13,392 Miles! 1971 Toyota Corona Mk. II Wagon


As usual with a low mileage car like this, there’s an interesting story that goes with it! The wagon is up for sale here on eBay, where bidding started at $0.01 with no reserve but quickly jumped to just over $1,000 as I write. There is also a buy it now of $14,700. The pristine wagon is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


The story goes that this was the car of an older gentleman who passed on in the early 1970’s and the family kept the car for about 30 years afterwards. It was then sold to a Toyota dealer, who in 2007 repainted the car due to fading and also reupholstered it. They used it in a showroom display until the collection was sold off, and the car acquired by a classic car dealer (the seller).

Interestingly enough, I’m pretty sure those are early 80’s Ford Escort wheel covers.c3

The car is obviously in terrific cosmetic shape and the seller assures us its mechanical components are just as good. Believe it or not, the original air conditioning is not only present but functional!


Naturally, the interior reflects the work done by the dealer and looks great.


The underside of the little wagon looks great as well. Very well preserved!


And doesn’t that engine compartment look great too! I’m guessing the battery hold down is aftermarket and there may be some paint issues in that far left corner, but I still think you have a potential show-winning car right here–when have you seen another one this nice? The seller actually talks about driving it; I think I’d be keeping this one for special events. What would you do? Would you keep the miles off this rare collector vehicle, or drive it the way Toyota intended you to? I’m truly interested in your opinions here–be sure and chime in!


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  1. JW454

    It would need a complete exhaust system as this one appears to be rubbing the drive shaft and doesn’t look that great.
    I like it and it does appear to be in good condition. I have no idea where the pricing should be but, 14K sounds a bit high to me. I may be wrong… it happened once before.

  2. grant

    I love it as a time capsule. These cars just didn’t survive. Do I want it? Not really, but I take joy in its existence.

  3. RayT Member

    This is getting too expensive now! So much for my plan to buy it and transplant the engine into the Ferrari 400i shown below….

  4. Trickie Dickie Member

    Even with such low mileage, the timing belt must be changed if not already done. Just age has done it in. If it goes, it takes the whole engine with it. This did happen to a friend who several years ago got a Toyota with very low mileage like this. He did not take the advice and it blew up on him at less than 15,000 miles. His was a 1975. Otherwise a very nice car here!

    • Bbuz

      Yes it does, happened to me on one in 1984, one second it was running the next not.

  5. Jerry Koszut

    I sold them new and have to agree with Trickie Dickie on the belt. Also suggest re-torquing the cylinder head… IMMEDIATELY!

  6. Alan (Michigan)

    Someone wants it….
    Over $4K, with 9 days to go. At least half a dozen bidders too.

  7. cyclemikey

    Where do you guys come up with this nonsense? An 8R-C Toyota engine doesn’t HAVE a timing belt. It’s a chain drive, and it certainly won’t need attention at 13K miles.

    The exhaust is not rubbing on the driveshaft. That’s where they ran. It may or may not need replacement, but you can’t judge that from surface rust in photos.

    And yes, I did work on these when they were new cars. Now get off my lawn.

    Like 1
    • Bobsmyuncle

      Thank you!

  8. dirtyharry

    Wow, not likely to stumble across one of these in the future. I think it rare but collectible? Maybe collectible in the sense that a Nash Metro is collectible. You stop at the car show, look, scratch your head and wonder how stuff like this happens. I know I don’t want it.

  9. Jubjub

    Wow! Lots of hate towards this. I think it’s pretty amazing. Can’t recall seeing one that something wasn’t at least askew about the front fascia. Things like this are why I go to car shows!
    Those are some early ’80s aftermarket wheelcovers but actually don’t look bad.
    Timing belt sounded a little off to me too. Toyota was kinda late to the timing belt thing.
    Would be a great piece for period filming.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      Yep, rental to film companies is possible, and a great use of a vintage automobile, IMO.

      As for this car, I would prefer the manual transmission, but that is true of most older cars where I am concerned.

      • cyclemikey

        Not a great use for a car in this condition. Ask someone who’s been involved in the movie business about how those cars are treated during the ‘rental period’ .

      • Bobsmyuncle

        I’ve always been the driver or provided one. In most cases the vehicles are static, and get moved twice per shot.

        I’ve never seen any cause for concern.

