1,120 Genuine Miles! 1974 Chevrolet C-10 Pickup

This 1974 Chevrolet C-10 Fleetside was a company vehicle that was sold new in October of 1973. Its working life has not been one of hardship, because, in the last 45-years, it has managed to accumulate a total of 1,120 genuine miles on the odometer. It has spent the last 12-years sitting under a tarp in a barn, and now the time has come for it to head off to greener pastures. The C-10 is located in The Villages, Florida, and is listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $19,700 for the Pickup, but the option is available to make an offer.

The photos that the owner provides are pretty scrappy, at best. However, piecing them together seems to indicate that this is one solid vehicle. The floors and frame look spot-on, while there is only some scuffing in the bed to indicate that this is a vehicle that has actually done any work at all. Straw was left in the bed at one point, and this has caused the paint to lift, but the bed has no actual rust. The owner suggests that it would be a good idea to get the bed repainted to protect it from further deterioration.  There is a small dent on the hood, but the rest of the vehicle looks straight and clean. The rear step also has some marks and scratches, and while it would be nice to have that looking perfect again, there is no real reason why it couldn’t be left as-is if the next owner wants to preserve the vehicle’s originality.

The interior photos are just as sketchy as the exterior ones, but the C-10 looks like it has survived very nicely (the owner does describe it as “mint”). The seat looks like it has never been used, while the dash looks to be clean and free of any cracks. It appears that there won’t even be any cleaning required, and it seems to be ready to be driven and enjoyed.

If you were hoping to lift the lid and spot a V8, well, you’re sure to be slightly disappointed. What we get is the 250ci straight-six engine, and while the Item Description panel lists the transmission as being automatic, I do believe that it is actually manual. I’ve come to this conclusion because the SPID Sticker doesn’t indicate that the C-10 was optioned with an automatic transmission, but it does indicate a Heavy Duty clutch. Even though it has been sitting idle for the past 12-years, the owner does fire the C-10 up annually, so it does run. The only work that the owner identifies as being required is that he recommends fitting the vehicle with new tires. The current ones were fitted in 1996, but I would be dubious about driving the Pickup any distance or at any speed on tires of that age.

I’m pretty sure that you could scour the country from one end to the other, and I would be very surprised if you would find another ’74 C-10 Fleetside with mileage this low. The price being asked for this one is pushing right into the upper range for one with a 6-cylinder engine under the hood, but the mileage claims are pretty extraordinary. It will be interesting to see whether someone is willing to grab this one.


  1. Evan

    I dunno, man. It’s a nice, basic work truck, but too nice to work, and for $20k you can buy a brand-new RAM Classic work truck.

    It’s a nice starting point for a build, but if you want to build a squarebody there are trucks almost as nice as this for $10k and under.

    There’s a butt for every seat, though, and I suppose someone will buy it.

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    • Will Fox

      Woa…I’m not so sure $20K will buy a new basic Ram classic work truck. Even with a 6, I can’t see that being THAT low of an MSRP.

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      • Fred W

        According to the Dodge website, MSRP about 28K. I’m sure a dealer would discount that, but not 8K.

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      • Dave

        Jim Shorkeys had a new 2019 Classic Tradesman with a Hemi listed for $26,300.

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      • David

        I see a new 2019 Ram Tradesman on cars.com for $18,018. It can be done!

  2. Paulbz3

    I call BS. I don’t think that the bed or engine would look like they do in photos with only 1,200 miles. Even if stored poorly the bed would never be able to accumulate that much wear and damage. Buyer beware…

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    • Little_Cars

      My brand new 2017 Silverado accumulated that much wear and damage after two weeks without a bedliner. I bought the truck in the days before I moved 80 miles to my new house. If I’d retired it after that move it would show low mileage and a scratched and dented tailgate, bed floor, and scuffed rubber carpet in the cab. My wife dented the center of the rear step bumper and the edge of the tailgate by loading a horse trailer incorrectly and leaving the tailgate down. So, low mileage is possible. But, bleh….a white square body for $20k? How soon can it get repainted? LOL

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  3. Mike

    You wouldn’t get much tail n this one. LOL. Before I posted this, auto correct had it saying. You wouldn’t get much bail in this hun. What the hell is that supposed to mean? It turned mean to kean. I hate auto correct.

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  4. Rube Goldberg Member

    Here we go agin, no way. A truck with 1,000 miles would have the plastic on the seats. And the bed shows wear, unless they hauled a load of batteries to the recycle yard. It’s just a retouched truck with a careful 101K miles on it. It can be done. Be a nice truck for $5g’s.

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    • karl

      This generation Chevy would look tired at 101K , the dashpad alone would be cracked all over and the seats would show wear, no matter how well you maintained it. I’m not sure where in Florida this truck was from, but here in New England these truck dissolved in road salt just as badly as the import trucks did . They would still be running at 10 years old , but by then every body panel would be so rotted they would end up junking them

  5. ctmphrs

    I believe the mileage. It’s still too much money for a six.

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  6. mr plow

    pretty nasty looking engine compartment for 1200 miles.

  7. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    The BIN seems really high for a basic Chevy pickup. Painted bumpers, poverty hubcaps, almost no brightwork and a puny six cylinder. The condition is outstanding but to me, it’s a real Plain Jane and just barely rises to the level of boring. I think the seller will be disappointed unless he’s really lucky. There are a lot of better pickups out there with a lot more options and with a V8 for that much money. The pictures are terrible, too, considering what he wants for it. Should have had a 12 year-old take the pictures.

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  8. Del

    Genuine miles.

    That phrase always sounds like Jed Clampett. 😂

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  9. grant

    20k for a base spec squarebody? Those are some good drugs, and that mileage is BS, anyway.

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  10. Comet

    “No rust holes that I can see”? Not exactly a bullet proof disclaimer. A nicely preserved truck. 1000 original miles? I think not. Pic of the right side looks like the door hinges are sagging. How about the tailgate gaps? I know that quality wasn’t job one at GM during these years…but come on.

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  11. PaulG

    Looks like my ’79 K-20 with 33K original miles just went up in value…

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  12. Ralph

    The mileage is believable, low miles doesn’t mean that the truck was in a bubble without use, it was used, it just never went very far but it could still have wear. It could have been bought just to be used on the owners property and never really driven on the road.

    This isn’t the first truck I’ve seen like this, when I was in college in the 90s’ they had a 1980 3 on the tree F250 in their fleet with 1600 or so miles and it had wear but it was low miles, this is usually seen from a truck that is used on one property and never really driven on the road, an airport for example usually has some low mileage cars.

    The low miles are really sort of a so what with this truck, its a very well preserved but very basic 1974 Chevrolet truck, I’d say its worth $10,000 tops.

    Its is a manual truck, you can tell from the blank transmission quadrant in the dash.

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  13. Stevieg Member

    I also question the miles. Truth is, my new (as of last year) Hyundai was battered already @ a low mileage. However I have seen old cars & trucks that were in better shape than this with over 100,000 miles on them.
    That being said, I like this ol’ girl! Great, reasonably economical old truck to help transport things from home in Milwaukee to my next home in Arizona, especially my Harley.
    Whether the miles are correctly represented or not, to me this is not worth near the asking price.
    At this point it doesn’t matter though. I am in Phoenix as I write this, checking things out for my eventual move, & starting to run short on funds. As of today, it would have to be REALLY cheap lol.

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