Fury Road: 1957 Plymouth Fury

If you aren’t a fan of gold trim, then you might want to look away from this 1957 Plymouth Fury. For the first few years, white or off white paint with gold anodized trim was the only way you could get Plymouth’s high performance sedan. If the power of this factory hot rod doesn’t knock you out, the $40K asking price will. Find this rare specimen in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and here on Craigslist.

The first Fury’s were legitimate 140+ MPH cars. Plymouth decided it was tired of being on the sidelines of the beaches of Daytona and created a factory special that was as fast as a Chrysler 300 and Chevrolet Corvette. This 1957 model features a 318 V8 with 290 hp and twin 4 barrel carbs mated to a new pushbutton Torqueflight transmission. To keep all of this power on the track, the new torsion bar front suspension was given heavy duty components to go with standard power steering. The torsion bars allowed for flatter handling and a steadier ride compared to coil springs.

To make the Fury standout out, Sandstone White paint was used for 1956-57 and Buckskin Beige for 1958, with lots of gold anodized trim. You definitely wouldn’t mistake this limited production Plymouth for your grandparents Belvedere. All the chrome pieces look shiny on this 1957 example, but the gold trim has common fade. Even under the hood the dual air cleaners were painted gold and are intact here. The engine could use some detailing but the exterior looks nicely restored and not rusty like many 1957 Chrysler models.

The upscale Fury interior looks perfectly redone. Unmarred door panels, clean and smooth seats, crack free steering wheel, all the unobtanium intact and crisp. The two-tone steering wheel has its matching gold trim and the dash mounted rear view mirror sits proudly on the smooth dash. Other than a dirty floor, the trunk looks rust free and all the trim panels look complete. If this model hadn’t been so flashy, it would have made a great moonshine runner with all that room. Whether this one runs and drives remains to be seen, but the ‘Suddenly, it’s 1960!’ styling means this one looks great on the road or sitting still to admire. Overall, it looks like this Fury just needs a little finishing to make it a near perfect ride. Which would you rather have, a 1957 Bel Air or this one of 7,438 Fury’s?


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  1. Superdessucke

    It looked better in the special order red and white!

    • Richard Gaskill

      There was no special order red and white.

      • Superdessucke

        Well, Rollie LeBay got one.

      • Mountainwoodie

        I like this. We had a ’59 wagon and I always thought the 57-9 were good looking Plymouths. Seems like a lot of money though. Be interesting to follow up and see what it sells for.

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        I think Rollie’s was a ’58. And it had a bigger motor. Watch out for those four lights on super bright coming up behind you….

      • Gevin

        Yes there was a special order of red and black

    • grant

      People in fictional stories got got a lot of things…

  2. Mitch Reed

    $40K is not the least bit unrealistic for one of these bad boys.

  3. Dan

    Worth every penny.

    Like 1
  4. Ian McLennan

    One of these, along with a 57 Chev Bel Air and a 57 Ford Fairlane 500, all 2 door hardtops, would make a nice set, don’t you think?

    • Poncho pusher

      Much rather have a 57 poncho over that chev…..not sayin there not beautiful cars but honestly there played out like a 64 impala to lowriders………..seen so many “odd balls” attract more attention then a concours “run of the mill” car……not sayin id turn one down bit sure would GIVE it to some one that really wanted and would enjoy it…….my pops the man who got this addiction of classic iron started….but i feel more attractive cars was made the the belair in 57……and the plymouths was one of em….

    • ICEMAN from Winnipeg

      Or Canadian market only Meteor Niagara 500.

  5. GP Member

    I love the look of that car, inside and out. I wouldn’t even care if it had a two barrel carb. It’s close to winter in Wisconsin and I just got a new Mahindra tractor with a 66″ front snow blower to pay for. It also has a cab with heat and a/c. (less then the cost of this car).

  6. Maestro1

    I’ll take this over the Chevy anytime along with the 57 Ford. Well done.

  7. Rex Kahrs Member

    Exner at his best. It’s all perfect.

  8. 86 Vette Convertible

    I like it though the first thought through my mind when I saw the front shot was the car from the movie Christine.

    • glen

      I think that was a ’58.

  9. Rick A. Loera Member

    If I had the money is take it in a second.

  10. joseph howard

    Christine from Stephen King

  11. Poptheclutch

    Beautiful car as is.could only imagine
    What it looked like rolling off the assembly line back in 1957.

  12. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    Rollie’s was most likely a 1959….colors were options then. What set the 57 from the 58 is the 58 four headlight’s versus the 57 headlight and parking light treatment – which some have said is the better of the two….both years had the 150 mph speedo to go with the factory 2×4 set up….my 1956 Fury is close – but with a factory tach – the other big three – except little Studebaker – couldn’t match. You could get the optional 2×4 it should be noted in 1956 on the Fury….check the Daytona flying mile sands results…..

  13. Jay E.

    1956 Fury was and is a mechanically a much better car. I think it looks better too. 1957 was hurried to production and delivered with a mountain of problems that killed its sales in the first year. 1956 Fury 2×4 carbs, 1956 Chevy? A tough choice indeed.

