11,611 Original Miles: 1975 Dodge Charger Daytona

This 1975 Dodge Charger Daytona is one of the more obscure versions to wear the celebrated Daytona badge, and is optioned with the larger 400ci V8 engine. Condition is impressive, thanks to claimed low mileage of just 11,611. The seller does seem to think this odometer reading is accurate, and based on the strong cosmetics inside and out, the car as presented makes the mileage believable. Find it here on eBay with bidding over $17K and the reserve unmet.

The Daytona package for this era of the Charger effectively added stripes and heavy duty suspension, with a 318ci engine standard. The 400 featured a four-barrel carb and gave the Charger a healthy output of 245 b.h.p. Essentially a re-styled Chrysler Cordoba, the second generation Charger Daytona sold in limited numbers as consumers sought more economical cars.

The seller says the title provides further verification that the mileage claim is accurate, but one only look at the interior to feel comfortable that this is a highly original car. The carpets, dash, steering wheel, and door panels are all a very in-your-face shade of blue that reminds me more of some sugary bubble game flavor than a luxo-barge interior. The seat surfaces look mint, too.

Under-hood detailing is impressive, and the 400 big block is a welcome sight compared to the 318 that looks like a frightened orphan inside the cavernous engine bay. The paint looks equally fresh along the firewall and top sides of the fenders, and the rad support shows no signs of damage. The seller is looking for a Buy-It-Now of $34,990 – will it get there in four days?


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  1. Michael

    Barf!!! Why did Dodge disgrace the Daytona name? Really? I remember these trash buckets. My friend told me the dealer wanted to give him a set of boat orr’s with his.

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    • NovaTom

      The real disgrace to the Daytona name came in the 80s with the front wheel drive K car – but this ones bad too

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  2. Superdessucke

    35k. Really? Nice but man.

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  3. Angel Member

    Im going to have to start looking at the following gens as the backup to the one I really want is also reaching the point of unaffordability.

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  4. swm

    Badge engineered Cordoba, at least we got Jennifer O`Neill out of the deal

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  5. chris lawrence

    I see it maybe getting to 30k and that is a huge huge huge maybe.

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    • Superdessucke

      For what it’s worth, you can get a new Ecosport for about $16,000 with all the cash on the hood and have better performance.

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      • JoeNYWF64

        Not a fan of this charger, BUT …
        try finding A N Y new car with a t r u e blue interior(not just cheap pinstripes or minor trim, & grey everything else), hidden wipers, full door glass styling(no cheap plastic triangular piece at front where there should be GLASS), durable STEEL kewl sport mirrors, GLASS headlites that never yellow/cloud/scratch/fog-get wet inside, that a child could change!
        & there are upgrades for <$13!

        btw, Jeff, above, the '75 charger 400 was 190 hp – not 245
        thanks to the very restrictive PELLET cat converter they used in the '70s. Try putting 1 of those on any modern car & single exhaust & see what happens, especially on today's v8 cars. People often blame the engines from then instead.

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      • Steve

        You could, but doesn’t mean you should.

        I’ll take the Cordoba.

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      • Superdessucke

        At least get one with the rich Corinthian Leather!

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  6. Superdessucke

    This was clearly designed to be a more luxury Bolt. Along the lines of the Monte Carlo, Olds Cutlass Supreme, Ford Elite, etc. Not surprisingly for the era.

    Even with this 400, the direct descendant of the mighty 383 from the Plymouth Road Runner and Satellite LAPD performance cruisers, this porky and tufted Daytona took a leisurely 11.4 seconds to hit 60. That is (considerably) slower than a Ford Ecosport, a miserable Indian-built vehicle that is the slowest new car currently sold in the US market.

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  7. TimS Member

    I like it. I don’t turn my nose up at smog era cars. But no way, 34k.

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    • George Mattar

      This seller is on glue. For $34,000, I can have a perfect 5 year old Corvette. And what a disgrace putting the famed Daytona name on this pile of crap.

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  8. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Just an aside…. this is the third car on Barn Finds within the past week or two which has Goodyear Eagle ST tires. I’m pretty sure they have been out of production for 15, maybe 20 years. If nothing else this is additional evidence for the low mileage.

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  9. Arthell64 Member

    I normally don’t like two tone but I like the colors on this one. I think the price is very optimistic but I like the car

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  10. Butch

    Just wondering if that’s rich Corinthian Leather seats! 😜👍No seriously I like the cars looks and especially the paint scheme.

    My dad had a 77 Cordova medium silver with a maroon half vinyl top. It was an ok car really nice interstate trip car or town cruiser. Not my cup of tea.

    This is by no means a muscle car but I like the overall design and paint and interior. Even if you added a six foot rear spoiler it still wouldn’t be a Daytona!

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  11. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    For a Malaise-Era car, this one looks pretty good. The condition is remarkable and I like the colors inside and out but I can’t see anyone hitting the Buy-It-Now button for almost $35k. It’s not a performance car, it’s a leisurely cruiser. I’m sure there are ways to wake up the 400 but that will take money, maybe a good bit of it.

    I’d be surprised if the top bid was over $20k at auction’s end. If the seller is smart, he’ll take the top bid otherwise he should plan on keeping the car for a long time.

