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10K Mile Estate Sale Find: 1986 Dodge D100

This 1986 Dodge D100 Ram shortbox pickup is incredible. I don’t know how so many low-mile vehicles keep coming out of the woodwork but this one has just 10,000 miles on it! The seller has it listed here on eBay in Little Rock, Arkansas. There is an opening bid price of $7,000 listed and nobody has started it off yet for some reason. It sure looks great, let’s check it out.

In case you were thinking, “That Scotty G is out of his mind, aaaaaagain. There’s no way this 1986 Dodge pickup is worth $7,000! And, shave off that cheesy mustache!” Well, at least from what Hagerty says, this truck is well worth $7,000 as they list a #3 good condition truck as being worth $7,900. I have a hard time believing that you’ll find a nicer truck with lower miles than this for $7,000.

The internet is maybe not all about getting killer deals, but a lot of the appeal is trying to find that crazy deal and snapping it up. That’s what a lot of us are looking for and I’m surprised that nobody has thrown down that $7k opening bid yet. This is one nice truck.

The seller mentions the incredible history of this truck as having been purchased brand new by an elderly woman who barely drove it, having put just 10,000 miles on since she bought it new in 1985. You can see that a portion of the driver’s seat is cracked and separated by getting in and out but otherwise this is one tidy truck. The seller put new carpet in it because of stains but they say that the floors were incredibly rust-free and you can see many nice photos that they have provided. Nice work on the photos, seller!

The clean engine compartment is home to arguably one of the world’s most famous engines: Dodge’s 225 slant-six which by 1986 was down to just under 100 horsepower. It runs perfectly has new tires. I can’t imagine finding a nicer Dodge D100 anywhere.


  1. unclemymy Member

    You know, it looks good, and 8 grand is never a bad price for a good truck, no matter the mileage. But I don’t see the front seat getting that kind of wear in just 10K miles. And stained carpet replacement after 10K is a question mark. Again, a good truck is worth the price, but I don’t like fish stories.

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  2. Moparman Member

    There is a rust stain above the driver’s vent window, indicating water leakage; the bed/tailgate show a LOT of damage for a truck that was “barely driven”. Still, it appears to be a good buy for the money. GLWTA!! :-)

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  3. Howard A Member

    By now, most of you don’t need me telling you it’s a load, I’m not sure who these people are trying to fool, but they can’t get it past the BF experts. Even for 110K, it’s a great truck, love the 6, albeit, strangled, I read, ’87 was the last year for the Slanty, had a heck of a run, but by the late 80’s, it was time to put one of Chryslers most successful motors out to pasture. Compared to what is around for new trucks, this seems like a bargain. Be the last truck you’d have to buy.

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    • jerry hw brentnell

      yea if it was a chev or ford rust bucket the experts would be drooling all over it but because its a dodge lets come up with every thing thats wrong with it! 86 chevs were nothing to brag about the paint fell off them and ford were no better and look whos selling more new trucks than anybody else dodge! or ram if you prefer!

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  4. Roger Hackney

    No 10 thousand miles seat.

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  5. Maestro1 Member

    Howard, good to hear from you and agreed. It’s a good buy, someone do it, I have no need.

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  6. Erik

    Yes a 35 year old truck could have only 10k on the odometer and definitely have some wear and tear. Some BF readers only think about how many miles are put on vehicles by most drivers in 2020 (the average is likely 15k-20k a year on today’s vehicles) via commutes and constant trips to stores, restaurants, covenience marts, etc. So imagine the owner of this truck drove it only 10k miles while owning it for 30+ years but each trip was an average of 5 miles (truck was not for commuting or owner only lived a few miles at that from work or used the truck for runs into “town” for shopping and errands) and that involved getting into and out of the truck and sliding onto and off of the seat (especially if it was a shorter person) and tracking in whatever was on their feet onto the carpeting. That is 2000 times the owner entered and exited the truck. As far as the person mentioning the bed and tailgate, do they forget that it is a truck and at some point in 10k miles it likely was used as such?

