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Rare Pickup: 1937 Studebaker Coupe Express


A mix between a truck and a car this interesting and rare 1937 Studebaker Coupe Express looks to be a nice project. Appearing mostly complete and fairly solid, this Studebaker runs and drives. It is not exactly clear what the price is on this Studebaker, but we are certain it is more than $35.00. Find it here on craigslist out of Omaha, Nebraska.


The listing and its pictures are a mash up of information, but this Studebaker, runs and drives, and has a title. For those of you that live in certain states, having a title is a big deal. The seller claims you must really see and drive it to believe this interesting Studebaker. Also listed as a numbers matching vehicle, the original engine appears to still be kicking after 79 years. The body looks reasonably straight and clean with an array of spray paint to impede surface rust. Body trim looks to be complete, and in nice shape. We really like the looks of the swept back rear fenders on this Studebaker. The interior appears to have a loosely recovered bench seat, and perhaps some new carpet. These Coupe Express Studebakers are rare and were only made from 1937-1939. This 1937 model is one of 3,000 that was produced for the model year. It is likely there aren’t many left, and of those that survived, we wonder how many of them are even drivable?


The styling on this Studebaker is cool and unique. The swoopy fender lines with the truck bed gives it a UTE kind of look. We wish there were better pictures to see all of the lines on this cool Coupe Express. What would you do with this 1937 Studebaker Coupe Express? The seller mentions daily driver, though we can see much grander things happening for this cool Studebaker. What should be the fate of this Studebaker?


  1. Puhnto

    1937 Studebaker pickups are, hands down, one of the best looking pickups ever.

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    • Ross W. Lovell


      Yes, these and certain Hudsons. Cab look is very modern for the 30’s.

  2. Jim

    Can’t be only $35.00

  3. RollerD
  4. Bruce Best

    These are so amazingly rare. They were the forerunner of the fancy trucks of the 60’s and beyond. What is best is to see one in real life. They are much smaller than you expect. Almost as if this was an attempt at a sports car.

    I have only see two one in Nebraska and One off of a forrest trail in Idaho. That one had the wheel removed and was running a stationary air pump for an abandoned mine. It was under a shed and still has a gloss to the paint in the late 1970’s. The wheels were stacked next to it all under cover.

    The interior had become mostly mouse food by then and it was certain that nobody had been near it for many years as the trail we were on had been abandoned for some time. I wonder if that one is still there. If the snow has not damaged the Shed I bet it is and I bet the paint still shins.

    This is more a piece of art than just a car. Look up what a restored one is like before you dismiss the amount of work it will take to make this one perfect.

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    • Rich Rivers

      It IS art. Studebakers were very elegant cars and trucks. I have a BMW RT I feel the same way about. I do not ride it and want to toothbrush clean it and display in my livingroom.

  5. Bruce Best

    What is hard to see from the photos is that the bed sweeps out to meet the curves of the rear fenders. That is unique to this car/truck especially considering the time period.

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    That’s a great pickup! It could be preserved as is but due to the rarity of these gems, it has to be gone through and at least a driver restoration is needed. They are in a class by themselves, no equal anywhere. Today I’d tend to compare them to a Lincoln Mark LT truck, almost too classy to use as a truck…

  7. Fred W.

    The blue one above is nice, but imagine the yellow one restored with it’s sidemounted spares and artillery wheels!

  8. Jay M

    Wow…..just, wow!
    Possibly the most beautiful pickup from the 1930’s.

  9. G 1

    I think they gave Hudson the car type pickup idea.

    • Jay M

      Ford had a factory offering in 1934.

      • Otto Nobedder

        Could this one be for Australia? Driver sitting on ‘wrong’ side

    • MikeH

      Hudson came out with their car pickup style in 1936, albeit under the Terraplane name.

  10. Van

    That is a great looking truck, restore it to original.

  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Jay – that;s a UTE sold down under for many years and –

    Yes G1 – Hudson then Ford’s Ranchero and you could say the Chevie El Camino but they were just trying to match Ford.

  12. Howard A Member

    Well, thanks to Brian for featuring probably one of the coolest trucks ever. Not in 1937 however. These had a very limited market, like all car based pickups. Most people that needed a truck usually went with a panel, or “real” pickup truck, and very few of these were sold. Not sure why. One site suggested people just didn’t think they were tough enough for heavy duty jobs. I only hope the next owner realizes what they have here, and leave it original, but nowadays, that’s like asking for a summer with no bugs, I’m sure it will be updated. And again, that’s ok, if you want to drive it regularly, and I’d go for a modern setup ( no fire-breathing Hemi’s though), but keep it looking as stock as I could.( love the spare tire holder, but the masking tape holding the headlight in would have to go) Too bad no interior pics ( although, that’s a nice picture of the door jamb), these had such a nice dash. Just a timeless design we’ll never see again.

    • Brian Staff

      Thanks for the compliment Howard A!

  13. socaljoe

    That ad is now flagged for removal but relisted in Los Angeles which looks to be accurate from the photos:

    Nice truck but at $35,000 it’s a long way from being worth the money mentioned above.

  14. karld

    There’s a 1938 Daily Driver in Half Moon Bay, CA. Modified headlights and (I think) bumpers, but 99% of the public wouldn’t know. I love Daily Drivers more than Trailer Queens!

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi karld, those head lights are off a Studebaker President ( ’38?) I’ve seen Coupe Express’ with those before. They are kind of creepy looking, but sets off the grill nicely.

  15. Jerry long

    I always thought that this was the most beautiful prewar pickup. I say this owning a 1940 Ford hotrod pickup in pale yellow.

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