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$1,800 OBO: 1968 Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe

This is a 1968 Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe and it can be found listed on the Nex-Tech Classifieds website. The seller is asking $1,800 or best offer for this car. Thanks to Gaylon S for sending in this find! This car is located in the great city of Great Bend, Kansas.

Admittedly, the photos aren’t the best, but this sure is a desirable body style, at least in my opinion. The Custom Coupe was new for the 1968 model year and a lot of buyers snapped these two-door hardtop cars up. Chevrolet also made a Sport Coupe with a sloping roofline. I wrote about a somewhat similar-condition car back in March but it was twice the money as this car is and it still didn’t have an operating engine or transmission! Not to mention the interior may be in better condition on the car for sale here.

This car was stored in a shed since 1982 so it needs some major elbow grease as you can see. The passenger side looks rougher than the driver’s side does, but both side need rust repair, but the floors and trunk are solid. New patch panels are available for the fenders and quarters if a person chose to go that route.

Ok, you’ll need a hazmat suit for sure! There will be some major mold and mildew to deal with on this car, which is unfortunate. Is there really any way to 100% remove that smell? If you have a basement, you probably know that some things can pick up a mildew odor even if your basement isn’t leaking, just from being moist. I’m guessing that even though this interior does look like it’s in nice condition, some of those fabrics and carpet will need to be replaced to make it really nice inside again. Perhaps a bigger issue is there is no title for this car, it’ll come with a bill of sale. That’s not that much trouble in some states, but in others it can create a headache.

A couple of sprays with detailer and a quick wipe and you’re in business! (kidding, of course) The seller says this this 275-hp 327 V8 isn’t running, but there is no word as to why. Is it stuck? Is there no spark? A dead battery? Gummed-up fuel system? I’m guessing all of the above, but hopefully the car wasn’t put into storage in 1982 because the engine didn’t work back then. What are your thoughts on this one? These things can all be repaired and this looks like it could be a good buy if a person has a couple of parts cars lying around.


  1. Mike

    MOLD issue, the bad part of this is it will be everywhere including in the vents, under the carpet, in the seat material, this one would take a major gut and restore.

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  2. Ben T. Spanner

    I have unpleasant memories of 1968 full size Chevrolets. I was drafted in 1968 and did AIT training in Ft Leonard Wood, also known as Ft lost in the woods. it was 2 plus hours West of St Louis.
    The car service to the St Louis Airport consisted of new 1968 full size Chevies. The speedometers were disconnected, they had loaner wheels with no wheel covers, and mismatched seats from wrecks. They were driven hard and fast with lots of cigarette smoking.
    After plenty of abuse, they went back to the dealership for cleaning, and installation of the original new tires and seats. I pity the people who thought they had purchased a new car.
    My first job after Vietnam had company cars consisting of 1968 and 1969 Biscaynes? The lowest level. Blue Flame sixes and Powerglide. AM radio. No PS or PB. All were painted in wheelbarrow colors. Absolute penalty boxes.

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  3. Mark

    This looks like the sort of car which would have a radioactive extraterrestrial cadaver in the trunk…

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  4. nessy

    I got a kick out of the seller claiming the car has a decent interior that just needs to be cleaned and how he would consider a trade for a decent 65 or 66 Impala 2 door hardtop, meaning a fastback. Ah yea bud, I’m sure you would like that…. That interior is material, not vinyl so you will never get that mold off without the seats coming apart. It does have factory air, tilt wheel, the side marker light option, the clock and the upgraded 327-275. It looks like it also has the factory am/fm radio. Although the 68 Chevy was the nicest looking out of the 65 to 70 Chevy full size models, that is just my opinion of course, I would not want this one.

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  5. jaygryph

    Hey, roadkill didn’t have any problems hopping up theirs. Of course, they had an absurdly built blown engine to throw in it…and absurdly built blown engines tend to make up for a lot of other shortcomings :P

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  6. Vin in NJ

    In May of 1968, my grandfather purchased a new Impala fastback in blue. My father decided to use it to bring me home from the hospital when I was born a month later, so I’ve always had a soft spot for these cars. it’s a shame this car went neglected, for compared to my grandfathers car that had a 307, vinyl bench seats, crank windows, AM radio, dog dish hubcaps and no side marker light option, this car looks to have been a nicely optioned Impala

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  7. Bruce Fischer

    I had an old chevy with some mold and smell. There is something you can get in your local supermarket.I think its called damp rid. You just take off the top of the container and it sucks up the moisture and smell and turns in to a solid in the container. Always worked for me and you might need a watered down bleach to clean the heavy mold up.Just my 2 cents.Bruce.

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  8. Moparman Moparmann Member

    In the early seventies, I had a co-worker who had this identical car, except that his was powered by a 396 c.i. engine. after the 73 oil embargo, he traded it in for a spanking new, 4 speed, orange Pinto! :-)

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  9. Rustytech Member

    My father had a 68 4 door hardtop with the 396ci it had the fastback styling. I like that better than this 2 door. This car has more serious issues than the mold, which is bad enough. Sorry, not for me.

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  10. Steve W

    Just a quick observation: side marker lights were a govt mandate in 68, not an option.

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    • Joe Moss

      This car does have the optional side markers lights.. They are in the end of the front fenders, as is / was the 67s.

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  11. Jay

    Didn’t the hoped up 327 have four barrel and dual exhaust?

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  12. Steven

    Had one in the early 90’s. Liked it a lot.
    The mold would not scare me
    I guess there’s not much that would scare me come to think of it.
    Depends on how bad you want it lol

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  13. kevin

    Hey Ben T Spanner, thank you for serving this wonderful nation!

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  14. Joe Moss

    This car DOES have the OPTIONAL side ( Fender ) ( Cornering) lamps.. One can see they are plainly “glass” ( Plastic) NOT the chrome cast fender “lamps”, tips, ends or whatever one choices to call them that were standard issue. This same option could also be had in 67″

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  15. louie

    Why does it have super sport on steering wheel, dash, and fenders?
    I have one the same with a 16447 vin and also has all the super sport emblems and options.

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  16. Phil

    Wish I had some extra cash…… this was my first car! Bought it from a friend of my dads for $200 and it cost me $250 to get it to pass smog test! I would love to get this and restore it.

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  17. Queens Customs

    is this vehicle still available

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    • Carlos Reyes

      I would definitely love to have this car to restore definitely a nice body and interior of course it will need total restoration, but it’s worth it in my eyes. I see nice body lines and car has a lot of character to it

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