  14. Abarthbill

    We bought a new ’57 for my mother. I took my drivers test in her car. Fastest car in Waukesha WI at the time and It handled better than Fords or Chevys. To my old memory this example looks right. Very rare to see one for sale and very few
    at car shows. Fair price.

  15. Mark

    One of my favorite cars takes me back to the sci fi 50s flicks fury was in every one.

  16. RicK

    Rollie’s Fury was a ’58 and there was no special order red on any Fury ’56-58 – they were all that white color. Even stranger, in the book Christine (that the movie was based on), Rollie’s Fury was a four door! Always though it was crime that there were something like 20 ’57-58 Plymouth 2 doors (some of them Furys) destroyed during filming of the movie. Anyhow, $40K is probably a realistic price for such an original car, try and find another one.

    • Bob S

      56, 57 & 58 Furys were different shades of beige. In 59 the car became the Sport Fury and were offered in different colors. I sold my 58 in the early 2000s and have seriously regretted it.

  17. Joseph Muzy

    I’d want to look at the undercarriage. Cars from the rust belt are a risk.

  18. Jack Quantrill

    I love the ‘57 BelAir, but I’d take this over it! Christine, here we go!

  19. BOP Guy Member

    I’m more of a Pontiac/Buick guy, but this is absolutely beautiful! I’d still take a 57 Bonneville over this though.

    • carsofchaos

      Nothing at all wrong with a 57 Bonne, though it will run 2x-3x as much more $$$ as the asking price on this 57 Plymouth….and you have to find one ;)

      • BOP Guy Member

        Totally agree !

  20. Troy s

    Heavy stuff for the time period, amazingly in very good shape. You just don’t see air cleaners like this everyday, artwork.

  21. John C Cargill

    Had a 58 Fury, another one didn’t hold onto.

  22. glenn

    i would restpre that totally, take out the engine have it reworked and painted and put back in so it looked like it just rolled out of the factory but better

  23. Steverino

    Stephen King Tarnashed the 57 and 58 Fury worse than the job Ralphie did on the Corvair.

  24. Rustytech Member

    I think if it was red, or it was 4 doors, it was a Belvidere. The 57 to 59 Fury’s we’re all 2 door hardtops.

  25. David Ulrey

    I …am…in…love!

  26. Smitty

    The only thing I would change is the name on the title.

  27. ROGER

    For me it’d be inevitable to restore it from the ground up just like the infamous Christine. If I had the coin, of course.

  28. ROGER

    PS: The Brazilian 318 (Dodge Dart, Charger and LeBaron) produced only 205cv.

  29. Marty Parker

    Don’t know about that 140 MPH claim.

  30. Mike McCloud

    My Folk’s a ’58, and— was ‘The Car’ I ‘thought’ I’d get to borrow once in awhile, (when I got past a Learner’s Permit!), for dates, cruising, stuff like that. HAH! Good Ol’ Dad fixed that & sold it!! I was in denial, we didn’t speak for weeks. The ’58 had a better engine, the same, but better tuned carbs, a dual point distributor, a great cam you could hear, the first alum. cased TorqueFlite/Pushbuton, & so on. Even better, theirs was a limited edition-(had a plaque-gold of course-) on the tranny tunnel’s carpet, as on of ‘so many’ for Cyril Cooke’; a local Mopar dealer. It had a 150 MPH speedo ! A driving lesson on ‘How to pass a l-o-n-g line of cars the desert’ showed me what 125 MPH felt & looked like-( guess I got hypnotized & left my foot mashed down somewhat longer than necessary! . ( OR WAS IT!!! hee-hee-har-har!!) Dad was sure nervous as the gaps closed faster & faster! Anyways, few were made, but the sure were cool, when I was 16, in 1963!! ( I really ain’t been ‘jest right’, since! ) Wish I coulda bought the last one I saw at less than 5000, more than 25yrs ago! DANG!

  31. Hugh

    I worked at a Desoto Plymouth dealership in 1957. You could special order most any combination. A local bar owner ordered an Adventurer painted a Buick red and I often saw a factory built black 57 Plymouth Fury 4 door hardtop. It had all the Fury running gear in a Savoy body with one straight piece of stainless trim and the Fury script on the fin. By 1958 you could get 2 engines in the Fury. The 2×4 Plymouth or one with the Desoto 2×4 Adventurer engine. It was called the Golden Commando option.


    I remember the early ’60’s when you couldn’t give away a 57 or 58 Plymouth with a V8. Lots and lots of engine failures.

  33. arizman2

    I had one that was in pristine condition that I picked up for $1,500 back in 1969. I gave it to my little brother in 1972 and he promptly trashed it.

  34. Mike Williams

    My dream car, you see I was driving a Plaza 4 dr sedan x-taxi. with the flathead six. I always wanted that Golden Commando in a 2 dr HT

    • Mike McCloud

      Now THERE”S a qualified response!! And, having driven a 4 door ’64 Dodge six I know how ya felt-( Can you say ‘un-inspired’ !!)- I would have wanted the Golden Commando too! A friend had an old Checker x-cab, drove like a truck & looked like one, but it was quite the survivor!

  35. milt

    I’d take this Plymouth in a heartbeat over the Chevy.Contrary to popular belief the Chevy Bel Air was not the only good looking car in ’57!

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