14,402 Miles: 1989 Honda CRX Si


Among future Japanese classic cars, the original Honda CRX is destined to be a collectible. Over the years, low mileage examples have been popping up for sale at higher and higher prices, and buyers don’t seem to be flinching. This 1989 example here on craigslist is the desirable Si trim and has less than 15,000 original miles. The seller is asking $6,500 OBO. 


In what sounds like a sad story, the seller claims he bought this car from the father of the deceased original owner. The car was parked in 1990 after his son’s passing and based on the mileage, I’m guessing he hardly used it. The Si appears to remain in excellent, original condition, with preserved sport-style bucket seats and the desirable original floor mats (go on eBay – they sell for huge money.)


Why was the CRX so popular? Well, if you wanted to squeeze impressive performance out of low displacement, the Si cars were a revelation. Add in the standard Honda DNA of smooth shifting transmissions and go-kart handing and it’s easy to see why it immediately became a gearhead favorite. The CRX could be had in different trims, all of which had something to offer – 40+ MPGs or lighting fast laps on the autocross circuit.


This little Si isn’t perfect despite the low mileage. A vandal tried to steal the interior but only made off with the rear compartment section in the hatch. There is a running issue tied to the fuel system, as the car will shut off after starting. The seller isn’t asking crazy money, but I’d personally get the fuel system sorted and ask for closer to $10K if it were my car. How many survivor-grade CRXs do you think are left?


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  1. Todd Zuercher

    I’ve always loved these cars. I found one in the parking lot of a local junkyard a few months ago with a for sale sign in it. Had a nice chat with the owner and finally got a chance to sit in it. Alas, it was too small for me to be comfortable (I’m 6’4″). Scratch another one off the list..

  2. 68 custom

    My girl friend had one of these new in 89. it was fun to drive with crazy torque steer, better keep your hands on then wheel if you floor it in first or second. I think these motors can be boosted to add ridiculous amounts of torque and HP. hers was same color with the sunroof. almost to nice to make a DD out of it.

    • Greg

      Nothing is too nice for a DD. life is short. It’s just a car. Drive it. Use it up or someone else will.

  3. Raymond

    Very nice car , but its to bad its an american car. The european version had a twin cam 16Valve 1.6. This is just a basic 1.5 12valve. (you can see it on the hood , the 1,6 twin cam had a small bump on the hood)

    • Jean-Marc

      The North America Si had the D16A6 16 valve 1.6L with 108hp from ’89-91 (105hp in ’88) The twin cam “ZC” D16 engines were available in all other markets from start to finish of the 2nd gen CR-X production. The DOHC VTEC B16A models, was also available in European markets and Japan from ’90-’91.

      In 15 years of being a Honda enthusiast and 8 years of being a CR-X owner, I believe this is lowest mileage one I’ve seen anywhere. This won’t last long, it’s a steal at that price, you can hardly find an original one at any mileage let alone 15K miles. Higher mileage cars have sold for quite a bit more.

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    • 68 custom

      the 89 I mentioned in the post above definitely had a DOHC 16 valve motor.

  4. JamestownMike

    The underhood pic I was provided of this car looks horrible!

    • Gene

      If it was as described, it would have been long gone by now!

  5. JamestownMike

    How does a car with 14k miles get rust bubbling from sitting in a garage since 1990??

  6. JamestownMike

    Here’s more rust bubbling on the sunroof.

  7. JamestownMike

    Minor rust

  8. Jack Quantrill

    I had a ’85 CRX. Ran like a champ, but had some trouble with ignition modules after jump-starting someone.

  9. Jean-Marc

    The sunroof rust issue was common for all of them, I’d be surprised if they didn’t leave the lot with the sunroof rust already started. Mine came from Japan with about 125,000 KMs (roughly 77,000 miles), no rust underneath the car whatsoever, only surface rust was from cosmetic damage to the fenders and quarters. My sunroof on the other hand had sections completely rotted through on the underside.

    This car is in Florida right? That saltwater air with the car sitting in it for so long without much care, I’d say it’s bound to happen. Looks to me that it was put away as is from being a daily driver.

  10. Dan

    Something seems off here.


    I don’t get it at all. My 97 beater Accord is a much better car than this. These cars were to small and uncomfortable, rode bad and had terrible rust issues. It’s great for a teenager or small person but the newer models are much better cars.

    If you want to take a stroll down memory lane I hope your body is the same it was 30 yrs ago. Call your chiropractor and set up a weekly plan cause your going to need it.

  12. Another Bob

    @Jamestown Mike you just saved someone from a big disappointment. Even a 14K car from Quebec would look better than that.

  13. Jeff Lavery Staff

    Holy hell. The engine bay shot does not correlate with the mileage, at all.

    • JamestownMike

      That’s what I’m saying! The story is the car was driven ONE year from new, then parked in a garage. Not sure I believe that story based on pics I was provided??

  14. Eric

    We still own my wife’s first car, an 89 Si. She got it in 96. I swapped in a twin cam ZC years ago. Anyone who says these don’t ride nice must love Buicks or just rode in a bad one. They have mountains of grip and are a blast to drive even when they make only half the power of a modern minivan. My DD is an MK4 R32 with twice the power, but the CRX still brings smiles when I drive it.

  15. Joe

    All the problem shots have been deleted by the seller. Seems to be another bad flipper. Keep this #*@*#! car. Beware!!

    • JamestownMike

      To be fair, these “problem shots” were taken and emailed to me upon request. These pics weren’t posted in their ad.

  16. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Somewhat off topic, but My 1991 Civic DX work/beater rig with 178,500 miles on her got 39.3 MPG at the last fill. Last week my buddy replaced both front CV axles for two hundred bucks. Parts and labor. I had a beautiful 1981 Accord, four door years ago, , leather and all power. And a stick. Cool car but the frame and motor was rusted so bad!!!! I sold it for two cases of Huber beer to my buddies kid, under the condition he monitored the rust for safety’s sake.

  17. Joe Mama

    The wheels on this car are a dead giveaway that it is NOT in it’s original form. The wheels came from the factory with black painted inside the holes. The wheels on that car have obviously been repainted one solid color. That, along with the rust and terrible shape of the engine tells me that someone is lying about the miles. Maybe 219,000 miles on this old CRX. This same website has an article on a 1987 CRX HF that was brought back from the dead after two crashes, a serious water leak/flood, a blown engine and a kid who trashed the interior even further. The author claims that it’s a “survivor”. LOL, not hardly. It had almost every body panel replaced, a repaint from blue to silver (jambs still blue),a gallon of bondo in the rear quarter, firewall and inner fenders painted black, new interior with late model seats and a custom rear hatch area, dash and door panels, plus it had an engine from a donor car with a Weber carb on top. Any decent car guy could spot a few dozen things wrong with that one. Don’t buy into everything you see on the internet.

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