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  12. David G

    Great car, but does not have a tachometer, as the seller claims. Factory tach. goes where the temperature and fuel gauges are located, and the two gauges move in with the other two in the pods on the right. To the Barnfinds writer, this car has the N code passenger car 400. The 245 horsepower 400 is available, but has a P code in the vin, as well as sales code E68 on the body tag. The P code 400 is catalyst exempt in ’75 and ’76, and is a carry-over from ’72-’76. It is actually a 260 horsepower engine, but Chrysler de-rated it in 1975 due to the 440 being saddled with catalytic converters as mandatory in all 50 states. That being said, the 440 was not available in these B body coupes, only in the Police package B and C body sedans from ’75-’78. Factory didn’t want to list the true hp rating for the P code, as it is equal to the U code 440 HP for ’75 and ’76.

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    • charles Flowers

      Whoah! That’s a lot of info….. Interesting stuff.

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    • Paul

      I love it when people know Mopar facts like this.

      As for the car, I’ll leave it in the 70s and buy a brand new R/T for $35k. Jeez

    • JoeNYWF64

      I think the P-code 400 was only avail in trucks or maybe on export cars. I know the ’78 dodge lil red express TRUCK with 360 had no converter, but the ’79 did.
      So trucks were behind cars in having to meet emissions standards.
      The only car exception i remember were honda cvcc’s in the late ’70s that did not require a converter.
      The 245 hp n code 400 could not possibly meet ’75 car emission standards w/o a converter! No special tech in that engine to be able to do so! & even forgetting that, if any ’75 charger(or any ’75 dodge car) got that engine, it would have been the fastest car of ’75! The late ’75 455 t/a with converter made only 200 hp. & vettes made even less in ’75.

  13. Jim Bullock

    Wow, this is great to see! I was 10 years old in 1975 when my father took me with him to get a new car. We lived in a small Alberta town where the dealership could fit 3 cars in the showroom. My dad planned to buy a new burgundy coloured Newport to fit all six of us and the Daytona was beside that car in the showroom. I begged and pleaded for him to take the Charger Daytona for a test drive and he gave in. We ended up taking the Charger home. My Mother was so mad! The car wouldn’t even sit 6 people, but Dad bought it anyway. It was a beautiful car, white leather buckets with the same blue and silver exterior. Thanks for sharing this!

  14. Del

    I like these but basically a dressed up personal luxury boat.

    They did not sell well.

    Even with its lovely condition the price is silly.

    Its at 17,500 and probably all it worth

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  15. Stevieg Member

    My Grandparents bought a Cordoba new in 1977. I fell in love with that car as a kid. I would really enjoy owning this car as a very close substitute (same car without the vinyl top & different paint scheme). But the buy it now price is insane! Even the current bid seems kinda high to me.
    I believe the miles are accurate, but that means it sat, & sitting is no good for machinery. It will take a bit of money to make sure the car is road worthy & reliable. Even with the great physical condition & low miles, this is an $8,000 car at the most. But with that thought, try to restore one to this condition for that money. A loser all the way around.

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  16. James

    It’s a cool looking car on the outside but the inside is just fugly! The car is actually at Hendrick Motorsports where the race shops are and probably the reason why they want so much for it! RH likes money and doesn’t give you a bargain on anything!

  17. SHOhobo

    This car is getting some positve attention on the interwebs…yes…agree its a malaise era “Charger/Cordoba…personally I think the car would make a great base for a killer unique resto….IMHO. Peace my car enthusiast friends.

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  18. Moparman Member

    When THIS became how the Charger name was represented on the car, it was the kiss of death in my interest in the model!! When my first 70 model was totalled, a salesman tried to talk me into a LeBaron! I told him that I WAS NOT interested in an “old man’s” car, LOL!! :-)

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  19. TheGasHole

    Psssssst…….there’s this exact same car on the Spokane, Washington CL from time to time that the owner has been trying to sell off and on for over a year. Last I checked he was asking $2,500. Just sayin’…….

  20. jeff

    joe 64 I have recently obtained a 75 charger 400 biggie block that is a E 64 code and according to door jamb sticker is CATALYST EXEMPT maybe the lean burn system exempted it by barely scraping by on emission requirements ?? but luckily the L B stuff was tossed in trunk and car now has a D C dist and a 850 cfm from a 76 440 SADLY this car is not going to be restored due to severe metal realignment on ft end and passenger side car is now a donor for an upcoming 66 coronet project .These cars will become more popular as prices on older muscle cars continue their upward climb in price being out of reach for most of us. The only downside is availability of sheet metal parts and im sure other needed parts

  21. d.h., gilmour

    This car was the pace car for the Daytona 500 in 1975. All 3000 were made in Canada as 1975 1/2 models and had only one paint package. Cowboy blue and silver. 1500 had the small engine with vinyl interior and 1500 with the 400 ci engine and velour interior. I know this because I had one, the small engine, in Dallas Texas and only saw one other in the 4 1/2 years I had mine and it was a 400ci model. Both DID have catalytic converter, the first ones put in Chrysler products. Converter on mine clogged in late 1980 and I cut it off and put standard muffler on it increasing mileage to over 22 mpg and power by 15%. The body style was the for runner for the Chrysler Cordoba, and in the early 80’s Chrysler gave the Daytona name to a pissant compact.

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