18,225 Miles! No Reserve 1982 Cadillac Eldorado

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One of my favorite sellers on eBay is J&J Auto Wrecking, as they have a knack for finding modern classics that are too rough for road-use but contain treasure troves of spare parts enthusiasts like myself covet. I actually found an entire replacement interior for my junkyard find Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 from their shop, and it comes as no surprise they’ve come across a gorgeous 1982 Cadillac Eldorado, listed here on eBay at no reserve and with just 18,225 original miles.

The body is quite nice, and the chrome trim still shines nicely. I feel like all GM vehicles from this era suffer from cracked trim around the bumpers, but there’s no evidence of that here. The seller notes very minor and isolated spots of rust, but nothing to be overly concerned about. Otherwise, some small dings and tarnishing of the chrome are the only cosmetic concerns.

The interior isn’t perfect and the driver’s seat exhibits more signs of wear than I’d expect for such the miles. There’s some isolated grunge on the seat belt, too. The rest of the cabin is excellent, with some of the best dash trim I’ve seen in one of these Eldorados in quite some time, and those nicely preserved wood veneers continue to the door panels. No dash cracks, either.

The Caddy’s 4.1L V8 powers the front wheels, and is said to run well but the carb needs attention. The seller notes it drives well under normal operation but tends to bog down when accelerating. No issues from the steering or suspension are noted, and the tires are almost new. While not likely to appreciate in value, this Eldorado is a time warp classic for not much cash.

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  1. grant

    Obviously a well cared for 118k, but it still begs the question of why this is in a wrecking yard. It appears to be anything but “too rough for road use,” but if they’re lying about the mileage (they are) what else is going on with it?

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    • David

      Would you like to see the CarFax I have sitting on my desk before making anymore baseless accusations? Post your email and I’ll gladly send it to you…. David – J & J Auto Wrecking

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      • grant

        Or just post a pic of the VIN and people can run their own.

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  2. Skorzeny


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    My oldest daughter had one of these, and when riding in it you knew it was a Cadillac. Like riding on a cloud.
    Grant said it perfectly, obviously a well cared for 118k miles. Still a nice car, but not 18k nice Quite surprised bidding is over $3300 with 8 days to go. And it’s the 4.1 engine, which I thought was not the most desirable
    Nice car, always liked this body style, along with the Toronado’s of the same vintage, but I think there might be better deals out there

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    • David

      Here’s more photos of the car. I’m the one who posted it for sale and I assure the miles are true.


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      • BRAKTRCR

        David, I apologize for not accepting that the miles are correct on this car. But you have to see my perspective, at looking at the engine photos from the underside of the car, and the oil on the catalytic converter
        That, and the drivers seat cushion… it just looked like a lot to me. Again, I apologize for my suspicious post, I’m confident you are serious and truthful

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  4. Too Late

    Looks like a crank seal or both valve covers may be leaking extensive amount of oil. Usually when you have that much burnt oil built up on the cat converter it’s not a good thing. It’s great that they took pictures of the undercarriage

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  5. Joe Spinelli

    beauty car but ohhhh that horrible motor

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    • BBish

      Yes, the HT4100 is garbage. Iron heads on an aluminum block.

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  6. geomechs geomechsMember

    I could be interested in something like this. However, I pefer to have a 350 diesel. I looked after an ’80 model for a customer. I told him many times to let me know when he wanted to sell it. He never did.

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  7. ACZ

    Carb needs work? I actually hate to say this, but it’s electronic fuel injection. Thus, the carb problem. Nice looking car except for the engine compartment. It has an HT4100 (aka. Hook & Tow 4100). Better price it as a car needing an engine. Best thing to do is put a 350 or 403 Olds in it. Then you’ll have something dependable.

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  8. David

    Here is a link to our website with 150+ photos of this car. The mileage is accurate and at the bottom of the photos you can see the title CLEARLY stating actual miles and the CarFax to go along with it.


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  9. poseurMember

    We had a bunch of these E bodies (IIRC) starting with a gorgeous 79 350 Eldo & ending with a 307 Riv. Diesel Toro & T-Type Riv in between.
    Fantastic cars, beautiful proportions, comfy (for up to 4) & great riding, decent handling.
    Mom was just recalling over dinner this weekend how miserable she was stuck in middle rear seat on thousand mile return from FL Christmas 1980.
    I’d love to have one of these Personal Luxury Coupes in my mythical fleet but you couldn’t lay me enough to take a 8-6-4 or 4100. All the other motors had their strong points but the turbo was my fave

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    • Anthony

      A Turbo??

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  10. Del

    Did these have injection problems ?

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  11. ACZ

    Not so much. They had issues with engine coolant leaking externally or into the oil, or both.

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  12. Del

    So basically they were crap

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      I wouldn’t be too quick to blame the engine. True, they were somewhat lacking in power and there was the odd complaint of coolant loss after sitting for an extended period of time. I think a lot of those complaints came from the competition, especially across the Pacific. Working as a mechanic I heard most of them…

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  13. ACZ

    Did you own one? I did. I set of intake gaskets, then cam and lifters, then finally an engine. All under 15K miles.
    Boat anchor.

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  14. ED

    The first odometer report I see on the Car Fax is from 2010. This car could have easily rolled over 100,000 back in 1988 and I don’t think car fax would have had any record of it, would they??

    It’s a nice car, but I just can’t get behind the low miles claim.

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