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1926 Chevrolet Superior: Ford Alternative

1926 Chevrolet Superior Touring

The other day, I mentioned that a Ford would be the ideal choice for anyone pre-war car shopping. But, what about Chevrolet? They may not have been as plentiful as the Ford, but they still made a ton of them. This 1926 Chevrolet Superior would have actually competed with the Model T because the A wasn’t released until 1927. Parts aren’t going to be as easy to source, but it shouldn’t be impossible. This particular example is claimed to have been stored in a barn for many years with some restoration work started years ago. It’s still going to need some work, but with its touring body, there is room for the whole family and you certainly won’t blend into the crowd at your local car show. Find it here on craigslist in York, Pennsylvania for $5,000. Thanks goes to Robert R. for the tip! So, are you a Ford or a Chevy guy?


  1. Vince Habel

    I am not far from there.

  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    Very good shape considering that it’s going on to 90 years of age. This car actually has some advantages over the Model T: The 3 spd. sliding gear transmission; Overhead valve engine with pressure lube to the mains and valve train; conrods are splash. A car in that good of condition isn’t likely to need much of the body framework replaced although I’ve seen some surprises lurking out of sight, especially on an open touring. It will have a vacuum fuel canister that can be cantankerous but works reasonably well as long as you don’t use ethanol. A friend of mine has a ’27 coupe that has been on a few tours and it keeps up with the rest of us providing we don’t go much over 50.

    • Blake

      Valve train is not pressure lubed.

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Hi Blake. I guess I stand corrected. I know that the earlier ones depended on a few squirts from the oil can under the hood but I was sure that Chevs started to pressure lube the valve train in the late 20s, before the six of ’29. Thanks.

  3. Jon

    A correction is in order. The last year for the Model T Ford was 1927.

    • Blake

      Model A was released 12-2-27

      • Jon

        Sorry about that. I guess I was both misinformed and read into the initial opening statement above thinking that the author was making reference to the fact that the first year of the A was a 27 when in actuality it was the 1928 model A which as you said, was introduced in 1927.

  4. da budman

    That….is cool.

  5. z1rider

    No question or surprise these are more advanced than a Model T. After all, the design of the Model T was almost 20 years old when this car saw the light of day. Hard to say when the T would have started to be percieved as obsolete but it was certainly before its sales peak in 1923. Yet given the size and strength of Fords dealer network and the T’s reputation for being a durable and reliable vehicle sales were no doubt higher than they might otherwise have been. The reliability factor would have been significant as the early Chevrolet’s were not considered to be very good vehicles. An old timer once told me that the Chevrolet 490 had a reputation of “4 days on the road, 90 days in the shop”.

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