1,918 Actual Miles: 1993 SVT F150 Lightning

The Ford F150 Lightning is a muscle truck creation born out of the company’s SVT group, which has had their hand in seemingly every major performance variant offered by Ford over the last forty years. Despite the obvious performance credentials, values of SVT-blessed models haven’t exactly skyrocketed, including the pickup truck. This one is an outlier, as it has just under 2,000 original miles and appears to be in showroom condition. The seller is asking $45,500 here on craigslist and the listing notes that the Lightning remains in factory condition with zero modifications, and benefits from a recent paint correction.

There’s a video on YouTube of a dealer test-driving a Lightning where he repeatedly refers to it as a car. This earns him some angst in the comments, but there’s a reason for that. SVT could have made this just a straight-line performance truck, but Ford’s engineers actually dialed in some very real handling capabilities to make it more than a one-trick pony. Upgraded shocks, front and rear stabilizer bars, and of course, meaty tires all around. Sure, it was no Miata, but it was a truck you weren’t scared to get sideways on occasion. The original paint is a great find, as many of the repainted trucks are missing their obsolete “Lightning” badges by now.

Thickly bolstered sport seats were more Mustang than pickup truck, and given this Lightning has seen barely any use, the upholstery and foam reinforcements remain in perfect condition. No cracks in the dash and the carpets are spotless. There’s nothing exceptional about the cabin, aside from the sport seats, so look elsewhere if you’re seeking a limited edition model that feels as special inside as it does under the hood. There are so many SVT vehicles to choose from, which one would be your choice? Personally, I’ve always been a fan of the four-door SVT Contour, but the Lightning pickup is a close second.

The trouble with time capsules like this is that it’s only real purpose is to be on static display, remaining one of the best in existence. While I do love the Lightning and its delightful Windsor V8, I’d need one that I could actually drive and even beat on once in a while. And given the Lightning hasn’t ascended to Ford GT status, keeping one in flawless condition with under 2,000 miles in your garage won’t necessarily guarantee a major return a few years down the line. So, if it were my money, I’d buy one I wasn’t afraid of driving. Would you choose a survivor Lightning like this or find a cheaper one that may be rough around the edges but able to rack up some miles?

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  1. Autoworker

    I had a 1995 Lightning, black, #454 out of 2200 made that year. 351, with GT40 heads and intake. Back then, 17” inch wheels were considered “big”. It was faster than the Mustang GT of the same year. My major complaint of the truck was the stock audio system. Sold the truck to a co-worker to free up some cash to build a house.

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  2. local_sheriff

    Well IMO a completely useless vehicle to own plus it only takes up space and requires a minimal amount of maintenance without giving anything back. It’s of course a good thing that a 1st owner lovingly takes care of his vehicle from day one but in my world this gets too OCD. Let it break free!!

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  3. Troy s

    Drive these dang things!
    Thats what these kind of vehicles were all about. It’s never going to be a piece of art work. And if I’m thinking right(?) many of these got driven, modified, and basically flogged for all their worth, and then overshadowed by the later Lightning that was even quicker/faster.
    Nice boxy old truck with plenty of zip.

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    • BL

      I’m with you. Drive it. Unless you’ve got crazy money for a warehouse collection.

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  4. ed casala

    Hoping I am wrong, but that back bumper does not look stock. Anyone?

    • William Johnson

      It was an option and was prone to rust,quite pricey to find a good one today.

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    • Patrick Anderson

      Stock for ‘94/‘95. ‘93 had the standard Ford step bumper. Also, TMC truck parts has repro Lightning decals.

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      • 70SuperSport

        Purchased my ’93 off the dealer lot with the tubular bumper.

    • Lou

      Ed, I had the same truck. The rear bumper is correct for that year.

  5. Comet

    Nice truck, but the seller needs clarify what “paint correction” means.

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    • Patrick Anderson

      Paint jobs on these sucked. To the point where Ford had a secret recall on the paint job. You had to somehow know about it to ask for it.

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      • J Maxwell

        Recall or service bulletin? A recall isn’t a secret, but a service bulletin you have to know about to ask.
        My GMT900 had a service bulletin on the dash, if I hadn’t mentioned it the dealership would’ve never fixed it.

      • 70SuperSport

        My ’93 had what they called Rail Grime on the top surface from transportation. Was a bear to get off.

        RE secret recall – Both Ford and GM had peeling paint failures (aka “Peelers”) from delamination (I started a bead blasting biz for it). One was due to primers and top coats that turned out not to be compatible, the other due to the top coat allowing UV penetration to the primer sealer resulting in adhesion failure. Majority were white, grey and silver cars and trucks. If you brought your vehicle to a dealer and complained they would re-paint it for no charge (fixed reimbursement from Ford or GM). Did not have to be original vehicle owner.

  6. Mike

    A 1993 with only 1,918 miles on it? The seller could had a little more fun with it and added another 75 miles to it. He could then sell the truck as a 1993 with 1,993 miles which would attract more attention.

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  7. t-bone BOB

    Located in Sherman, TX

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  8. Rob S

    I had a 94, super fun truck. Yes, i used it as a truck! Sold it for a 01 lightning That had 4200 miles. It now has 9700 miles. Driven only on nice weather. Love these trucks!
    He is a little optimistic on his price though. GLWTA

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  9. Todd Zuercher

    Always loved these rigs but of course didn’t grab one when they were affordable.

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  10. Rob Payton

    I’ve had 2 of them. They had both tube bumpers and box bumpers. My 93 had tube style and my 94 had box style before there was a roll-pan installed.

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  11. 70SuperSport

    With a 4:10 rear gear the acceleration was awesome for the time. Easy to spin the tires. Of note is the 2wd truck was built on a 4wd snowplow frame for stiffness making 2wd aftermarket dropped I-beams N/A.

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  12. Mike Gleeson

    Interesting he does not have the original “Lightning” inscripted floor mats.

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  13. Bob McK Member

    I would love to make room for this truck, but the price is a bit rich for me. Good luck to the new owner.

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  14. Don

    Another used car dealer attempting to put his kid through school.$45K is a ridiculous price al g with not having the factory floor mats.

  15. Tooyoung4heyday Member

    These were/are super fun trucks to drive. Just enough custom to stand out. Back in high school one friend had a red ’94 and another a black ’95, both had the tube bumpers. I can verify the easy wheel spin of the posi 4.10’s and gt40 equipped 351. Only rated at 245 hp but still put a smile on my face and handled pretty darn good for being a truck. Still think about getting my own at some point. Who cares that this one has low miles, they’ll never bring uber bucks so just drive it. Enjoy this one the way someone else chose not to.

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