17k Mile 1970 Ford Torino Cobra 429 SCJ!

Cars like this 1970 Ford Torino Cobra simply don’t come along every day. It has belonged to the same family since new, and it comes fully loaded with all of the options that take it from mild to wild. Making it even more special is the fact that over the past 50-years, it has only managed to accumulate a genuine 17,626 miles on its odometer. All good things must come to an end, so this mighty Ford is set to find its way to a new home. If you feel that the new home could be yours, then you will find the Torino Cobra located in Wylie, Texas, and listed for sale here on eBay. Mind you, if you are interested, then you will need to swallow pretty hard. The BIN on this classic has been set at $125,000, but the option is available to make an offer.

One of the keys to this car is its originality. This is a vehicle that remains basically unmolested, leaving it as Ford intended. The Candy Apple Red paint is said to be 100% original and has a nice shine to it. However, I believe that some of the vinyl stripes and graphics are not original, but removing these might not be a real problem. The car has been kept covered in a garage for its entire life, so there is a good chance that the paint hasn’t suffered any fading. If this is the case, then these items could potentially be removed without leaving any visible evidence behind. There are no signs of any significant marks or defects in the paint or panels, while rust is most definitely not an issue. The owner provides a very impressive collection of photos of every aspect of the Torino, and apart from some minor surface corrosion on a few components under the car, it really does look brand new. The external trim and chrome are in first-rate condition, and the same appears to be true of the glass. The wheels seem to be free of any defects, but the shaker poking through the hood provides a hint that this is a pretty special car.

When you look under the hood of the Torino, it’s pretty obvious that the person who ordered this car knew what they wanted. Apparently what they wanted was to go fast. With that in mind, what we find is a vehicle equipped with the 429ci Super Cobra Jet V8, pumping out an official 375hp. Of course, this figure has always been considered to be on the conservative side, as many believe that the truth lies well in excess of 400hp, and possibly as high as 450. If that isn’t enough for you, they also chose to tick the box on the options sheet next to the Drag Pack. So, backing the 429 is a 4-speed close-ratio manual transmission that feeds all of those healthy horses to a 4.30 Detroit Locker rear end. It really goes without saying that the Torino is also fitted with power steering, power front disc brakes, and the obligatory engine oil cooler to help prevent engine melt-downs when the driving got serious. At 3,942lbs, this is not a particularly light car, but it could still muster some serious performance. It was capable of sprinting from 0-60 in well under 6 seconds, while the ¼ mile was absolutely demolished in 13.4 seconds. The owner is pretty vague about just how well the Torino runs and drives, but if it has been treated with something resembling respect, then it should be okay on that front. He does say that the car has only covered a genuine 17,626 miles, but doesn’t mention whether he holds any documentation to verify this. Speaking of documentation, this is a car that does come with plenty. In addition to a Marti Report, it also comes complete with original Build Sheets, Window Sticker, Owner’s Manual, and the Owner’s Card.

The owner of the Ford describes the original interior as looking brand new, and this really isn’t that far off the mark. There is some wrinkling of the Black vinyl upholstery on the driver’s seat, but the rest of the upholstered surfaces have an as-new look to them. The headliner is perfect, the dash pad is free of any obvious cracks, while the dash is original and unmolested. Speaking of the dash, one aspect of this car that I find to be quite surprising is that given its performance credentials, the original owner chose not to order the car fitted with the factory tachometer. I would have thought that this would have been a nice feature to have at your disposal in a car of this type. Apart from the minor creases on the driver’s seat, the only other potential flaw that I have been able to spot is some pretty insignificant fading in a couple of spots on the carpet.

This 1970 Ford Torino Cobra is a lot of car, but it also represents a lot of money. It is one of the fastest and most potent cars that Ford produced during this era, and if it really is all that the owner claims, then it is a very special car. Given its overall condition, originality, and relative rarity, I suspect that it is a car that will find itself a buyer sooner rather than later. I just wish that the buyer was me, but since it can’t be me, maybe it could be you.

