$1,900 Stingray: 1974 Chevrolet Corvette

Although the C3 Corvette was made for several years with a few design changes along the way, they still well admired. This 1974 car offers what looks to be a solid body and a great start to a C3 project. Lacking its original drive train, this ‘Vette could be a cool hot rod project with a big block of your choice. For the buy it now price of $1,900, this Chevy certainly has some promise. Check it out here on eBay out of Dalton, Georgia.

Although the interior is a bit hectic, the tan interior components are in decent shape. The seats, doors panels, and center console all look reasonable, but most of the dash is missing. There is an array of parts inside of this corvette, so it is difficult to categorize what may be missing from the interior.

Despite looking like a bright orange Department of Transportation vehicle, this Corvette actually has a very solid looking body. Perhaps yellow in its past, it is clear that someone attacked this car with a sander to get through some of that orange. I don’t see any cracking or UV damage to the body based on the photos.  I am curious if the hood is missing, or if it is misplaced somewhere and included with the car. I say buy it, clean it, and put a big block in it, and drive the wheels off of it. Would you revive this C3?

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  1. Vman73

    Interesting, it certainly has some attributes of a ‘74, rear back window, emergency brake cover and probably more of the interior which I cannot see from the pics. Things “upgraded” from later C3’s include front, rear bumper covers and the seats. Rear bumper and seats are a pretty easy switch, front no so much. Installation of that front bumper cover requires a change to 80 to 82 front fenders so it has probably had a front clip at some point in time. Good parts car or resto-mod as you mention. IMHO not a condidate for “restoration”.

  2. Miguel

    First of all I don’t understand why people put later uglier pieces on an earlier car.

    Second of all, I just can’t get into building a car you can find in good shape for a lot less money than you would have invested if you did build it.

  3. Steve R

    It’s an expensive parts car. There are too many visible problems, later front clip, why. Odd seats, no engine, transmission, hood, no description. The seller puts up a red flag in their minimal description, for parts or re-build, that suggests deeper issues.

    As mentioned above, the mid-70’s Corvettes aren’t expensive, why bother.

    Steve R

  4. ruxvette

    “this Chevy certainly has some promise”…yup, the promise that you’ll put in twenty grand and have a $6500 car.

    • Tom

      Thank you.

      Only over priced by about $1900.

      You could put about $70K into and have a $30K car?

    • Dave

      Exactly. Sometimes, free is too much. Not worth 1900. If I needed a nose, $500

    • W.C. "Bill" Barkdull

      My feelings exactly dump a bunch of green into this project, just what we see is bad enough, but just think what you do not see until after you purchase it. Not the most popular year/make/model, etc anyway! Rougher than a cob with what you do see and no OEM drive train, interior shot, body shot, what’s left of it anyway, and no hood. I would seriously have to think about dumping $1k for what I see. Like ruxvette already said the most your going to end up with is a $6k CORVETTE. . . .

  5. JW

    March must be the month for all the nuts to come out to sell their junk.

  6. 86_Vette_Convertible

    If you got it for free, had a drivetrain and a frame at a minimum, maybe. Sitting in a shed on dirt for how long? That frame could easily be swiss cheese and no telling the condition of the birdcage.
    Get some parts (if you need them) and put it to bed.

  7. Vman73

    Took a second look to review the comments and noticed the steering wheel and column, they along with the door panels are also ‘74 vintage. If the column was T/T it would be worth almost more than the car !!

  8. W.C. "Bill" Barkdull

    Well said Dave FREE is hardly ever FREE in the end anyway, pouring good money after bad, no doubt in my mind you would have to spend way more than the finished product would be worth to make a profit and if you was building a driver I would rather have more car to start with, just way too rough for me, not to mention the population is not going to beat your door down begging for the year.model Vette!! NOT FOR ME AT ANY PRICE!

  9. Jerry

    Again, someone undeserving of a good car. How could you do that to that poor Corvette? I’ve always wanted a corvette since childhood, but never had enough money to get one. Here, someone has one and just lets it rot! Unbelievable. They should be ashamed.

  10. Del

    Another one ?

    I am going to deliberately wreck a Vette so I can have it shown here.

    Please post pics of more

    • stilbo

      Yeah… It’s hard to stomach two inside of one week…

  11. Comet

    “Buy it, clean it, put a big block in it, drive the wheels off of it”? If were talking about the same car, and I think we are…you’re probably the most optimistic person on earth. You would have 10K in this pile before it moved an inch.

  12. PatrickM

    Ya know, I almost passed this by. But, all I have to say is, “No comment.”

  13. Gary D Oliver

    I had a 74 Corvette and this isn’t one. This car looks like an 80 or 81.

  14. stilbo

    Never mind the fact that turning this thing into a reasonably decent looking and running Vette would be as financially sensible as trying to raise the Titanic….

    There should be an IQ test for every vehicle title transfer.

    Hopefully that would at the very least, reduce the number of vehicles that wind up like this thing.

    And that’s as nice as I can get in voicing my opinion of whoever did this to this car.

    At least the yellow spark plug wires are missing.

  15. ACZ

    Let it die.

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