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14,394 Miles: 1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC Z28

Does it get any better than this? A 1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC Z28 with under 15,000 original miles, wearing perhaps the perfect color for a Camaro of this vintage. The pictures indicate this example is damn near flawless, with a gorgeous interior and unmarked paint. The Camaro is accented by black features throughout, including the hood vents, glass T-top panels, and louvers on the rear window. The seller notes he retains the original window sticker and that the Camaro has a clean CarFax. It’s equipped with the 5.0L V8 featuring Tuned Port Injection and really, there’s nothing obvious to complain about. Find it here on craigslist with an asking price of $19,500 and located in Fargo, North Dakota. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Ikey H. for the find. 

Just the other day, I commented on how a pretty Jaguar XJS was located in Fargo, which didn’t seem like the ideal environment for a well-preserved classic ride. Regardless, there’s perhaps a dealer there that is tracking down hard-to-find vintage automobiles in exceptional condition, or it’s just a hidden enthusiast enclave I should someday visit. As you can see from the pictures, the Camaro is in beautiful shape, with perfect body panels, unmarked alloy wheels, preserved IROC graphics on the doors, and black surfaces that are lustrous and clean. The Camaro shows no obvious signs of prior accident damage, and with mileage this low, I have to believe it was a Sunday-only driver in the summer months.

The interior is my favorite feature – I dig the red cloth buckets and matching carpeting. Even the sun visors are red! While this car would be even more perfect with a manual transmission, there’s little doubt that the automatic won’t stop anyone from making an offer given its time-warp condition. The seller doesn’t provide much info in the way of features, but it checks a lot of the boxes most enthusiasts would appreciate, from the T-tops to the color scheme to the little details still with the car – like the mint T-top bags still in the hatch. While you wouldn’t necessarily plan to use the Camaro that much, it’s been used enough that I wouldn’t feel bad adding 1,000-2,000 miles annually.

The engine bay is spotless, just like the rest of the car, and the 5.0L V8 borrows its fuel injection setup from the Corvette of the same era. In my opinion, this is the setup you wanted, as the 5.0L mill pushed out decent power and the IROC-Z package got you upgraded suspension and other hardware enhancements to sharpen up the handling.  While I doubt it still has the original Goodyear “Gatorback” tires that it came with, that would be a major plus for anyone looking to buy a Camaro that remains showroom-spec-correct. Overall, this is an investment-grade car that will likely continue to appreciate as those of us who ogled them in our youth continue to try and buy back our memories of what a brand-new Camaro looked like when it was just a poster on the wall.


  1. Superdessucke

    Great example at a reasonable starting price for what you’re getting. The 1986 is considered the least desirable IROC because Chevy for some reason deuned the 305 TPI with the “peanut cam” that year, reducing the horsepower from 215 to 190.

    But at this point, none of them are barn burners in modern context so if you like the style of the IROC that should be no big deal. Personally, having owned a couple of these and driven several more, I would hold out for an L98 350. Much better torque curve and noticeably faster. I’m also not a fan of t-tops, especially in these as they’re not structurally tight to begin with. But this is definitely in great condition at least from the pictures.

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  2. Jeremy

    Nope.No automatics for me, especially if it has the 305.At least get the 350 if you’re stuck with a slushbox

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  3. jimjim

    Having been stuck in my house for three weeks, I’d buy this just for the road trip back to Georgia.

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  4. JoeNYWF64

    If this was a hi mileage car with a worn out motor,
    I wonder how long the trans & rear would last with a transplanted
    $3200 400hp 400 ft lb 350 cid crate motor from year one.
    Glove box & oil press gage optionally available?

  5. CCFisher

    Seems as though most Camaros from this era are automatics, which supports my theory that 1980s Camaros were bought by weenies.

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    • Bill Member

      Just the 80’s ?

    • AZVanMan

      The majority of Camaro’s of this era were bought off the lot, not special ordered, and the dealers didn’t order a lot of sticks for V-8s, even then. They may have been weenies, but they likely didn’t have much to choose from, either.

      • Cal

        Doesn’t take too much effort to order a car, just patience. Of course, in this country, that is sometimes hard to come by.

  6. RHP

    This is a nice version of the 3rd Gen. This car would be a good investment due to the fact that they are slowly climbing in dollar value. Decent price for this car.

    I own a 1989 IROCZ 350 TPI that has 17,927 original miles total original car which has climbed in dollar value nicely in the last six years.

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    • Cal

      I agree, but only if today’s young people can get on their feet financially. That possibility is still in question.

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  7. AndyinMA

    the design of these cars has aged really well. if I am ever able to do it, I think I would get a yellow one. T-tops and a stick shift. it’s a 30+ year old car, forget about keeping up with today’s motors.

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  8. JCA Member

    This car was trying to compete with what Ford was doing in 86 with the LX and GT 5.0. That’s why they replaced this 5.0 version with the 5.7 mid year as the Pony wars heated up. The 5.0 was still a better car, lighter, more nimble and a nicer interior. This was car is a Guidette special lol

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  9. Steve

    “Does it get any better than this?” In my opinion, heck yeah, I can name plenty of cars that are better than this one. The red on red, and clothe no less, is just ugly. And believe me, I love Camaros. I have a first gen now and have had others too.

  10. Al

    IF was a 350 & IF had a 6sp, then it’d be worth $13k. Not a dime more w/o. Sure, miles are low. Great if you want to store it in a plastic bubble to look at. If dumb enough to pay what he’s asking, watch that bubble for another 5 years before it MAY resemble what you paid for it. Nope. Plastic & rubber, ages. I don’t want something that from the time I get it, actually USE it, then all the usual time-induced problems & failures, arise! Plastic pieces become brittle & start cracking & there’s a LOT of bland plastic inside this model Not a fan of the door wedge style either. I’d bet if this was on Mecum, he wouldn’t see $12k.

    • Superdessucke

      If it was a 350 with a 6-speed, it’d have been heavily modified and would be worth less, as that combination was never offered on the Third Gen F-body. The L98 350 only came with the 700R4 automatic on these. It wasn’t until 1993 that the by-then LT1 350 came with the 6-speed manual.

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  11. Rogerio Hinojosa

    Hey it was the 80s I mean what else could you ask for everyone knew that u weren’t gonna get no 400hp car from the factory in the 80s but they were fast enough for those times I like it I grew up in the 80s looks good to me

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  12. David C.

    Yet another red ’86 low mile IROC shows up for sale. It just baffles me that the ’86 cars are bringing in big money, when there were twice as many made as to the ’85 cars. 49,585 for ’86 vs. 21,177 for ’85. I would much rather have an ’85 LB9 or an L69 IROC.

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