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  1. Moparman Member

    I don’t care at all for the added vinyl striping, but the pin stripe white walls on those Magnums really add some “pop” to the overall look of this cool car! (IMO) IF I was going to change tires, though, I’d go w/ a set of BFG T/A Radials. Also, I’d adjust the left tailpipe up to match the right one (details, details, LOL!) GLWTS! :-)

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  2. DayDreamBeliever Member

    While the price is indeed eye-watering, where can you find another original one? I’m also wrinkling my nose at the added striping. Delete the pinstripes to improve the appearance instantly.

    Man, what a nice car. But hey, even if I had the cash, I’d not buy, because in a year or two the miles would double, and there goes the value. I prefer cars I can drive! (a lot, as weather allows)

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  3. Classic Steel

    Cough cough 125,000 bucks😮
    I would buy a 1968 Shelby Mustang 428 over this model .
    1. It’s beautiful
    2. Low miles
    3. Great Shape
    4. 429 nice
    5. 4 speed
    But still not seen by me as same class as a Shelby price line….
    or a Hemi Cuda
    or Hemi Challenger

    Good luck with sale as everyone wants to push the envelope on price so the next can try 140 then 180 and repeat rise etc.

    I wish I would of kept my early 2000 year time frame …1970 429 Torino hidden headlight convertible etc…since were blue skies here 😉👍

    It went for roughly 3% of price

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  4. JohnfromSC

    Asking $125K and wouldn’t invest $70 for a correct looking battery topper? Things like this and the tailpipe raise questions for a car with this premium $ ask.

    I think $125K is way high – that’s SCJ Mustang territory for a similar condition car. Let’s see what the market says…

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  5. Dave Rhodes

    why do people insist on junking up their cars with pin striping and decals …..

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  6. Marko

    Is this the car featured on Dennis Collin’s YouTube channel, Coffee Walk ?

    By the photos inside the white Quonset, it appears to be.

    Total time capsule, and low production options.

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  7. exartist

    Hate to say it, but for what things were selling for at Mecum last week this $125K asking for a 429SCJ/4-speed Torino doesn’t seem that incredible.

    Not saying it’s a good deal, or even fair market, just that a $125K ask isn’t crazy.

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    • Janette Green

      I have a beautiful
      1971 Ford Torino Cobra Jet 429 black on black in mint condition with all the papers. And always covered. Looking for a decent offer.

      • Jim

        Please send email to jtcanjr@aol.com with contact info. Thanks

  8. SMJ_Indy

    Mind-boggling to see cheap and trashy vinyl graphics/striping applied to such an, otherwise, beautiful car. Removal of the vinyl striping and the decal between the taillights (along with a few other lo-cost/no-cost simple details) would improve the appeal immensely.

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  9. Steve

    It’s the way Dennis Collins bought it. Remember him from Gas monkey garage.

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  10. jerry z

    I’m surprised Dennis Collin is not bringing this to B-J. Probably would get this price there since usually everything else there is over sold.

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  11. BillB

    That’s the dealer invoice, not a build sheet. The window sticker is a Marti re-pop.

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      Thank you for pointing that out BillB. As I was reading the write up I was saying to myself I did not see any build sheet. Hopefully the writers will learn the difference between a Ford dealer invoice and a Ford build sheet. Two very different pieces of paper.

  12. Jamie

    Barn find police didn’t like my last comments. Guess Gas Monkey and Collins are off limits for the usual banter

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    • Jesse Mortensen Staff

      @Jamie – The rules say “No profanity, politics, or personal attacks”. Calling people names, even celebrities, counts so your comment was deleted. Thanks.

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      • Jamie

        Fair enough. I’m a little more thick skinned than most so I guess my idea of a personal attack is a little bit more drastic than what I thought were in the rules. Then again, anything bad shouldn’t be posted. I’ll put that one in the memory bank. Better to be policed than have it out like other platforms allow. Cheers

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  13. grant

    Holy ships!!! Some of you may recall my recounting the tale of my dad trading in a 1970 Torino on a Pinto wagon when I was young. White fastback with a 429 and a 4 speed. I asked Dad about it while he was teaching me to drive clutch in the Pinto, around 1990 or so. Apparently he had a choice, and picked my mom, lol. I do wish he was still around so I could show him what it might be worth today. We sold the Pinto in ’92, as a driver for $100. I have an unrequited love for these now, and one day I will have one. Likely not a big block but I don’t care. Aside from a Shelby Cobra, this is the prettiest automotive shape ever, in my eye.

