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12-Second 383 V8! 1967 Dodge Dart

Chrysler redesigned its compacts – the Plymouth Valiant and Dodge Dart – in 1967. Those changes would prove popular and carry the cars through the end of their runs in 1976. We’re told this ’67 Dart was a well-kept hardtop that had just one owner through 2005. With the car changing hands, a conversion began to turn into a drag strip car with good street manners. Capable of doing 12-second quarter miles, you can also drive it to shows and the grocery store. Located in Pipersville, Pennsylvania, this Mopar is available here on eBay for $23,499 (Buy It Now).

Big-block engines weren’t yet available to the Dart and its derivatives in 1967, so a Slant Six or small V8 would have to suffice. In the case of this automobile, the VIN says it was built with a 225 six-cylinder, a dependable though not fast powerplant. We’re told the original owner relinquished the car in 2005 and the next decade was spent transforming it into what you see here. The body was solid and rust-free, making it an ideal candidate for such work.

A 383 cubic inch V8 was selected and professionally rebuilt with some tweaks and peaks to where it would produce 450 hp. Documented trips to the track confirm that the car is really fast on the straightaways. Yet it’s a very “streetable” machine to drive and still runs well with no leaks when you park it. The rest of the goodies include a 727 heavy-duty automatic transmission, 8 ¾ rear-end with 4:10 gears, Hooker Headers with dual exhaust, and vented front disc brakes.

The paint is about 15 years old and looks quite nice, but not show-perfect. But plenty fine for the Cars & Coffee crowd. From what we can see of the undercarriage, things are nice and clean there. No mention is made of the white and black interior, so perhaps at least some of the pieces are original. The car has its original AM radio, and the battery has been relocated to the trunk because things are pretty busy under the hood. If you’d like to sample the auto via video, the seller provides not one but two clips.

This Dodge has taken a path far apart from its roots, but a ’67 Slant Six in this condition is not likely to fetch what the seller is asking for the vehicle. So, if you want to go fast and show the boys with their Demon 340s how it’s done, perhaps this is the Dart for you.


  1. Avatar photo Fred

    A too front end heavy car with a 4.11 gear set. You call that street able? The six popper it came with was that, not this. This is only good for a drag strip or trailering to a show where it will sit behind a rope. A shame. I would have liked the car in this shape in a factory spec. Remember what happened to Frankenstein, nothing good.

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    • Avatar photo Melton Mooney

      I daily’d my 69 camaro with 4.11s and a 26″ tire for ten years or better. It’s do-able…but with gas priced today, it would hurt.

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      • Avatar photo Fred

        Comfortable? Don’t get me wrong, a great drag car is something to behold, but do I really want to fight with it in traffic after a long grueling day at work? Over the years we have owned two types of cars. One type was for our commutes. They were comfortable and reliable, got reasonable MPG too. The other types were fun cars. They had limitations but ones we were willing to live with for the limited use of evenings and weekends. I guess I am lucky to have been able to do as such, some people can only have one car and they make do, but this is not one I would use as that. I imagine it is a second car. Or a 3rd car, or a 14th car.

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      • Avatar photo Mikefromthehammer

        @ Fred, you might be right about it good for only a 1/4 mile at a time, but before agreeing with that I would have to take it out for a test drive. If it was not “street-able” I would just walk away. In any event this (hopefully) fine automobile is way above my current pay grade.

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    • Avatar photo Will Irby

      “Streetable” is a relative term. My best friend in the early ’70s had a ’67 Dart 383 GTS (yes, contrary to the article, the 383 was available in a ’67 Dart; it had a different K-frame and non-power front disc brakes, 727 Torqueflite, 8-3/4″ rear end, and heavier rear springs and front torsion bars). At the time, it was his daily driver, despite the 4.56 gears and the engine built to 500 hp level. Since it was the ’70s, it also had a beautiful black lacquer paint job with the requisite flames on the hood. No power steering or brakes, no A/C, and no long trips without planning around gas station locations, but it passed for what we considered streetable back then. As with most high-horsepower American cars of that vintage, it was always a good idea to be sure it was pointed (maybe “aimed” is a better word?) in the desired direction before hitting the gas.

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      • Avatar photo Geof

        Wasn’t it Mr. Norm who settled that big block problem for Dodge?! Lol

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  2. Avatar photo Steve Clinton

    “Look Fred, this guy next to us wants to race, ahahaha!” VROOOM! “Hey, where’d he go?”

    A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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    • Avatar photo Fred

      Gee, did some mention donuts?

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      • Avatar photo Fred

        Yeah, something about donuts and a radar gun. Yeah, that rings a bell somewhere.

