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15K Original Miles: 1976 Chrysler New Yorker

Hard to believe from looking at it, but the seller of this 1976 Chrysler New Yorker says is has an honest-to-goodness odometer reading of just 15,000 original miles. While it’s tired on the outside, the cabin appears much younger and fitting of the mileage. It has some running issues that the next owner will have to sort out, and is listed here on craigslist for $2,800.

I always forget about the New Yorker, especially with the widely available Town Car sucking up a lot of attention in this 70s luxury car market. Anyway, as per the mileage, this backseat makes the New Yorker appear as young as the mileage suggests, and the front seats are in similar condition. The dash show no signs of cracking, and the matching brown carpets don’t seem to be torn up.

The vinyl roof can be a source of problems, but the seller says the roof isn’t soft. Overall, rust isn’t a major issue, with the seller noting a small hole in the passenger-side rear quarter, but otherwise, no rot-through. The New Yorker came out of Indiana originally, a region not immune to snow and sand – making the car’s strong cosmetics even more impressive. The only feature that’s not working is said to be the power antenna.

Check out that impressive outpost for the driver – quite a command center. These cars came from the peak of the malaise era, with huge styling and weight, disappointing output, and opulence pumped in to make up for the lack of raw power. The New Yorker is yet another candidate of cheap project cars in this space that still have lots of life left to give, and if this car’s mileage can be proven, it should have many years of motoring left in its chassis.


  1. Pete R

    The Trailer Park Supervisor special.

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    • lmk

      Ha, ha, ha, ha……..

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  2. Del

    Look great.

    Too bad about the color

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  3. Jubjub

    Brown looks cool here. Very lounge like. Really much more car than it’s luxury contemporaries. That interior is without peer. Eliminate the Lean Burn, clean up and find a set of “C” body rally wheels. I’d be tempted to add butterscotch coach lines and lower crease accents.

    The way the crease/kink on the lower rear door correlates with greenhouse is a great and subtle styling feature on these.

    So many of these in decent shape are still being lost to derbies.

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  4. Steve R

    This is the type of car you fix, then drive until it rust away. It’s a cheap way to get into what is nowadays an unusual car. If the gas bill is less expensive than a car payment that’s reason enough to justify its use as a daily driver.

    Steve R

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    • Bruce

      Everything except the rust away part.

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  5. Bryan

    The condition of this car looks great considering its 43 years old! Another good thing is that the 440 cars didn’t have the Lean Burn system yet (only the 400 came with Lean Burn in 1976).

    To my eyes the monochromatic Brown inside & out looks rich; better than the green and golds of the era.

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    • Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

      Not a Mopar man, but this could be a comfortable ride for grocery getting, you can put a ton of food in that cave size trunk.
      God bless America

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      • Paul

        I remember when I had mine, you could buy out half the grocery store and still have room in that gigantic trunk!!🤣🤣🤣

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  6. johnnytwentybucks

    My father always bought brown cars, he said it did not show the rust!

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  7. Paul

    I had one of these in college (a ’77 which is almost identical to this one), and after studying for exams or working on group projects, it was a great party car to cram 6 to 8 people into and head off to Taco Bell at midnight for 99 cent tacos (mid 90s pricing). Mine was well worn, rusty and leaked and burned everything. I had the hood up on a regular basis fixing things. It also made several long trips home to visit family. Mine had the 440 in it and had a healthy appetite for gas. The car met its end one night when I was driving in a downpour and couldn’t see the lake in the road I was about to plow it into. Water went splooshing everywhere and got into the electrical system and fried everything. I gave her a bath and vacuumed her out before calling my favorite junkyard (used parts source) to come add her to the collection. My friends named that car Ghengis Khan, the Land Yacht From Hell!!🤣🤣🤣

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    • Solar

      I got me a Chrysler
      It seats about twenty
      So come on
      And bring your jukebox money

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  8. Ed

    Considering where the rust is and other issues, there is absolutely no way its 15K. It’s 115K, most definitely

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