In the condition that is in, $11K is a ridiculous price for it. $1100 is more like it.

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  10. chipl

    And not even a glance at the engine bay! It may have factory air, but is the compressor still in place?

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  11. Pugsy

    It has a bunch of new this and that.

    Ends with: “Needs starter”


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  12. Chris Cornetto

    One of the nicest looking wagons of the sixties. I almost bought several when they were reasonable. I passed a few years back on one. I won’t go into price because everything now, especially tired wore out needs everything stuff is insane to me but I passed and went with a 67 Tempest Safari instead. I think the 13k invested in this car was everything done, including fuel, insurance, maintenance, and the original purchase price when new… oh yeah and the taxes,tags, and destination charge….he,he,he..

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  13. Miguel - Mexican Spec

    I am shocked people have the gall to ask so much for a car in this condition.

    At least make an effort to make it look like something somebody would like to park in front of their house.

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    • James E King

      I’m not surprised, just disgusted. In the years since the internet became accessible to most everyone, all these people have come to think that every piece of scrap iron they have rotting in their backyard is GOLD. Even at the prices restorable cars commanded BEFORE it got so ridiculous, a restored car couldn’t be sold for what it cost to do the restoration.

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  14. Bakes

    My mom had a white one like this, red interior, and the almost de riguer hand made window curtains in the back side windows. When it was traded in it was in better shape, and I think they gave my dad $200 for it. Granted that was 1977 but still… Lots of good memories washing (and going on vacation) in that old behemoth as a kid.

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  15. Richard Craney

    I don’t understand why people do not at least try to clean up a vehicle before putting on BBC price tag. Three or four hours on a nice afternoon would enhance the vehicle.

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