14k Documented Miles: 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

While not an extremely valuable find, I sure would have loved to found this Mustang Convertible! The seller claims it’s not just a real 289 A-Code car, but also that it’s a documented 14k mile survivor. That definitely helps make it worth more and much more desirable with Mustang collectors. It looks like it could really be a low mileage survivor, so be sure to take a closer look at it here on eBay and it can be found in Anoka, Minnesota.

The A-Code was the highest output engine you could get in a Mustang, well at least without buying a Shelby. It’s rated at 210 horsepower and should make this a fun droptop to drive! The engine bay looks as you’d expect a survivor this age to look, but it could definitely use a good detailing.

The interior definitely looks original. The seats and carpet show some discoloring, but are really in amazing shape for a convertible. You’ll also notice the third pedal and shifter! Having a 4-speed will really make this a fun car to drive, although an automatic might be nice for causal evening drives.

This really is an awesome find! While there are lots of great Mustangs still around, I haven’t seen too many A-Code Convertibles in this nice of original condition. While it definitely needs to be preserved, I might consider replacing the carpets to make it more enjoyable. Other than that, I would leave this Pony as is and drive it as frequently as possible! How about you?


  1. Thomas Ivey

    A code 289 4V (225 HP), not the K code (271 HP). Still nice with the 4 speed.

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  2. CapNemo

    Leave the carpet alone and let the car tell it’s story. Just my two cents.

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    • Don H

      No the 289 k with 271 hp is the top engine the 289 A had 225 the 289 C is 210😁

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  3. Mike

    Ebay ad says it’s an A code not a K code

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Thanks for catching that Mike! I was reading about the Mustang and had K-code on the mind! All fixed.

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      • Mikey8

        Good job Josh, I was just about ready to say the same thing and you had already fixed it.

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  4. Philip

    Are you sure this isn’t an “A” code? That’s what the Ebay ad states and is consistent with the VIN.

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    • Jerry

      The eBay ad says “A” code. Still seems like a good value .

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  5. timwig

    Nice survivor, but not a 14K mile car. Look at the driver’s seat upholstery, vinyl buckling from use. Enlarge the interior photos and check out the wear on the brake pedal…these are easy clues. It’s a 114K mile car most likely. Buyer be smart…

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    • Fred

      I agree, cannot be if you look at details on this car. I myself have a -68 Thunderbird with 14K original miles and can judge the difference. My car looks new in every detail.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Yes, if you are a serious buyer, you would need to closely examine all of this documentation that the seller states that they have.

      14K is almost impossible to believe.

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  6. TimM

    It’s a clean looking car!! It’s a driver!! I’m sure this will sell fast!!

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  7. ccrvtt

    If it’s a rust-free 1st gen Mustang who cares if it has 14 or 114K miles on it. Magic numbers once again – 4 speed and 289 is all it takes for me. This is a near duplicate of the 1st Mustang I ever drove, except it was a 260. As I recall the V8 has enough torque and the gearbox was easy to use to make it a fun driver. One of the landmark designs of all time. Great find.

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    • Fred

      Any collector cares about the difference of real 14K and 114K. Thats for sure ! Great difference in prices too…..

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  8. Bob_S

    Also it looks like the door has been repainted – the bolt, lock mechanism and trim plate looks like they have blue paint on them.

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  9. OhU8one2

    I would definately want a “K” code over the “A” code anyday. All the Shelby’s started out as K code cars and for good reason. Ol’ Mr. Shelby knew what was needed to pull some extra horsepower from. They do require a little more maintence, but I could live with that.

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  10. grant

    Pretty sure you could get a K code GT without being a Shelby.

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  11. Jwinters

    I always wondered how does one “document” a cars mileage?
    I can make service records and write in anything I want on them

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    • Marshall

      Service records are acceptable as back up evidence, but not as sole evidence of low mileage.

  12. On and On On and On Member

    Seeing this with the top down reminds me of why they were so popular.

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  13. rick

    One picture on ebay shows 14195 miles, then look at the other picture of dash and it shows 15738. What up?Two different dashes or cars? Bassinguy

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      New owner drove it from NC to Minnesota, I think is the deal. Then a medical condition came up.

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      • Sandy Claws

        Well, in Minnesota there is that little clinic in Rochester. What was that name again, May Oh, or something like that. Hey Doctor Sidney, you still travel these woods? Isn’t that your stomping grounds? Maybe you could check this out for someone?

  14. Mikey8

    Something just doesn’t seem right. I’d look it over well

  15. Robert L Davis

    why would a 14k mile car need a repaint ??? I’m going to say its a114k mile car here

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  16. Ken Carney

    My BIL had a ’64 notchback with a 271 horse 289 in it. And, like this car his had
    a top loader 4-speed which made the car
    a blast to drive– at least until the oil sender went out and he wound up cooking the engine. We went down to
    Montgomery Ward’s and he picked up a
    ’70 Boss 302 to take its place. He got a
    few more ponies and a great sound for
    his time and trouble. 114K miles or no,
    I’d put my niece in this car if I could
    afford it. Oh sure, I’ll get plenty of whiplash teaching her how to row her
    own gears, but she’d have a nice car to drive and enjoy. Who knows, it might
    get her a nice respectable husband!

    • Sandy Claws

      I used to date above my grade because of my car, but not sure if it works that way for girls, and certainly not today. Now if she flaunted the newest I Phone………..

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    • John Oliveri

      Yeah buy her a nice I phone, these guys have no respect for classics,it doesn’t have Bluetooth or a hotspot, she will meet 50yr old men

  17. Matt

    I’m with Bob S, and R.L. Davis; there is overspray and paint/tape creep from a paint job. Take a close look.
    But, I do like the car.

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  18. Bob McK Member

    Nice car even at 114K. Just don’t pay too much.

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  19. Marshall

    Not only do the front seats show a little wear, but also the gear shifter boot does not cover that plate on the hump (what’s with that?). Also, the carpet and the floor mats do not look like 14K to me. Though I would not replace the carpet if that is the original carpet. And possibly the rubber pads on the clutch and brake pedals show too much wear as well (but photo too fuzzy to tell).

  20. Coventrycat

    Whatever it is, it sure beats seeing a 14K or 114K mile Grand National.

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