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115,000 Miles Strong: 1967 Oldsmobile Toronado


I am a complete and total sucker for these super-size GM front wheel drive cars, especially the early ones like this 1967 Toronado with the cleaner design. I wish they had gotten the pop up headlights down for the pictures, though! It’s located in Caldwell, Idaho and is being sold here on eBay, with current bidding just over $100 but the reserve isn’t met.


The seller tells us that the body is “essentially rust-free.” I see some oxidation on the roof, and what looks like some localized repair spots, but the pictures aren’t high resolution enough for us to be sure what’s going on. I do like that the original wheels and trim are there, although I’d lose or reverse the white letter tires at the first possible opportunity.


Even the chrome looks nice and straight. The seller says this was a high desert car all it’s life, so I’m surprised there’s not more sun fading evident. I do see what looks like localized corrosion right behind the left rear tire and what may be a little crease in the bodywork just above it.



The interior is a mix. After 115,000 miles, it’s pretty clear the seat coverings have given up a while back. The steering wheel looks a little the worse for wear as well. The dash looks pretty nice, though, as do the door panels. The modern CD player hanging under the dash would have to go, though. At least they didn’t cut up the original radio location to put it in!


Under the hood looks surprisingly stock, although awfully dirty. The twin-snorkel air cleaner is a great visual topper for an engine that the seller says could take the car across the country tomorrow. I’m surprised that I don’t see an air conditioning compressor on the left of this picture considering that the car was in the desert. I know I’d want to add it in, and I think this car does deserve a repaint. Other than those two things, and eventually reupholstering the seats, that’s all I’d do to this car. How about you?


  1. Avatar photo MH

    I also love these big cars. LOTS of torque! I’m not real sure what there worth though. I would think if you can get it for under 3K it would be well bought.

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  2. Avatar photo Robert White

    An excellent candidate for body off restoration if I have ever seen one.


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  3. Avatar photo David Wilk Member

    I’m a fan too. Years ago I had a ’66 when it was a 12 year old used car; it was a great car, and I still think the first year model is the best looking Toro. Subsequently I owned a gorgeous low mileage ’68 that I still regret selling, then two well used ’69s and even one of the much less good looking and more boat-like ’73s.

    The values of the first series Toronado stayed amazingly low until about the last three or four years. There seem to be quite a few of these well used examples for sale these days; they are almost always in need of major refreshing, and now that really nice ones have become expensive, it is tempting to look at these as good bases for building relatively inexpensive drivers. But I think they are money pits, and you will be better off buying one in better condition, and paying a bit more for it in the end. A car like this one is sure to end up costing more than expected in repairs.

    Just my .02, as I’ve made this mistake before, more than once. If you do buy (or if you already own) one of these cars, you should join the Oldsmobile Club (OCA) and definitely the very active Toronado chapter. Great people in that club, who have alot of knowledge and experience with these fantastic cars.

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  4. Avatar photo Nessy

    I have a very nice first year 66 model. Have had it since I can remember. Great car in all ways but I’m still waiting for Toro prices to go through the roof like we keep hearing…. Happy 50th Birthday Toronado! You age better than most.

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  5. Avatar photo Andrew

    This guy has been trying to sell this thing for a awhile on craigslist at $5,500 with no takers.


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  6. Avatar photo Bill

    This car has always been one of my favorites. I recall seeing them in the showroom, new, when my Mom was looking for a new car. My brother and I tried to get her to buy one of these or a ’67 Firebird. She bought a Cutlass Supreme instead. Four door. Ugh.

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  7. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    This car and the ’71 Ford Torino from yesterday both look really good to me, and the basic overall shapes are similar—big and handsome. I prefer smaller cars to drive, but I can definitely see the appeal of both.

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  8. Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

    I too really like these. I can never decide whether I like the 66 or 67 better but I know I like the egg crate grill. Black or the deep red they had both look fantastic.

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  9. Avatar photo Birdman

    Every time someone even mentions Toronado, I think of the car in the link below. Oddly enough, it was at one time stored in the storage yard right next door to the acreage I was living on for a while. I didn’t even know about it until I found an ad for it on the local buy and sell websites. I didn’t have the money to buy it or do the needed work to it, but I did buy a 87 Caddy from the guy in trade for a B&M shifter I had laying around(another story all in itself for another time). The guy who had the yard had lost it as the owner was selling the land. Anyway…I give you the 6 wheeled Toronado!


    Now so everyone can let out a sigh of relief, it appears it was saved…


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  10. Avatar photo Electronika

    Nice cars. Hugely overbuilt drivetrain that is very sturdy. The first two years the brakes were a weak point. I would like to know if this 67 has the optional disk brakes as the drums were not up to the task of stopping all the weight and would become standard by 68. You can’t see the brake pedal in either of the pictures but it almost looks like it does.

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  11. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    That car is Kick Ass man! It doesn’t need much work on that one to be an awesome cruiser and that color blue really pops.
    My buddy had a winter beater 68 he picked up for $150 back in 79, same color but more rust than paint.
    We used to always make him do “smokey ass burn outs” so we could see the front wheels spin, which was a rarity those days.
    It was a laugh riot

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  12. Avatar photo Tim

    I think the headlights are up because he’s showing off that they both actually work.

    … Or, maybe they’re up because they don’t work at all?

    This car looks better with its eyes shut.

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  13. Avatar photo C brand

    These were neat rides. my uncle had one the same color. the listing states it has a 425? Thought these came with the 455 rocket.

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    • Avatar photo Darrell Leland

      The 66 and 67 engines were 425s. Same block and bore with a shorter stroke. It went up to 455 starting in 68.

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  14. Avatar photo Darrell Leland

    Oh man, this looks exactly like mine, down to the color, except that my 67 had a vinyl roof. I loved that car!

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  15. Avatar photo Tom Driscoll

    GM’s pinnacle of engineering, add 400 hp with the W-34 option, bucket seats and console, and better brakes on the ’70, and it’s a really exciting car. I compare it to driving an Audi A8, but I’m biased…

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  16. Avatar photo boxdin

    In 1965 Mom got a new 2 door Olds 98 coupe. 20 ft long. I tried to get her into a Toro but since they were new there would be problems etc.
    Toros also make great motorhomes;

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  17. Avatar photo Jesper

    They are simply so F…… Cool.
    Especially that model.
    This one, unrestored original California car without rust.
    One day, when i sell one of my other cars, i will import one, here to Germany, and rebuild totally original that blue is nice, or gold metallic.
    They cost here in this condition around 12-15,000 euro.
    So the only right thing to doo, is import a car like this.
    I have loved it since a freind had i toy car of it for 40 years ago.

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  18. Avatar photo Bob Hayton

    Loved the 2 1967’s I had in 1971,through 74. I drove one to work and the other on dates or whatever else.
    Yellow with black cloth int., and black with burgundy vinal. The front wheel drive was fantastic in the snow.
    Love the Torostream ! Or is it Aironado ?

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