1946 Hudson Commodore: Heap Of Potential

1946 Hudson Commodore

David FrankBy David Frank

This Commodore just looks cool! The styling is the same as pre war cars. It looks complete except for hubcaps and is mostly cancer free except for some spots in the trunk floor. Amazingly the engine isn’t stuck and will hopefully run again. What would you do with this old Hudson, get it running, spray it with clear, and keep the aged look? It’s hard to imagine it in better days with it’s shiny green paint, but it could look sweet restored. I’ve included a photo to get an idea of what it looked like below. These were big luxury cars with handling that could be described as cumbersome. It’s listed here on craigslist in Sacramento, California for $6k. I hope someone finds a way to get this old heap back on the road.

Image Courtesy of Lars-Göran Lindgren
Image Courtesy of Lars-Göran Lindgren

As you can see, this car could look quite fantastic, but it’s going to take a lot to get it to this point!

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  1. Doug M. (West)

    For some reason the term “Heavy Metal” pops into my head! …I wish I was more inspired by the picture of a finished Hudson, but the field version is actually better looking to me!?

  2. cory

    I agree. I like the patina look better. Not a lot of upside on restoration for this one. Lots of work for a car with modest resale value. Throw in the lack of parts resources and this one is probably best left alone.

  3. DENIS

    I’m thinking complete Oldsmobile donor car..455 motor..turbo 400 trans…sand body and clearcoat..ratrod all the way..

  4. MikeH

    It seems the seller doesn’t know what he has. This car a ’47, not a ’46. And it is a Super Six, not a commodore. I guess it doesn’t have overdrive. There actually isn’t much rust in the back–there was a fabric piece that covered that hole so the diff pumpkin could come up higher if you bottomed the suspension. It’s way overpriced for a car that needs everything.

  5. Dave Wright

    I have been tempted by Hudsons from time to time, but every time I study them they get more boring. The body styles are attractive but the running gear is marginal. There was a pickup in a junkyard not far from this one that I lusted over for several months…..if it was later model Hornet it with there racing provenance it would be more fun. I think this car is overpriced by at least 2X

    • MikeH

      Dave–I might be interested in the pickup, depending on its location. I can be emailed at mharrel2009 at the popular spot that begins with a “Y”.

  6. River

    Heap is right. This is quite a frumpmobile, and it’s probably best to allow it to return to the earth from whence it came…

  7. Ed P

    Well, I like it. The body seems to be in good shape and the running gear is there. I would like to get it back to close to new condition and enjoy it.

  8. Patrick McC.



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