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Brown Pinto Bean

Here’s a 1975 Pinto bean…er…wagon that needs a new owner. As you can see from the one behind it, you’ll be buying this from a true Pinto lover that’s been driving them for 30 years. It’s listed for sale here on eBay and is located in Unionville, Missouri. Current bidding is at $1,450 and there’s no reserve.

As you can see, this bean has some warts as well. The seller states that they drove it about 1,000 miles last year but only 50 this year, including a 30 mile trip the other day. However, they do say it sat for years, so bear that in mind.

There’s some rust as well, as you can see. Nothing to stop you from driving the car as is–the paint even looks fairly nice where it’s not rusty–but something you’d want to take care of pretty quickly before it got completely out of control.

The interior is nice, but not perfect. The seller says everything works except the air conditioning, which doesn’t have a belt, so I’m sure there will be more work needed. The seats are said to be “near perfect” apart from coming apart at the seams in places.

The 2.3 liter four cylinder engine looks a little rough, but it is said to run well. I’m not sure how much appetite folks have to restore Pintos–tell me, Barn Finds community, are there Pinto lovers that care enough to bring this wagon back? Or is it just another used vehicle?


  1. Rustytech Member

    This thing has three strikes already 1) it’s a Pinto. 2) it’s rusty. 3) it’s brown. I could live with the brown if it were a desirable car. Sorry not for me.

    • Stang1968

      Three strikes? I see three plusses! It’s brown, it’s a wagon, it’s rear wheel drive.
      But it looses points for being a 2.3l and auto.

      • Chebby

        just add a diesel and a stick!

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Rustytech, more of a “swing and a miss” for me. My old man used to rebuild Pinto’s ( actually, buy them wrecked and somebody else fixed them) in the 80’s. They were a dime a dozen, and ins. companies totaled them out, rather than fix them. I liked Pinto’s too, but it’s not something I’d go out and buy. I never cared for the 2.3 either. You can make them “run”, I’ve known several folks that raced them with good results. They just didn’t make the best road motor, especially with A/C (poor thing) This would be a good deal, as a driver, until the motor pukes, that is.

  2. bill

    l’ve been racing this pinto for 4 years now nothing wrong ith a 2.3 or a pinto

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Nice !

  3. DrinkinGasoline

    My 2.3 Pinto Wagon stick served me well ! It was our third vehicle that I chose as a daily driver more often than not.
    I left the LTD in the garage and opted for the Pinto. MPG’s, versatility and a little zippy. Easy and inexpensive to maintain. To date, the only vehicle to compare is our 97 Escort 2.0 5 speed wagon. Just as easy with MPG’s and just as zippy and versatile. I’ll take a Pinto over a Civic all day long. Reliability and serviceability over computers and emissions…no contest. “Color” doesn’t get you where you are going.

  4. Pookie Jamie P

    I would drive this just for spite of the pinto haters. I love this car!!!! I want this car!!!

    • DrinkinGasoline

      You and Me both !
      Easy Peasy, and not Japaneasy !

  5. JW

    In the eighties when I was doing demo derby’s the track I ran at had Friday night soccer stockers which was races with all 4 & 6 bangers, Vegas / Pintos / VWs / Valiants / Novas. the crowd loved them because they just put the pedal to the floor for 10 laps and finally 25 laps in the feature race. They were just used cheap cars that most had seen their better days so none of the drivers cared if they wrecked or blew them up. Miss those days.

    • John B

      Where I’m from such contests at Langley Speedway(VA) were called “enduro”. Run what junk ya brung, and if it dies or you wreck it just leave the darn thing there on the track and walk away. It was absolutely HILARIOUS to watch and created many a Petty wannabee with 30 cars arranged over a 4/10-mile track at the start. If I had actually entered these “races” an old Cadillac or Buick would have been my battering ram of choice…not a Pinto! Glad to see one still roadworthy so many years later…

  6. CapNemo

    Always kinda had a soft spot for Pintos. Don’t know why. Here’s one I have that was built and raced in the 70’s and early 80’s.

  7. CaCarDude

    Bought a new yellow ’72 Pinto back in the day when they were the hot item, drove cross country with my now ex from Norcal to Miami, could cruise that little ride all day at 70 mph. Really dependable and peppy, two weeks after the return trip to Norcal the ex, inexperienced and driving in a rain storm lost control and totaled that Pinto on the freeway (guardrail and wall). She got just a couple bruises, but that Pinto folded up like a beer can. I personally still like the cars and wouldn’t mind a coupe or the wagon model for a DD.

  8. Robert Yearick

    I would for sure. But it would have a V8 in its future.

  9. chad

    “…would have a V8 in its future…”
    too nose heavy, not so great 4 handeling. Turbo that Lima motor! Nother ford product that lasted 20 yrs production run & various model cars. Liked the carb (Holley/Weber) – “2 stage”…1V till U ‘got on it’ & da odder V ‘opened up’.

    Not so good in the derby…R.Nader got on em due to the rear ending ended the driver/passengers/collision vehicle that slammed it frm behind (NTSA required a fix 4 continued production – the big rear bumper).

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