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  3. Avatar photo Cadmanls Member

    Good looking build, yeah it doesn’t have A/C gets crappy gas mileage, but smiles per mile definitely. It’s a sleeper, some idiot in an modern muscle car won’t know what happened. Not built to be a highway cruiser but a street breast!

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    • Avatar photo RKS

      I had to double check that I read that right LOL

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    • Avatar photo Stan

      How much time would 3.15 gears add to the quarter mile ?

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      • Avatar photo Lowell B Peterson

        Mopars love 3:90 gears better to have go than gas mileage!
        Run with the dawgs or be a pooch on the porch?

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  4. Avatar photo RKS

    I had to double check that I read that right LOL

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  5. Avatar photo Karl

    As was said “Street able” is a relative term completely up to the owner. I drove a 78 Camaro on the street with a 377 that dynoed at 526 HP and the car had 456 gears in the rear with a manual shift body in the car. I stayed off the interstate but 50 mph on the highway and around town it was fun to me!

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    • Avatar photo Will Irby

      Yep, I had a ’66 Valiant with a 340, 4-speed, and 4.30 gears; I drove that one from ’72 until ’78, when I put the 340 (and the 8-3/4″ rear end with the 4.30s) into a ’65 Barracuda. It was still fun, but in 2015 the 340 came out, and I upgraded to a 3rd gen aluminum 433 c.i. hemi, Tremec 6-speed with PPG sequential shift conversion, full frame with Detroit Speed front suspension and independent rear suspension with Hammerhead center section and differential cooler, Alcon brakes, Viking active shock control, etc. Now it’s streetable; even has Vintage A/C and stereo!

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  6. Avatar photo Chris

    Yes you could get a 383 in a Dart GTS in 1967.

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    • Avatar photo Glenn Schwass Member

      Gee, a Slant 6 and a slush box against a 383 and anything is a no brainer. I want fun, not boring especially since my truck has 381 hp. You get used to a certain amount of power. I would however get rid of the torsion bar front end. There are much better aftermarket suspensions these days.

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  7. Avatar photo 19sixty5 Member

    Street car? Sure. Daily driver? Not these days. I’m not a MOPAR guy but this is pretty cool.

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  8. Avatar photo Michael Lee

    This car shows sold on eBay, save your breath.

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  9. Avatar photo Gary

    A friend had a 64 Valiant 4 door with a 340/4speed. A very fast little car. He embarrassed the crap out of many muscle cars back in the day. I was behind a late 70’s red Toyota Corolla 4 door one day back in 88-89. A lady was driving by the looks of her hair. When she pulled out and I heard the burbling I thought it was the car I was passing until I caught sight of the dual tailpipes tucked up under the bumper. Sleeper for sure.

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  10. Avatar photo Tim Member

    Fred and other pro’s. I have a 1973 Plymouth Scamp. 83 K original miles.
    The car has been completely redone down to frame. Hodkiss pro-touring suspension, perfect, Wimbledon White paint. Zero rust or bondo. 340 CI hopped up V8 with Holly fuel injection and if I recall MSD ignition. With headers. I was told it was roughly 380-400 HP. I have not had it on a dyno.
    I know it is scary fast and a real cruiser and eye catcher.
    Forged wheels from Cali, very expensive. Interior is very good, light to medium blue vinyl interior with good headliner. The only thing wrong that does not work is AM Original radio. It does have aftermarket A/C.
    I am just wondering what it may be worth on the open market. I bought it for my grandson’s college fund that we are raising. Please let me me know if any thoughts. I have many pics that I can send once I am contacted.
    Thanks fella’s.
    I don’t know if I can post this but; tlovingtwentytwoatyahoodotcom

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  11. Avatar photo Ray Guardiano, Jr. Member

    Fred –
    What’s a little insanity and alot of self inflicted nuisance in the car hobby ?? I think this ’67 Dart bad boy is just the ticket to reclaim your bowling balls if you were afraid of power. I’m a retired 66 year old fuddy duddy with plenty of Mopars some would call scary daily drivers…..I don’t own a car trailer and drive my cars rain or shine. I own two former Slant 6 powered Valiants, a 1965 and a 1968, both with crazy stroker 505 big blocks among my Mopar rolling stock. When I was working I’d drive my ’68 Valiant to work and was asked by the shop manager if I could please not park my 1968 Valiant so close to the office building because it rattled the windows so bad….funny, it was the MEN who complained…..the women thought it was cool…lol !! ….. I follow the writings of Alfred E. Nueman, “What – Me Normal ??” Carry on men !!!

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  12. Avatar photo RalleyeRimRay Member

    Here are my two 505 big block Mopar Valiants. I drive them both on a daily basis….except in a downfall…..yeah, it NEVER rains in Seattle….lol !!

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  13. Avatar photo RalleyeRimRay Member

    More pics…

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