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1939 Studebaker Hearse: Last One on Earth?


We see bold claims in car classifieds all the time. Most of the time they are on eBay and have to do with the level of restoration or the one, careful grandma owner. But this 1939 Studebaker Hearse here on craigslist makes the biggest claim of all: it’s the only one left on Earth! I don’t know how to confirm this proclamation, or how a guy in British Columbia knows for a fact his is the sole survivor. To be fair, though, a quick Google search does not reveal many references to this extended Stude, aside from some historical photographs. This particular car looks like it has decent trim around front including the grills and bumpers – which may be specific to the hearse configuration, along with the interior and glass. Do you think the seller is correct that his car is the only surviving example? Thanks to Ed B. for the find.


  1. Charles

    Very cool car! I would love to see it restored to original condition.

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    • Eddie Terry

      Here is a 1915 Studebaker big 6 hearse used to be an Australian mail truck then converted to a hearse

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      • rusty


        hmmmmm how fitting… me thinks soon all Aussie mail should be delivered in these as Australia Post is as good as dead to many Aussies…hee hee .

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  2. grant

    He says no rust on the back door only bad bondo. I say bull feathers.

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  3. skloon

    Well it is the only Stuebaker or Studibaker hearse that’s for sure

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    • Tyler

      And with a flatheat 6, to boot!

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  4. memikeyounot

    In one place he lists it as a 1939 and in another it says 1941. Hard to figure which to search for to see if there’s others.

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    • Keith

      The grille and headlights are from a 1940 Studebaker Commander. I owned a 40 coupe for 35 years.

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  5. Shawn Hart

    589 of them was made!!

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  6. rusty

    Cool the last one on earth for the last night on earth for some.

    If he can find out If this was the only one made then he can confirm it as the last one on earth otherwise it can never be confirmed as no one can ever be assured all others were destroyed.

    which ever this is a great looking hearse.

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  7. rusty

    Good looking vehicle and from where i am standing looks good value but then i am in another country and everything in the Americas seems cheap.

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  8. VetteDude

    Wow, I am amazed that no one has bought this – just because! Unless, of course there is another one somewhere – then, shoot, knock a thousand $$ off! So what if there is a couple thousand dollars in body work!

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  9. Karl

    It would look awesome restored in gloss black to bring out the chrome trim. Nobody wants to take that last ride, but this would sure beat the crap out of being loaded into the back of a Suburban hearse (to me, the current model all look like hearses. All they need is for Chevrolet to offer the landau bar trim option).

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  10. Rick Gaskill

    Found another in Australia.

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    • krash

      …like the license plate on the Aussie hearse…

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  11. Dennis

    Here’s one in Australia — is that part on the world


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  12. Dennis


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    • MacVaugh

      Why would an Australian hearse have a roof rack?

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      • gunningbar

        Luggage for the journey?

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      • rusty

        Virtually all Aussi hearses have roof racks to carry the kangaroos they knock down on the way to the cemetery.

        Our cemeteries are OUTBACK so we pass many roos on the way but the bbuggers just jump out at you when you least expect it. The roos are tossed up and put on the bbq at the wake.

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      • Walt

        To carry extra corpse.

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      • George

        Flowers, so they don’t go sliding off in the middle of the road.

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  13. MacVaugh

    That is $3040 USD this morning’s exchange rate.

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  14. redwagon

    i’m not sure this is a hearse. i’ll admit it i expect it to be black but i also expect to see the rear side window to be large and long like the vehicle from australia.

    this one looks like it was originally intended for other duties. which in my opinion makes it more desirable.

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    • MikeH

      The hearse in AU is a two door, and the car in BC is a four door. Also, it appears to me that the roof line is much higher. The car in BC did not begin life as a hearse. None the less, I would love to restore it.

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  15. Tim Harris

    This is my 1939 Buick hearse built by Superior Coach.They used all kinds of front clips on these cars.They get the front clip and fire wall with dash,frame and running gear with bumpers,and rear fenders with lights.My car has a 155 inch wheel base Buick limo frame.The rest of the body,doors,roof,and insides were all hand made at the coach factory.They cost a small fortune back then.They are very rare because they were made by hand,and not many of them left.

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    • JRHaelig

      Probably a “dead” thread by now…..but I would love to see photos of your ’39 Buick hearse.


      ’39 Buick Business Coupe

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  16. Alan (Michigan)

    What a classic look!

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  17. John

    I assure you, there is many Studebaker based hearses out there by various coachbuilders. This one is not a 39 (or 41 as some ads state), but a 1940 built by Bender.

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  18. D. King

    So, if it’s the last one on EARTH, why on earth is it rotting in a field in British Columbia?

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  19. Mark 'cuda man

    Here’s a 1935 Hearse I saw at the Moultrie car show last year. What a car! Have several more pictures if anyone would like to see them……

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  20. Doug Towsley

    Im thinking if you were in a band (most bands are broke but…) and had a modern drive train would be an awesome gig car. Or, an outlaw motorcycle gang this is the ol lady support wagon to haul the beer and camping supplys for runs. Or,,, a version of American Pickers,, “Sell us yer junk before you kick the bucket!! You cant take that crap with you!” Perhaps a pet mortuary service. super cool.

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  21. stillrunners

    like it regardless and price not bad…..to far and I have to many projects ahead of it…..

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  22. Fred

    I believe it’s either a hearse or an ambulance (back then they often served double duty). The Aussie one is a completely different body. So far the owner’s claim of “last one on earth” stands.

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  23. George

    4 door because it’s a side loader hearse.

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  24. Woodie Man

    For the last one on earth its been taken pretty poor care of ( never end a sentence with a preposition). . But a super cool car anyway. Why is it when someone gets a bug up their exhaust to sell something like this they do such a damn poor job of 1) explaining what they have 2) posting insufficient and crappy pictures 3) Think that hyperbole is sufficient instead of a thorough explanation through pictures and words. I am losing faith in humanity. Even Canadians!

    High roof line screams ambulance to me

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  25. Woodie Man

    This beats the Studie for weird by a mile and a half!

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    • whippeteer

      Definitely. Mags on the front and steelies on the rear! What were they thinking??? Oh, did you mean the roofline?

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  26. Oceane

    Another one.

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  27. Woodie Man


    The seller would be better off talking to you! Rare schmare

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  28. Walt

    My good mate runs Ghost Tours in Queensland Australia and owns the fully restored black 1939 Studebaker President Hearse…RIP 39 and her name is Lulu. Its been a project that’s taken years and lots of money to complete, but this is one of the most head turning rare vehicles you will ever drive and yes it’s been used recently for a funeral for a friend.
    She’s also been to a few show and shines.

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  29. Pastor D

    A lot of time has passed, but there is an original 1939 in North Alabama. It is white and still owned by a funeral home. Gorgeous machine!

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