  10. DonM

    Had 2 of these in the family when new. One wagon/4 speed and one sedan/automatic (mom’s). Both were great, reliable and economical cars. The sedan turned over 250K before dad sold it after mom was gone. The wagon met an unfortunate end with a semi.

  11. Keith IH

    I would put a set of Minlites on it and drive it on sunny days!

    It’s awesome!

  12. hhaleblian

    Scadamoosh Scadamoosh can you do the fandango, thunderbolts and lightning! A sphincter says what? What? Exactly.

  13. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    still sweet…..

  14. Kenny

    Looks like a titling nightmare. Seller claims it is a one owner, but that owner died in the 70’s and it passed through the family and two different businesses without changing the registration. The rule in MN used to be that the seller (person on the title) would have to provide an affidavit of “No Use”. If an affidavit couldn’t be obtained, the new owner would have to pay every year of registration fees that had been missed. That would be over 40 years of registration fees in this case. I had to do that years ago on a car that hadn’t been registered in 6 years. I’m not sure that’s the way it’s still done here.

  15. Bobsmyuncle

    Phenomenal condition, great colour, I love it!

    Some may not realize it yet but this is a hot ticket item these days. The winning bid will surprise a lot of the Barnfinds audience.

    Another vote for the Minilites and maybe an inch lower.

  16. Casscade

    These Japanese imports bring back a lot of fond memories. The various Toyota’s and Datsun’s and Mazda’s I have owned rarely gave me any mechanical difficulties . Deferred maintenance was largely the problems I had. Things like leaking struts, U’joints, tune up components and other annoying minor issues.
    I would proudly drive this wagon as a daily driver. Smog exempt, fuel efficient reliable transportation what more could you ask for except maybe being comfortable, a smooth ride, and ear plugs. Lol. Still enjoy it and drive it. However, 14k is considerably too high a price.

  17. Wd62vette

    Great looking car. Some of us old people don’t mind automatics. I would put on the correct wiper blades and a correct battery bracket and get a good nights sleep.

  18. Hoos Member

    I like the car, but the difference in the seat color and door panel color would make me crazy(not that there aren’t many other things that have done it already).

  19. Rex Kahrs Member

    I would put on a pair of plaid Bermuda shorts, some black socks and some Oxford shoes and thrash this baby all the way up to 60mph!

    • Danny74

      Wait, is this sarcasm? Because there’s nothing wrong with that wardrobe choice, though insted of oxfords, I prefer to wear my sandals with white socks, because the white stands out more.

      • Rex Kahrs Member

        Here in Florida the construction workers wear steel-toed sandals.

  20. Krash

    Love it…..wish it was closer.

  21. Jim Simspson

    Not sure about the buy it now price but sure looks to be a very nice find… someone is going to get a terrific car.

  22. Tuttebenne

    Pictures are a wonderful thing – so are dealers. The car needed new seats and new paint? Okay so what is so exceptional about this one? I’m not hating on it, I’m hating on the notion this is anything but a tarted up used car.

    • grant

      Well, what’s exceptional about it is that it exists, in mostly original condition and with 13k miles. It’s a 45 year old Toyota. They were built out of tinfoil and rusted away in no time flat.

  23. Tuttebenne

    Existing for 45 years isn’t exceptional. Existing with original paint and interior is. Photos are a wonderful thing. Seeing is another. What’s under all that blue paint (how much bondo?) Sorry, I’d spend my $15k on weed before I spend it on this car. Cheers.

    • Danny74

      Duuuuude….. that’s a lot of weed!

  24. Rob L

    I think I saw this car in a Toyota dealership in Conroe, Texas last year. Unless it was another freshly repainted blue-on-blue Corona Mark II wagon. I remember there being a lot of taping off of the trim and emblems for the repaint. It was still neat to see a nicely preserved vintage car.

    • Tuttebenne

      Interesting. Look at the photo of the engine compartment and the apparent taping off of the hood latch mounts (overspray). No other close up photos of the paintwork to show whether or not this was a quick job or a quality one.

  25. Danny74

    I would definitely drive it around, but not in the winter, unless I had to.
    One of the best, if not the best, car that I have ever owned was a 1980 toyota Carona.
    Always started right away, even on the sub zero winter days. That 20R engine was a workhorse. Best engine toyota ever made.

  26. Robert Davis

    Anyone know where this wagon ended up?

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