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14k Genuine Miles: 1979 MG MGB

While it may look a bit dusty and unloved, this 1979 MGB has remained washed and waved until fairly recently. If what the seller says in the listing is correct, then a good wash will be all that it takes to get the little gem sparkling once again. Barn Finder Little Cars spotted this one for us, so thank you so much for that. The MG is located in Princeton, Kentucky, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist. The owner has set the sale price for the MG at $8,000.

The owner says that the car was purchased by the current family in 1980. They aren’t sure whether it was new, or whether it was nearly new. They purchased it from the local dealer who was closing down, so it is possible that it was a carry-over as part of their existing new-car stock. It isn’t clear how long they used the car for, but they only managed to clock up 13,919 miles before the car was removed from service. Under all of that dust appears to be a solid car with a pretty decent paint-job. The panels are straight, and there is no sign of rust. The owner says that there aren’t even any of those annoying little marks that can somehow magically appear on cars in car parks, while the soft-top also looks to be in good condition.

The interior of the MGB is just as solid as the exterior. The owner says that there have been no modification made, or aftermarket equipment fitted. The only thing that I can see is the wrap on the wheel, but that should mean that the wheel itself is spotless. The interior needs a bit of a clean, but that shouldn’t consume much more than a weekend to get ship-shape. What isn’t clear is when the car was taken out of service, and why. It may not be related to any mechanical ills, so we can cross our fingers on that one. The owner hasn’t tried to start the MG but says that a new battery will definitely be needed. It looks like the car is still home to its original 1,799cc 4-cylinder engine and overdrive manual transmission. Depending on how long the car has been sitting, there may be some work required with the replacement of fluids, seals, and hoses before the car can hit the road again.

It’s always sad to see a cute little classic like this left unused as this one has been. There are a good number of people who don’t like the MGB of this era, and they feel that the car lost a lot of its character when it lost the chrome bumpers and wooden dash. To me, it’s still an MGB, and it promises the opportunity of some top-down cruising in a classic British sports car during the Summer months. I can think of plenty of worse ways to waste my time.


  1. Avatar photo Patrick Kelly

    MGBs never had a wooden dash. Pre 68 they had a steel dash, 68 to 71 they had the pillow dash, 72 to end they had the dash similar to this one.

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  2. Avatar photo Tom

    You’d think the seller WOULD hose it off for before and after pics…sheesh!

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    • Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

      Well, my first thought too.

      But a careful reading of the ad indicates that poster is selling for a friend who has medical issues AND the car cannot be rolled out and a winch will be needed off a rollback. I find the last part of the statement difficult to understand. Cant the buyer get in front of the car and push it backward?

      All that aside I think we are all used to the odd realities of life , especially as shown in Craigslist ads.

      My stepson had one of these back in 1982. I remember jibing him over the bumpers which are atrocious. He didn’t care as he knew nothing else. In short order he managed to trash the BRG. black interior car. Exactly like this one.

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  3. Avatar photo ccrvtt

    Lifelong MGB fan here and if it’s what the seller says it is I would think it’s worth the high price, or more. I don’t believe they ever came with a wood dash, however, but this one has all the desired options: Wire wheels, overdrive, great colors.

    “Cannot be rolled out of garage” is ominous, as are a few other questions. If there are satisfactory answers it’s very tempting.

    I think 3-4 hours with a sponge & bucket and vacuum cleaner could add as much as $4K to asking price.

    But then again, it can’t be rolled out of the garage.

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    • Avatar photo Westbo

      Correct. MGBs did not have a wood dash. Triumphs did.

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  4. Avatar photo h5mind

    Two things put me off- “selling for a friend”, and not bothering to clean it up to get a better idea of body and paint condition.

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  5. Avatar photo CapNemo

    The interior needs a bit of a cleanING.

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  6. Avatar photo Steve R

    I guess a picture of the speedometer is now considered proof of mileage.

    The seller claims he’s selling it for someone else. That’s almost too convenient, it gives him the opportunity to avoid answering the typical questions he will get when selling any car and especially the questions he would get with one that has claimed low mileage. It also allows him to skip registering the car in his name. Unless you can meet the person the car is registered to, I’d say much of the ad is likely BS. This is a common ploy among dishonest flippers.

    Steve R

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  7. Avatar photo Ron

    “Always garaged and until recently washed and waxed.” I’d like to see the “garage” that it was moved from as the current garage is spotless. It sat in mud, look at the driver side rear tire. “All the debris in the photos are recent mower and wind accumulations.” No way that much dirt showed up recently. Total BS.

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  8. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    My turn to nit-pick, it’s a 1798, not 1799cc. I like the car, who knows anymore what’s right. You can have the wires, but the O/D is a huge plus. New owner gonna have fun sorting out the problems with this one.

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  9. Avatar photo Yves

    Overdrive? I don’t see the switch on the shift knob.

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    • Avatar photo Dan D

      The O/D switch is flush with the top of the knob, and because of the reflection it’s hard to see – but looks like it is there.

      I tend to believe the mileage based on wearable parts you can see. Still, strange that they can’t actually roll it out unless the brakes are seized – perhaps handbrake has been pulled up all of these years.

      I have 2 B’s and would think that, the ad being true, the price is reflective of value. Late B’s certainly aren’t as desirable as early ones but with deteriorating roads in our country, the extra ride height certainly doesn’t hurt.

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  10. Avatar photo b-rad jeepster

    the cat that walked on the hood might know more info

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