11K Mile Storage Unit Find: 1981 DeLorean DMC12

“If you don’t like the price, go buy a different one.” That’s the advice from the seller of a claimed 11,000 mile DeLorean DMC-12 that was supposedly restored years ago before being put into storage. The story is vague as to why you’d promptly lock up a collector car after it had been gone through, and while I normally cast some doubt on those stories, this does look like a DeLorean that was loved at one time. It also features the preferred manual gearbox, making it desirable in more ways than one. But is it worth $80,000? You be the judge here on Facebook Marketplace where it’s located in Gilroy, California.

The first clue for me that a previous owner did indeed go through this gullwing-coupe is the seat condition. That looks all the world like fresh leather, and the rest of the cockpit appears pretty nice despite enough time in storage that dust began to accumulate. The seller claims it was restored in 2002 and kept in climate controlled storage ever since, but I question what kind of storage arrangement for a collector car results in it being covered in dust. Regardless, photos indicate it cleaned up pretty well, so I’m sure there was no harm done – but a generic storage lot seems an odd place to stash a restored collector car.

Despite its years of inactivity, the seller claims it still runs and drives and that it was tagged and smogged as recently as a few months ago. That’s a big deal in California and should speak to the general health of the drivetrain if it was able to pass the state’s stringent emissions requirements. The listing doesn’t offer any details about what the restoration encompassed, especially on a low mileage specimen like this. I’ll go out on a limb and speculate it was mostly cosmetic in nature, perhaps with the interior baked by the desert sun. The valve cover, hoses, and ignition wires all look like they belong in a low mileage car.

Here’s the DeLorean post-wash, which reminds you that these cars are awfully hard to grade on one wash alone. The bodies tend to look good as soon as the sun hits them, regardless of prior upkeep. The gullwing doors staying elevated without help suggests the troublesome struts are still working, and hopefully the air conditioning still blows cold so you don’t need to leave them elevated to catch a breeze. Overall, the seller seems to be dead-set on his price,  but even a Concours example rings in at $71,000 – which makes me wonder how the additional $10K is justified here. One thing I know: people who collect DeLoreans are obsessed with these 80s icons, so it will find a new home eventually – but at what price?


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  1. GuernseyPagoda Member

    $80K? “Please go buy a different one”. 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😭🤣😂

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    • Mike

      The seller is just making sure everybody will go buy a different one.

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    • Dave

      (shrugs shoulders) Okay. Thanks for the advice.

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  2. alphasud Member

    I have tried to appreciate the DMC but I can’t seem to stir up any enthusiasm for these cars. Okay the stainless is a cool idea but everything else is a letdown. I actually do have more enthusiasm for the story behind the making of this car than the car itself. No car shaming just a personal preference.

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  3. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Just last night I watched an episode of Expedition Unknown on the Discovery channel. The host was running around with the actor who played Doc Brown in the Back To The Future movie. Trying to track down the DMC movie car to auction off for the Michael J Fox foundation. I learned a lot about the movie and the DMC. Great movie, not so big on the car.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      If they didn’t wash this, & if they put high profile1950’s wide whitewall bias ply tires on it, some might think it was used in BTTF part 3. lol

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    • Dave

      There’s an endless list of cars turned into cultural icons by movies. I remember visiting Universal Orlando shortly after it opened in 1998. Watching this guy rant and rage over the condition of a Camaro supposedly used in the Burt Reynolds film “Sharkey’s Machine” was, in a word, worth the price of admission.

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      • Sam Shive

        Sure it wasn’t a Firebird

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  4. angliagt angliagt Member

    When these were new,a guy I know bought one.I asked him
    if I could come by and see it.He said “Sure”.
    I looked at it,& wasn’t overly impressed.As I looked around
    the garage I saw a really interesting car.”What’s that?” I asked.He
    replied “It’s a Jag XK140”.I blurted out “Wanna sell it?”.He said “No”.
    A few years later his daughter stopped by the store I was working
    at and said “My Dad sold the Jag”.That didn’t bother me until she said-
    “He got $2500 for it”.

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  5. Richardd Adams

    These DeLoreans keep popping up over the years, this bothered me, as we are surely running low on Mach 1s, GTOs etc. Until I realized they will never be in short supply.

    Because as the Barn stocks run out of DeLoreans, someone just sends some more from the past to restock the Barn.

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  6. Jcs

    These cars sat firm at $25k for low mile originals for two and a half decades. They didn’t start really coming into their own until about 10-12 years ago.

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  7. Steveo

    “I know what I’ve got…don’t try to lowball me.”

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  8. Mikefromthehammer

    There are a number of concerns I have over the ad.