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  14. Longdogs

    The Magnums are not the correct wheels for this car. The Argent Styled wheels on the invoice, sticker and Marti report are a 14×7 5 slot steel wheel that use the same cap as a ’69 Mach 1 with the deep trim ring used with poverty cap on the Cobras. Not a bad car, the extra stripes have to go. I have very a similar 429SCJ Cobra with those Argent Styled Steel wheels. Also a very late 1970 build date.

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    • Classic Steel

      So curiosity ..if this brings 125 will you market your car next. 🤔

      Just kidding but when these prices hit they all start rolling out.

      I have an all number matching 63 split with add-on dealer air almost finished. Lets just say even if its market ever went crazier than 100 to bear 300k its still staying put in my garage 😉

      Now that “bullet” three million plus price sell i get as thats a crazy price to take and not pass on …

      One has to think taking that iconic car out had to be crazy to watch over and worry about being hit or stolen 🙄 …
      the recent sale lets the owner drop 120 on a 428 shelby with millions left 😎

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  15. JBP

    there is something with the bottom of driver side front fender…. but nice car..

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  16. Joe M

    Nice car but what is with that Grandpa gauge cluster. Couldn’t they pop something more racy in there?

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    • whmracer99

      That’s actually correct except for the missing horizontal tach that I think should be in the lower left corner of the instruments under the speedometer. I’ve never seen one of the 70 CobraJet Torinos without one and the one we had was a CJ (not a SCJ) and included the tach.

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      • z28th1s

        The tach was an option. It didn’t come standard on ANY of the models including the Cobra.

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      • OGK

        Agreed! If optioned with the tach, it would be to the left of the fuel gauge.

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  17. whmracer99

    Something about a car that looks like a 17k mile car on top and a 117k mile car on the bottom (or maybe the 17K were all done a 1/4 mile at a time). I’m not going to argue the validity of all the part numbers, etc., but something to me seems a bit off. No tach (thought all Cobras had them), cheapy exhaust and rear shocks, underside that looks like it’s been rode hard and then rattle can touched up, etc.. If the bottom side looked like the top then I’d be looking a little differently at it but at $125k you ought to be able to eat off the underside of this thing and everything ought to be OEM correct.

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  18. Dave

    Hum. Does anybody see a tachometer in this car? I know Ford offered that funky ribbon tach on left side of dash in these models.

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  19. Boatman Member

    For the umteenth time, this car is a COBRA. Not a Torino Cobra!

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    • z28th1s

      My uncle has an all original ’70 Cobra. It came from he factory with the Torino script emblem on the left front of the hood.

      It is the third ’70 Cobra that he has had and they all had the Torino script on them.

      I would post a picture of them, but the site won’t allow me to.

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    • OGK

      Mine was also original when purchased and has the “Torino” script on the front edge of the hood. Marti report says Cobra, invoice says Torino Cobra.

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  20. Snotty Member

    You’re right Dave, the funky horizontal contraption made to fit in the dash opening, was never nothing to gauge accurate engine r.p.m. The fact that the car doesn’t even have exhaust tips that aren’t in the same position, is unacceptable, for what they’re asking. Pinstriping is funky.

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  21. dave brennan

    No one has mentioned the out of register digits on odometer or that the stripes seem to have been applied after the door hinges wore out. Stripes line up, moldings don’t. Or , I suppose the molding installer just dint care.

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  22. Rattlehead

    a thought on the tachometer. if buying a car like this new and want to race it why the hell would any one want to use an unreliable factory tach? i have never know them to be accurate. most of us real gear heads want to use an aftermarket unit accuracy and reliability. oh and those cool ass shifting lights for those who cant feel when the engine tells them to bang the next gear.

