15 Mile ’78 Corvette!


Over the past few days, we’ve uncovered (with the help of our readers) 2 extremely low-mileage Corvettes, one with 8,000 original miles and another with only 7 miles on the clock! Well, thanks to Barn Finds reader Jason D., we have a third contender for the ultimate survivor Vette: a 25th Silver Anniversary car with 15 original miles here on eBay for $45,000. Compared to the 7 mile example listed for $72,000, this seems like a steal! The seller mentions his father purchased multiple examples of Silver Anniversary and Pace Car editions, and this is one of the few he’s decided to unload. Although he’s confident the price is fair and allows room for continued appreciation, the fact that his dad alone owns several of the cars seems to highlight the fact that these special editions are not that hard to find. Of the 3 low-mileage Corvettes, which one would you choose?


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  1. Chris in Nashville

    None… I would use the money to buy some good daily drivers!

  2. randy

    Someone seeing the writing on the wall maybe? Get off of a sinking ship perhaps?
    In ’78 big block 60’s-70’s vettes were still cheap, camaros and cudas were cheap too.
    I wonder why so many folks chose this car to buy and keep? I do not remember there being a huge hype by chevy on these, or do I?

    • dj

      78 was the Silver Anny year so many folks put them up. I know where one is with 3 miles. He also bought a 78 Pace Car as well. It has 4 miles on it. Looks like the seller saw the other one on Ebay and said I can get this for mine. This is still too much. You can buy one with several thousand miles on it for way less.

  3. Hoby

    My Aunts 78 Silver Anniversary L82. Under 4k miles. Sits Never For Sale.

  4. OhU8one2

    Speedo should have been up to 85 mph, this has definitely been changed. For sure this throws up a flag. As clean as it is,I’m sure the mileage is close. Where is the OEM unit? Still like the car though. Not crazy about the red interior,maybe that’s why it’s for sale.

    • dj

      Speedo is correct for this car. I’ve had two of these and both had the 140 speedo in them.

  5. OhU8one2

    Rat Farts, I stand corrected ,85 mph speedo wasn’t mandated until 1980. And remember “race car” spelled backward is still race car. Thank You very little……….

    • dj

      I’ve had two of these. The speedo is correct.

  6. Big Eddie

    I agree with Randy, I personally think the writing is on the wall for high price muscle cars in the coming years. Why I say? Well I have been in the car business for 35 years and now 55 years old and have seen young people in there 30s on down that really couldn’t give a hoot about them except for a few who had parents and grand parents that had them. So as the older generation dies off there will be less interest to spend stupid money to buy them. Look at the 50s cars on back. Just my opinion.

    • Booya

      There are always a few exceptions. Mercedes gull wings and 300SL’s are more expensive than ever. But we’re not going to see a resurgence of the tri-five T-Bird bubble we had in the 70’s and 80’s.

  7. don

    Not worth the asking price, not for that year, why is the steering wheel still wrapped and the seats? BUYER BEWARE!

    • Michael Jacobs

      That is factory wrap..

  8. JamestownMIke

    Look at the close up pic of the steering wheel spokes……..notice the pitting?? It looks like they’ve been touched up. Wonder what happened? Also wonder what happened to the window sticker on the side glass?

  9. RonEBee

    Awesome! A 165hp car that I can’t use or drive!

  10. redwagon

    lived through this time period and i can tell you that despite the detuned engines they were still the hottest thing on the street coming from a dealer. it had all the cache of the stingray and everyone realized it was slower but it was new and limited production. some people thought they were instant collectables. recall that this is also the timeframe of big inflation and big money paid for antiques and art work. so for the common folk beanie babies, cabbage patch dolls and limited edition glassware from arbys, burger king and mcdonalds were offered for consumption. we were collecting everything to be tucked away in pristine condition and resold at a much later date when our investments would surely pay off. few could see that engineering would play such a big role in improving the common car, ramping up both horsepower and driveability.

    did i want one then? perhaps but there were other vehicles that in my eyes were more alluring. do i want one now? yes, but no. the styling looks better to me now than it did then but i would not pay for one. i would rather take that 20-45k and spend it on a different vehicle.

    it is fun to drive a slow car fast but it sucks to drive a slow car that looks like it should be faster.

  11. Barzini

    Of the three cars, I’d take the 1982. There are enough miles that you would not be destroying the value by driving it regularly. It’s also the last year from that generation and I love the color.

  12. Ranco Racing

    At first I thought this could have belonged to a friend of mine until reading further. He worked for a dealer, purchased a Silver Anniversary edition and drove it 1.5 miles to his home. There it sat in his garage for years. He had no fun other than looking at it and worrying that someone might bump into it. Anyone who purchases that one or this one will have to completely go over the car from sitting idle so long.
    On the other hand I ordered one and then decided not to buy after a test drive. Too much of a slug for me.

    Had my friend, or myself, taken the $13,500 purchase price and invested in the market, we both would have earned a lot more than $45,000. GM made too many of these for serious investment earnings.

  13. Jeff

    there is a Chevy Dealer here in Oswego, IL ( Naperville area ) that has a 78 , 91, 95 , 98 all with 2 miles and plastic still on the seats.

    they are for sale and in the showroom ( last time I was in there ) Ron Westphal Chevrolet

  14. Paul

    By 1978 car people saw how much older vetts were skyrocketing in value. Back then not many cars, foreign or domestic were going up in value like older vetts. That’s why many people bought and put these away at that time.

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