    1. It is described as a “1981 Amc delorean”. The seller definitely does not know what he has.

    2. The ad states it is an automatic (but in the description it does indicate it is a manual), when clearly it is a manual. Did the seller drive it like it was an automatic and thereby ruined the transmission?

    3. The ad states the exterior color is gold, when it is obviously stainless steel.

    4. He says he will “delete you” if you ask – “is it available”. I’ve never been deleted, but it sounds painful.

    5. And finally, he is overly optimistic as to the value. Now, if it had the flux capacitor and Mr. Fusion, maybe it would be priced correctly.

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    • JoeHoss

      Mikefromthehammer, makes me want to ask the seller if it has the flux capacitor! I don’t think they would be amused.

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  9. Rick Roosa

    As a Delorean owner, I will promise you… this guy will NEVER get 80,000 for this car. He’s a fool. You can get a freshly factory restored one for significantly less.

    BTW… Low miles on these cars usually mean all rubber and fuel system components need replacement to make it drivable.

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  10. beaudog

    For those of you who don’t like the $80K price tag; he has it listed in another ad for 100K. Trying to keep his options open, I suppose. Either way, not gonna happen.

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    • Mikefromthehammer

      Hey beaudog (sounds like a Beatles song, lol) do you have a link for the other ad? My google doesn’t seem to be able to find it this am.

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    • Tom

      I don’t like the price tag. Don’t like the car either. Didn’t when they were new and don’t now.
      Never understood the appeal of these things at all. And it seems like the owners are usually very “interesting” people…

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      • Gerard Planche

        … I certainly find my wife “interesting”!

  11. Gerard Planche

    My wife bought back her 90 year-old dad’s original DMC: 1-family car! Had to rebuild the engine though but now, after $14k, it runs very nicely -within its technical limits!- and it is incredible how here (in Switzerland) all heads turn and smile as we drive by. There is also a very solid, devoted club in France, with some folks knowing which particular bolt or wire were used from VIN A to VIN B…that movie saga has left a pretty intense following, with average age well below 40!

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    • markp

      Very cool Gerard!

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  12. James Schwartz

    I went to the ad and asked if it was still available, he didn’t “delete” me like I had hoped he would. I don’t want to see another ad by this fool for the rest of my days.

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  13. Steve smith

    A dealer down here (estero fl) is cornering the market on them, I have counted over 20 in their showroom /shop

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  14. Bruce

    I have ridden and driven a couple of these and I was seriously not impressed. I have a Lotus Esprit Turbo and this DMC is far harder to see out of, has less power, and lower handling rates and feel. However the brakes were not bad. Lotus did much of the design but with the factory power output they are just slow for the day and seem slower now. The price is totally nuts but the seller is just telling us that his ego is bigger than his brains.

    The visibility is the biggest point I wish to point out. My Esprit is not great and you need to pay attention all the time. This is much worse. Almost feels like tank slits when driving. There are places around you that you just can not see properly. I do like the doors however.

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  15. ed casala

    Here’s the story on the price. Wife said, you have to sell the car. Husband, I will put it up for sale at 80K. Wife, why have you not sold that car? Husband, I am trying, but nobody wants it.

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  16. Howie Mueler

    Did we spook them? The ad is gone now.

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    • Howie Mueler

      Not sure what happened but i can see the ad now. You can ask anything and not get it.

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      • Mikefromthehammer

        I still see the ad. Were you deleted perhaps?

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  17. Mountainwoodie

    Hilarious! I think Steve R wrote the ad.

  18. Edward

    Looks like after the car was restored, the owner left it outside with the doors and hood open for a couple of years, just to air it out.

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  19. Bob Mck Member

    Why was it restored with only 11K miles?
    I know people that price their cars like this. They stay on the market for a long time. Then some idiot comes along and offers them what they think is a low price. The seller accepts it and walks away with more than it was worth. The new owner is already upside-down.

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  20. Pookie Jamie

    80k? Is it signed in gold by Marty McFly himself? I go buy a different one. Obviously this guy is still in a time warp and wants 24th century funds. No thank you. Good luck with the sale and may the buyer have mercy on his soul

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  21. James Bishop

    Upside down –Yes a few times

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  22. Howie Mueler

    OMG it now says Sold!!

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    • Gerard Planche


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  23. Ben Montgomery

    If it weren’t for those gullwing doors and a great movie to back it up, I’d bet this car would appreciate in line with the same vintage Fiero.

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  24. glen kay

    how do you were out the seat with 11k on the car

  25. UncleSpooky

    I bought my DeLorean 10 years ago. It had sat for a number of years so the owner out about $6000 into it in a certified DeLorean shop. When I bought it it was running and stopping fine but not perfect. I paid around $20,000 for it. It had 8,000 miles on it.
    This car in the article is waaaayyyyyy over priced.

  26. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Listing is now removed.

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