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  23. Del

    Recent articles around the WEB indicate prices for some collector vehicles is in free fall.

    Nice rare car but I doubt it will sell on ebay for 125 grand.

    But you could try the offer option but I think any offer under 100 gs is auto rejected

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  24. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Another over-priced “holy grail” car.

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  25. SteVen

    The article suggests the owner ordered it with a 429 Super Cobra Jet and then on top of that added the Drag Pack. FYI it was the selection of the Drag Pack option that caused it to be a Super Cobra Jet vs. a standard Cobra Jet. The Drag Pack included the engine durability enhancements plus the 3.91 Traction-Lok rear. You could also select the 4.30 Detroit Locker, an thus equipped is also referred to as a “Super Drag Pack” car.
    BTW folks often think having the J-code in the VIN means it is a Super Cobra Jet. It doesn’t. The “J” code means only that it has Ram Air; 3,488 of the 7,675 1970 Torino Cobras had Ram Air.

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  26. Jim

    As an owner of a very nice 70 Torino Cobra I hope this person gets something even close to $125k. The nicest one I’ve ever seen sold at BJ or Mecum a couple of years ago for $100k but the quality differences between that one and this one are night and day. I’ve been tracking these for over 15 years and I’ve never seen a $125k Torino.

  27. Janette Green

    I have a 1971 Black on Black Ford Torino Cobra Jet 429 with only a little over 27,000 miles on it. It stays covered all year long. I have all original paperwork for it. And pictures if wanted. It’s in mint condition with no rust. Let me know if interested.

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    • Glen Riddle

      Sounds like a great candidate for a Barn Finds Auction.

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      • Janette Green

        What do I have to do for that?

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  28. Troy s

    Everything right and everything wrong with Ford can be found here. Only give away inside to what this car is about is the gear shifter, the rest is dad’s A to B work car.
    Sharp lines, healthy engine, solid driveline,,,those 4.3 gears tells me it was bought for harsh acceleration and being on a first name basis with the nearest gas station. Nice ride.

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  29. Ron
    • OGK

      Nice car but not a SCJ. The “tell’s” are what’s not under the hood and rear end ratio.

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  30. Woody

    Lots of great comments on this J-code Cobra! Someone wasted some time in the garage with stickers and pins but get down to the business of the ram-air with 4-speed and condition of this 429.A rare car indeed,it’s not going to sell for the asking,but depending on who wants a low mileage beast they are going to pay whatever it takes to own it,even if the mileage was accumulated by burning tires on a quarter-mile! The Cobra has been a favorite of mine since the 80’s when my Dad purchased a J-code 429CJ from the original owner,he drove it from California to Pennsylvania after a career in the Air Force.My brother still has the ‘70 Cobra in his possession which is loaded with just about every option available like ram-air,a/c,ribbon tach,power windows and seats with beautiful saddle color leather trim interior and rim-blow horn on steering wheel. The car is a column shift automatic and im almost positive it is one of few made with these options. The car is off-white with flat black “shaker” hood! Not to mention fast!

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    • SteVen

      Sounds like a great car, Woody. And congrats on keeping it in the family.
      I’d suggest ordering a Deluxe Marti report, which will fill in the details for you on rarity. With those options it may be 1-of-1. It will also tell you the original dealer and ordering info, production date, etc. If you do, maybe you can let us know here what you find. Also maybe the car would be a good candidate for a story in a mag like Hemmings Muscle Machines.

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  31. Woody

    Thank you SteVen,yes I’m aware of the Marti but getting my brother to open the “barn” to air it out is like trying to get him to ride his old Indian motorcycle again! He has kept most of his projects since we were teens,I had the rare ‘69 Barracuda M-code which he says I should have kept,and a few other Mopars but family comes first and I will find another project soon! His Cobra is known as the “Snake”!

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  32. Del

    Yup. great Ford Flatulence

    Still will not sell for over 100 gs

  33. TimM

    Beautiful car!! 125,000 beautiful?????

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