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16k Original Miles: 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

The person who decides to hand over the cash for this 1984 Monte Carlo SS will become the proud owner of a classic that is a turn-key proposition. This is a car that needs nothing because it is a beautifully preserved and original survivor. Included in the sale is a collection of documentation that should satisfy the most discerning buyer. Barn Finder Ikey H spotted this one for us, so I have to say thank you so much for that. The Monte Carlo is located in Plano, Texas, and has been listed for sale here on Craigslist. The sale price for this beauty is $21,000.

The Monte Carlo is finished in White, and it presents exceptionally well. The owner rates the panels and paint as a 9/10 because there are a few stone-chips present, along with some minor blemishes in the driver’s door. Those marks are too small to show in the supplied photos, which suggests that they are insignificant. The paint shines beautifully, and the stickers show no signs of deterioration. There is some color mismatch between the steel and the painted plastic trim, but this is not an unusual quirk in cars from this era. Manufacturers were only really beginning to tackle the question of painted plastic, and it took a while for them to achieve long-term color consistency in this area. The rest of the trim is in good order, while there are no visible flaws with the glass or the wheels.

The SS brought the 305ci V8 to the table, which pumped out a healthy 180hp. This represented a 30hp boost over the 305 available across the rest of the Monte Carlo range. Backing this is a 3-speed TH-350 automatic transmission, while the SS also features power steering and power brakes. This model year marked the last for the venerable TH-350 transmission. As 1984 drew to a close, Chevrolet had begun to introduce the 200-4R 4-speed unit. However, only three examples of the SS received this unit before the year’s end. The new transmission didn’t offer significant gains in outright acceleration, but it did improve fuel consumption figures by an incredible 18%. This Chevy is said to be in good health. It has been appropriately serviced throughout its life, and it runs and drives perfectly. The owner claims that it has a genuine 16,000 miles showing on its odometer, and judging by the bundle of paperwork included in the sale, I think that there is a fair chance that he holds evidence to verify this claim. Amongst this stash is the original Owner’s Manual, Purchase Receipt, Build Sheet, Window Sticker, and dealership brochure.

It’s hard to find anything to be critical of inside the Monte Carlo. It carries all of the hallmarks of a low-mileage survivor that has been treated with respect. There is no wear on the upholstery, the carpet is free from fading and stains, while the dash and plastic trim show no evidence of deterioration. It looks close to how it would have the day that it rolled off the showroom floor, and there have been no aftermarket additions or changes. In a 1984 context, it is an interior that is also nicely appointed. It features air conditioning, power windows, power locks, a power trunk release, cruise, a tilt wheel, an AM/FM radio/cassette player, and the optional Strato buckets seats and console.

Some people will balk at the notion of buying a classic car that is a turn-key proposition. They can feel that by not participating in the restoration process, they are less of an enthusiast. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact that they have recognized what defines a classic car and have been willing to hand over the cash to own one makes them just as passionate as the person with grease under their fingernails. This Monte Carlo SS would perfectly suit an enthusiast who is unwilling or unable to undertake a restoration. At first glance, it might seem a bit on the expensive side, but there have been quite a few examples that have sold recently for higher figures. If a 1980s classic is high on your wish list, then maybe this is one that would be worth considering.


  1. Miguel

    I am not seeing a stick shift in this car. That is disappointing.

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  2. RoughDiamond

    GM never offered a 4-speed manual transmission in the Monte Carlo “SS” model from 1983-1988.

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    • Mike1955

      Except for the 4 made in Mexico in 1984 with 350-4speed.
      Looked for one for years.

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      • Miguel

        Mike, they made many more than 4. The car was a regular production model.

        There are a few still around in original condition but they don’t come up for sale very often.

        I am in Mexico so I am always looking out for them.

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    • Miguel

      Yes they did Diamond in Mexico.

      350 4 speed with Pontiac Grand Prix instruments.

      Supposedly it was faster than the Corvette that year.

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    An SS with a 305ci ? …

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  4. David Bailey

    Another nice car. I wonder how these stack up vs. the Aero Coupes, Pontiac and Chevy, in price?

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  5. George Mattar

    I lusted after these cars when I saw Doug Marion’s story on the 83 SS in Super Chevy. A guy in my apartment complex had a new blue 84 SS. Only year in blue. I pledged to get one. Well three kids, two houses and seven years later, I got my Monte SS, a low mileage loaded burgundy 88 model. It had every option including t tops. Miss that car. Never gave me trouble. Always turned heads.

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    • ActionF

      1983 versions came in blue as well, not just 1984’s.

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      • Miguel

        The Mexican ’84 stick shift cars came in blue or white.

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  6. mds

    Always listed after them as well. Even if they weren’t as fast as they looked, I didn’t care. Would love to park one in my driveway.

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  7. Macfly

    My first “adult” car purchased once I graduated college. It was very fun, handled great, rattles everywhere…

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  8. Steve Clinton

    “This posting has been deleted by its author.” The owner either sold it or changed his mind (which is understandable…nice appearing ‘survivor’!)

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  9. Mark

    Got married in a 87 white Aerocoupe. Had two SS after that. Great cars !

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    • Miguel

      Wow Mark. I can see you and your bride in the front seat, but where was the minister? Wasn’t it kind of tight all three of you at the wedding?

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  10. Robert Hedden

    Having owned 4 First Generation Monte Carlo’s, to me, a 70/71 Monte Carlo SS is a classic. Wrapping my mind around the idea that these cars are considered classics now.

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  11. K Gun Offense

    The looks of these cars and the Camaros of the mid 80’s looked great!! Wanted to love them. Had an IRocZ with the 350 and test drove the Monte Carlo SS. They looked great. They were dogs though and were built for gas mileage. Not a Ford guy, but the Mustang GT had so much more power and takeoff than these cars. Would have been nice if they had more power. Didn’t have to be the fastest car in the world, but darn would have been nice to have some!! This is a nice example of the Monte Carlo SS. It either has sold or the seller has change his mind because the listing has been deleted.

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