140,000 Careful Miles: ’79 Ford Mustang Pace Car

The turbocharged Ford Mustang Pace Car is one of those variants of a long-line of gussied-up muscle cars that always seems to be available, but not readily so. What I mean is you don’t have to look too hard to find a Corvette Pace Car from the same era, but you may wait or week or three before a four-eyed Mustang pops up sporting turbocharged power and those fancy graphics. Find this one here on eBay with 140,000 miles but still looking pretty sharp. 

One of my favorite details about this generation of Mustang are the Marchal 750 fog lights. I have been trying to assemble a set for my BMW 320 project (I know, sacrilege!) by using the bigger frames of the 750s for use on a replacement set of lenses from a NOS set of Cibie Airport 35s. Most important, however, is that I bought a pair of NOS Marchal fog light covers just like this seller did. It makes all the difference in presenting this Mustang as a correct car, which still wears its original graphics.

The seller claims a bunch of money was spent on the interior, but doesn’t elaborate. I’m curious what it was spent on, as the dash pad is still cracked and the seats don’t appear to be wearing new upholstery; however, they could have needed re-stuffing or having some rips and tears in those desirable Recaro buckets patched. A new dash pad is included, and since the seller even went so far as to source new TRX tires, I’m not doubting his commitment to bringing this Mustang back to OEM correct condition.

The 2.3L turbo engine is said to run well, but don’t be fooled – it’s not exactly a museum piece. I don’t say this critically; rather, I’m impressed to find a Pace Car that looks this good and has actually been used! Perhaps that’s why bidding is so active, with the number already creeping towards $8,000. It’s a Pace Car you won’t be afraid to use, yet its cosmetics are so good you can still proudly display it at shows. The best of of both worlds, as they say. Anyone else agree?

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  1. dirtyharry

    Most of us want to actually “drive” our cars. It really sucks when your hobby is invaded by the money people. The money people would love this with a 1,000 miles, I can love it with 140k and use it for its intended purpose.

    • JW

      I totally agree !!!

    • Bmac Bmac Member

      I couldn’t agree more, they were meant to be driven in my humble opinion.

      • Rob

        Henry didn’t build’em to let them sit on display!!

  2. Jim

    Wow, the seller has a number of Fox Body cars for sale including a 5.0 Notch, what appears to be an SSP, Cobra and Capri RS.

  3. Brian

    One just sold at the Mecum auction in Kansas City for $4750 with the factory 302 and 78,000 miles

  4. D. Scott

    If he spent $3,000 on his upholstery job he got ripped off. Just saying.

    • Theodoric

      Looks to me like the original Recaro fabric. I had an 82 Mustang GT with those seats and I loved them!

  5. dj

    There’s another one on Ebay for $2850. I know where 5 of these are in a junk yard. 3 have T Tops. Its hard for me not to buy them all and make at least two good cars out of them. Maybe soon.

    • Mike R

      Two more. Seems a tad overpriced, given the 4cyl turbo and mileage.

    • csamuels

      If you know where 3 pace cars with T-tops are you had better go get them today…….
      Being is there were only 3 T-top 79 Pace Cars ever made. And currently one is in the Indianapolis museum, and the other two are in Jack Roush’s collection……
      If you don’t want to buy them I know several folks who would pay a “bird dog fee” it the information you have is accurate……

  6. Brian

    Looks like it is missing the timing belt cover. Not positive, but I believe it should have one.

  7. irocrob

    I remember them brand new and always liked them. The V8 would be a lot nicer.

  8. Moxman

    This car IS missing the upper timing belt cover, but has anyone noticed that it has been converted to a serpentine belt drive? As I recall, these cars had a dual-drive v-belt setup. This car would be a prime candidate for a late model Ecoboost 2.3L engine swap. Then it would be really fun to drive.

    • grant

      No serpentine, those are just twin V belts. Missing timing belt cover is disturbing.

  9. chris lawrence

    If i’m not mistaken, arent those pretty expensive to put tires on those rims. I had one way back when and only michelin made the tires. they were metric or some crazy something. Of course now it might be real easy.

    • Andrew

      The trx metrics are super expensive. Lmr just rolled out a trx in 16 and they are not crazy expensive

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