    It amazes me that readers and commenters will question a low mileage vehicle and point out simple wear and tear on a 35 year old truck but will believe an over priced scrap heap listed for sale in another post is worth every penny because of what it “can be” if pockets are deep enough. SMH

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    • Moparman Member

      It’s just that when the elements of a story don’t quite add up, it casts doubt about its veracity. Even yourself used the example of an owner who only used it for runs into town for shopping & errands, to justify the seat wear. Simply stated, if one is going to use low mileage as an added incentive for pricing, then documentation trumps all else.

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    • Roundfender

      My eyes tell me this is not likely to be a 10k-mile truck. It is also interesting that the AutoCheck available through the eBay listing begins at an auto auction in 1995 and does not have any mileage notations in the 15+ entries that document the auto auction plus a series of renewal registrations through 2011, when again the trail goes cold. The seat, the truck bed, and the AutoCheck just do not fit with one-elderly-owner story. Side note: my father special ordered a long bed D100 from the local dealer in 1985. Red, same tan interior with cloth seats, 318, 4-speed manual/OD transmission, PS, AM-FM, no AC. Sweet ride!

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      • David

        Roundfender, I agree with the phrase, ‘In God we trust, all others must document.’ But, if you use Autocheck to document ANYTHING, well, that’s your choice.

  7. William

    I agree, a pretty nice truck for the price. A little old lady must have been on the plus size to cause that seat wear, but that is minor. I also think it is only 10000 miles, look at that windshield, like new. Okay, the bed is scratched, but that is what happens without a bed liner, they all used to be like that. That means it actually was used. A nice little truck to run errands with. I guess it could be used to show, but that would be a shame, use it as intended. Can you even buy a truck today for 5 times the asking price? Okay, 2 wheel drive, but who really uses the 4×4 anyway? No trailer hitchbut the SS in those years was not too good for it anyway. If I didn’t have a truck already for errands, it would be mine.

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    • Terry

      did you notice the numbers on the odo are cockeyed, also the piece of tape on the owners manual that says “oil change 64,199 miles”? Check the ad on eBay. I think the truck has turned over the clock.

  8. angliagt angliagt Member

    SS? Not all of us know what a lot of these
    letters mean.Thanks.

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    • William

      I try not to think of Himmler’s little band of merry men this time of year. So lets all agree that on this web site, SS means a Chrysler designed slant six motor, of either 170, 198, or 225 cubic inches of displacement.

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      • Robert Eddins

        Excellent idea.

  9. Ted Mathis

    I was thinking along the same lines. If this was a square body Chevy or GMC truck? $12-$15,000 easy.

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  10. mainlymuscle

    I have no issues whatsoever with the 10,000 miles,but with only about 60 cars in my collection,I will leave it to all you REAL experts.lovely little truck let down a little by the 6 cylinder.They now have their opening bid ,but I would not expect this to sell for less than $15k.Square body GM in this shape would do at least double.67-72 GM would do $50k easily,and a 77/8 Ford about 35-trucks are hot,and a heck of lot of fun.Beauty isn’t only skin deep,as the GM’s and Fords of the day were VASTLY superior.Up until a few years ago,we had a saying in the construction industry “the employees/workers drive Dodges,but the owners drive Chevies or Fords “.
    The big 2 were much more car like, with far better interiors.Road noise inparticular was nearly unbearable in the Dodge.Today the Dodge has the quitest cab and some lovely interior packages.The 360 Engine ,and its modern variant will run forever with less trouble than the big 2 as well,and I still look for them for fleet use.

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  11. Jim

    New carpet and new tires worn seat I wonder what was the last year of Dodge trucks that did dot go back to zero when they hit 100000 miles

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  12. Bob C.

    Definitely beef it up with a 2 barrel if possible. Make it a Super Six.

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  13. Stu Member

    We bought a 1961 Dodge Seneca years ago with 23,000 actual miles on it. It was a “little old lady car“ that came totally stripped. The only luxuries were an automatic behind the slant six and power steering.

