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Don’t Paint It! 1937 Ford Sedan Patina Rod

This could the perfect start to the perfect hot rod! Everyone builds ’32 coupes, so this sedan would stand out at the next car show. And if you really want to draw a crowd, the only thing you need to do to the exterior is nothing! This project is located in Morgantown, Pennsylvania and is listed here on eBay with only about a day left.

Wait a minute, that’s not a flathead Ford in there! Someone must have had the same idea. That’s obviously an overhead valve engine and it looks like a lot of work has been done to get it in there. Too bad the seller doesn’t give us much information. Details like “does it run?” or if it’s a period build or not would be good to know. Can you identify the engine from the intake and valve covers?

The interior needs to be finished, but we can see what looks like a dual circuit master cylinder under the driver’s side floor. That tells us that the builder of this sweet machine may have known what they were doing. There’s no sense in going fast if you can’t stop so brake upgrades should also go with power increases.

These split-window sedans look sweet! It doesn’t need to be chopped or channeled or anything like that. I might look into ways to slow down the rust, but otherwise, I’d leave the exterior alone warts and all. Install new glass, finish the interior, and you’ll have one seriously cool hot rod! Now, let’s see how many of you think it needs a paint job…


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Looks like early Olds engine. Disagree on the exterior. These beautiful body lines deserve a bright medium range color and a clear coat.

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    • Pete B

      Ford 312 V8

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      • John S


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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Definitely an Olds.

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    I do like the patina’d look on this one. I feel like it suits it well. As for protecting it, a good mixture of diesel fuel and drain oil ought to give it a dark, well protected layer. (This works well to protect cars from the harsh salts in Midwest Winters) The environmentalists would revolt if this was commonly used. I call it organic.

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  3. Kit Foster

    That looks like a first-gen Olds V8. I’d prefer the original flathead, but since it’s gone I like this better than yet another small-block Chev.

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  4. Jack Quantrill

    VW split window fans should like this one!

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Patina my @$$…paint it, even if its Primer. Too nice not to.TCOPPs, I agree on the drain oil but for undercoat on the underbelly. If you used said cocktail on the body like that, a new owner would have nightmare trying to get paint to stick to it Whatever way you want to go, Love the early olds conversion- traditional (notice I didn’t say old school) hotrod conversion before the SBC came along. Good luck to the new owner!

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    • Chas358 Chasman358

      Early Olds V8

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  6. Andrew S Mace Member

    P is for PAINT! :)

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      PATINA: Old Indian word for Lazy Bodyman…

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    • Robert May

      Put a Ford V-8 in it. Semi-modernize the interior. It would look great with two tone fender and body colors. Some of the Bugatti colors might look great.

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  7. MFerrell

    Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the patina look, either. Patina = Needs Paint.

    Ford had some interesting colors in 1937, particularly for commercial vehicles. It would be cool to paint it one of those less common but period correct colors.

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  8. Jeff

    That’s an Olds Rocket under the hood. Looks identical to the one in my 1950 Olds.

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  9. Little_Cars

    Vineyard Green, Autumn Brown, Coach Maroon. My favorite is Wedgewood Blue from the 1936 passenger line. That and an all-new interior in proper mohair would complete the look. I knew I was looking at an Olds mill under the hood and I don’t even know my V8s on sight. A 312 Ford? Not sure a Y block would fit without cutting some frame. Olds is period perfect.

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  10. sir mike

    Not patina….it’s surface rust….needs a nice paint job.

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  11. Benjy58

    Paint is the least of it. Exhaust, shocks, wipers and wiring. Looks like a project for sure.

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  12. Erich

    That is not patina. That is rust. It needs to be sanded, primered, and painted. Along with interior work, etc. Real potential to be a gorgeous car.

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  13. Camaro guy

    Yeah that’s an Olds Rocket probably 49/50 303 cu.in.

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  14. BigDoc

    Paint is what it needs

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  15. Tom Henderson

    Paint it.

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  16. John S

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one “sick & tired” of the whole patina thing!!! Fer cryin’ out loud, show some class people and put some nice paint on it!!! Phewww… I need a nap…

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  17. Charlie Gaffen

    BobHess said it perfectly. The ‘37 had beautiful lines.

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  18. Dick

    It is 50’s Chry. Hemi

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    • John S

      Ha ha ha ha-haaaaa…

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  19. TimM

    It’s not patina it’s RUST!!! For crying out load put a color on it!! Make it gleam and sparkle!! I really think the patina clear coat is for when a percentage of the paint is left!!! I really can’t tell what color this car was!!!

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  20. Jmg

    Leave body as-is! Love the rust/patina/aged look!

    Put a nice Mexican blanket on the seat, and piss off the hotrod purists!

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  21. Kit Foster

    Rust never sleeps!

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  22. Royal

    This thing is a total mess and needs to be completed and the only way to do it right is to tear it apart fully, and paint everything so it looks nice and not some shabby cruddy car. I will never ever get the whole rat rod thing. Do it once and do it right.

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