18,550 Miles: 1997 Mercedes S600

This 1997 Mercedes-Benz S600 is a one-owner car, recently traded into a dealership with a mere 18,550 miles on the clock. Bidding is fast and furious at the moment, with the big sedan already attracting $25K – and the reserve unmet. It’s safe to say these flagship models rarely turn up in any condition that isn’t a basketcase, so it’s not surprising to see the interest here. Find it here on eBay and located in Alabama.

The unfortunate quality of these top-shelf Mercedes is that they were so overloaded with features when new that third, fourth, and fifth owners rarely have the means to keep up with the required maintenance – rendering many of them ready for the scrap heap when they come up for sale. This one has escaped that fate, with a gorgeous, unmarked Brilliant Silver exterior.

As mentioned, these W140 cars were loaded to the gunwales with features. This one has two-tone leather seats, xenon headlights, Parktronic, heated rear seats, adaptive suspension – all in 1997! The interior is in incredible condition, where the usually cloudy wood trim retains deep shine and the leather seating surfaces show no obvious signs of wear.

The big-body Benz is powered by a 6.0L V12 paired to a 5-speed automatic transmission. The upkeep required by the engine alone could terminate many fragile relationships, not to mention the electrical bits. While the seller is correct that this is likely the lowest mileage S600 in existence, I’d still want to check the history file to ensure all required upkeep has been performed.


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  1. Superdessucke

    Sitting is not very good for modern German cars. I would need to know more before springing the 30 plus thousand dollars it’s is going to take to put it in one’s driveway.

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  2. Ralph

    This is confusing….someone obviously loved this car, had the means to buy it and keep it in great condition with very little use for 22 years….why trade it in?

    I’m not a real Mercedes fan, I find them a bit overrated and snobby, but I really can’t think of any new Mercedes I would rather have than this, the current S-class is as tasteful as a Russian Mobsters baby shower…….

    Even in great condition and with low miles these can still be a money pit, this would be a good buy if you were say…..JP Getty and you had a really good Mercedes mechanic you trusted…..

  3. Louis Q Chen

    These big Mafia/Russian cars especially with the big V-12! My partners and I had the opportunity to maintained one of these MONEYPIT luckily it’s owner can afforded-the owner is an Asian-American business owner that loves MB with V-12! He also own a 600SL. I recalled that one time he lost the key to his 600SL it was expensive and had to provide ownership papers to have the dealer to get a replacement! Even now this owner still kept our “crews” on retainer so that we’re available at his beck and call! I think I’ll let him know about this baby! We wouldn’t mind if he gets another V12, the retainer fee is our extra pocket money and since he has a few hard to find replacement parts just in case. Remember these v12 are “If you wanna -play, you gotta pay!”

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    • Don H

      You may have said a little to much🔨🔫

  4. Haig Haleblian

    I own one with 135k. It’s the only car I own that’s an automatic and can seat 4 inside and 10 bodies in the trunk. $137k when new. We use it for long trips and dinners with another couple. It’s like driving your living room sofa. It looks like the day it left the showroom but I’m a little nutty about keeping my cars right. I too fear all the trinkets going south, but fortunately those have been few and far between. The drivetrain is bulletproof.

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  5. ace10

    This car landed with a thud when it went through BRing a Trailer a couple months ago. On an earlier auction, this dealer tried to pull a fast one with damaged 4Runner. Caveat emptor,

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  6. Coventrycat

    When it breaks, it’s gonna break in a big expensive way. And you’ll still have a 22+ year Benz that has as much visual style as a refrigerator.

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  7. dyno dan

    what is so expensive about maintenance and upkeep on these?
    just curious. seems like a case of beer and a tool kit from sears
    will fix anything!

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    • BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

      3 pointed star & no knowledge of can give a guy some bad religion.

  8. Too late

    German beer and German tools are much more expensive than Coor’s Light and Sears Craftsman tools. Or is it Lowe’s Craftsman tools now ? ? ? I had a friend buy one these new in black. Gave to his son to drive when he got his drivers license while in high school

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  9. Bob McK Member

    Think it is a deal? Wait till you have to pay for the repairs. It sat a lot, I guarantee this deal will become very expensive fast.

  10. RITON

    I have one. MY1995. After 14 years it still had only 14000 kilometers (I’m in europe).
    The 2nd owner drove 70000 km in the 4/5 years that followed. Cost him about 13K€ in maintenance and repairs (at Mercedes). They changed the upper end engine gaskets (dried away), the rear suspension (self leveling not the piloted ones…) and one wire harness.
    After that I bought it and now have 122000 km on the clock (bought it in 2015). Major problems :
    I had a spark problem that melted one of the catalysts. One of the 2 ignition coils went out and unburnt gas in a hot catalyst is bad… Cost me a lot of money.
    A problem with a speed sensor on the AC compressor that nobody could find (just a broken wire on the plug on the compressor!!!) and they had me change the compressor and various bits before I checked this out by myself (helped on phone by a friend who knew the electronics on this car).
    The duo-valve kit had to be changed (a rubber part inside was out of shape by time passing by) : found it on Ebay for 90 bucks.
    Lately an ABS sensor went out, found that by myself too with a sort of OBD reader (home made by an enthusiasts on a forum). Found that too on Ebay (NoS for 1/10th of the price new!).
    I have done all the repairs on my own and maintenance too. It’s an easy car to maintain. Just don’t let things get bad. Terrific engine will burry all passengers into their seats and mileage isn’t as bad as one would think (11/13 liters per 100 km) on road trips.
    Parts availability is good too for à 20 year + car…not all manufacturers can say the same!

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