    It still amazes me to think about that car. While lots of things were like new, she had worn the bottom right side of the brake pedal pad smooth and worn out the right turn signal indicator in the column. It wasn’t too hard to figure out the way she used it: always making right turns so she never had to cross traffic!

    One more thing that’s interesting is we drove that car up to 32,000 miles. In the first six months almost every external thing on the engine required attention – – carburetor, alternator, power steering pump etc. Then one day driving down the road with the windows open a flapping sound announced the beginning of the departure of all the dry rotted headliner and upholstery.

    Much like us, they all age differently.

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  14. Richard Martin Member

    Install 2bbl. carb, and headers. Plus, remove as much emission crap as possible.

  15. Comet

    Nice truck. To the sellers credit, there’s no claim of original, untouched paint. That noted: There has been at least some paint work (see inner front fenders for white overspray.) Well worth 7K. Hopefully the actual sale price stays within reason.
    Good catch Roundfender, that Ebay Autocheck needs a closer look prior to any big money bids.

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  16. Robert Eddins

    I love straight six cylinder engines. Always have since my 235 Chevies and my 300 77 Ford F100 (even though they did not build it correctly in Canada resulting in a

    sound that Babbit Ford in Flagstaff just made worse.)
    I really wish we could buy straight sixes now.
    JUST my humble opionion from back in the days when people went slower and were happier and didn,t have a smart phone stuck in their ear. I also still believe in Santa, warm milk left out for him, and enjoying shopping at the many brick and motar stores to buy auto accessories for my six cylinder trucks, and a multitude of other goods we needed. My favorite song back then by whom I cannot remember but said something like “slow down ya move to fast, just kickin along the cobblestone, laughin at life and feelin groovey, ya gotta make the morning last, laughin at life
    an puttin points in my distributor, da da da da da da da, and drinkin Double Cola in a 16 oz. bottle with Planter,s peanuts poured down the spout, da da da da da da, feelin groovey. Please forgive me I,m a little wierd, but it doesn,t take much to throw my mind back to the 1960,s

  17. Johnny

    Oh it a DODGE–ITS WORTH THOUSANDS. HAHAHA Give me a break. My 2001 Ram drove itself one night and racked up 95 miles. When it reached 30,000. The mileage started jumping big time. Its electronic. Chrysler do so the warranty runs out quick. You couldn,t give me a new vehicle. Way over priced piece of junk. I,d rather have this truck and put in a 318 and use it.

  18. Frogwarts Member

    Hard to see how this is a one owner vehicle when it was bought new in 1986 then purchased at auction in 1995. according to my math that’s at least 2 owners. No records of ownership after 2011? Course I never was that good at math. Nice truck though.

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  19. Terry

    Here’s another vehicle with seriously low miles..10,000 in this case..that are bogus. Look at that well-worn seat. This truck has a well-maintained 110,000 miles on it. Having said that, those trucks are some of the nicest looking ones Dodge/Ram has ever put out. If it was in my locale I’d give it a hard look.

  20. K. R. V. Member

    Oh sure under 10,000 miles of what? Grandma hauling loads of 3/4” blue stone for her grandson, to add to his driveway?!! I bought a n 86 D100 Custom short bed, Med met blue in an out, with the same interior only with cloth bench seat. The famous “slant six”, from sometime around 1981, was built in Mexico, after MOPAR stopped using them in cars, and were not quite as good as they were. Mine drove very nice, rode and handled weight very well, even towed my brothers big wooden boat twice a year, at the beginning and end of the summer. That with the huge trailer combined weight at least 10,000 lbs, that when hooked up was all level. But the trailer had no brakes! Lucky we never had and mishaps or got stopped. But the truck actually pulled it up to 55 mph an was able to maintain that speed! Even going over a fairly large bridge, named the Bragar Bridge in New Bedford, MASS. Sure the gas was floored an the TorqFlite holding second gear! Not sure what gears it had, but my guess is 3:92, I do know it had a posi rear. I found that out one winter, driving up Mt. Greylock MA. In a fresh falling 2” of snow, we were the only two wheel drive vehicle on top at the Lodge!

  21. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update: this truck sold for $8,000.

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